Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Selina and man of exposure of detail of male friendly love are small alien of 7 years old of circles 20220303120126 6220ae16dc7a1Selina and new male friend are the same as casing Singer Selina (Ren Jiaxuan) after divorcing with lawyer Zhang Chengzhong 2016, the new envoy that protect a flower appeared eventually beside last year, was patted recently the picture that pulls a hand to reply a public house with the man. On March 3, selina makes public dispatch to admit love. To man identity, the broker company of Selina does not want openly response, divulge the man is not recreation to encircle go-between only, selina wants low-key protection, “The other side is an alien, selina hopes to be able to protect him, other detail did not disclose more ” . Nevertheless, according to stage intermediary report, the new sweetheart male friend of Selina surnames SYU (bright red pronunciation) , it is a businessmen, be born in 1988, for Leo schoolboy, now about 33 years old, smaller than Selina 7 years old or so. Selina and new sweetheart be passionately in love already had period of time, was patted by stage intermediary last year appointment is illuminated, and a lot of relatives and friends know already beside Selina affection. Selina ever had leaked the information of own be passionately in love between the visit, nevertheless for low-key, she says the other side still is seeking level only. It is reported, after Selina divorces, this little fresh pork appears in her life, effort of the other side is indefatigable spread out pursuit to her, but Selina busies because of the job, broke connection with the other side for a time. Last year in October, selina corrects oneself suddenly, divulge she and little fresh pork still have contact, bury next foreshadowing for new amour. At that time, selina returns the pursuit detail of exposure man, “During epidemic situation, my work and rest puts upside down day and night, sleep to midday to just wake, midnight is special spirit, he can send information to give me in midnight, I must answer him ” . At that time, selina conceals love, she says she still is awaiting for fun in, hope ” new male friend ” humorous and clever, have oneself professional capacity, can do liked thing together with her, and the filter looking glass that the eye wants to taking love when seeing her. Look nowadays, in Selina mouth ” choose idol condition ” the advantage that should be him SYU.

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