Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Amy of Korea female actor the 3rd times experience poison is sentenced 3 years the set term of imprisonment ever met with renvoi

20220303120155 6220ae331e75b

On March 3, because break the law,ever used narcotic and by the female actor Amy of Korea government renvoi today because of drug taking was sentenced 3 years of set term of imprisonments. Amy was broken the law to use narcotic by fish 2012 and be sentenced 8 months postpone a deadline carries out the set term of imprisonment two years, she was broken the law to use narcotic by fish again 2014 and be in the 2nd year by renvoi, till last year ability regain Korea, go back to the motherland before long hind, amy again by Korea police fish for many times drug taking and by put on record. Although Amy advocates on the court he is,be being fallen to be forced by person pilot circumstance drug taking, but the court does not have believe what one hears her say decline, she was sentenced 3 years in today’s court decision set term of imprisonment. Guo Mingdong / civil all rights reserved Mydaily prohibits reprinting

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