Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Yang Yang black pink makes public handwritten letter to compensate for project of commonweal of all already alms to Yang Yang excuse

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3 days, date of Zhang of government of office of attorney of Beijing particle power releases a case progress news in brief, netizen ” of Candy cure angel ” several Bo Wen ever were released before this, to the actor Yang Yang undertakes affront, calumniatory, classics advocate the Bo Wen that this netizen maintains to release after careful court is tried already formed what to Yang Yang reputation counterpoises to encroach, must support to the position makes public excuse to Yang Yang and grant to compensate for at buy of page of individual Zhang date, at present this netizen made public the handwritten apology to Yang Yang to believe on individual Zhang date, and already the apiration of comply with Yang Yang donates the money that should recoup commonweal entirely, current, afore-mentioned money already were donated to ” village nursery school plans – sunshine is special fund ” .

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