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Original title: ” meet season ” why should Gu Weiwei help Hao Qinglin? Alluded at 3 o’clock, she considers put to death this man ” meet season ” why should Gu Weiwei help Hao Qinglin? Alluded at 3 o’clock, she thinks this man a third party sees kill more, but like Gu Weiwei this is planted of shameless, still see for the first time. Is she shameless to what degree? Excuse with peace the sister is proportional, still say what is people on one’s own side, I should be spat.

20220303120317 6220ae8544bdb

Fortunately Ning You also is not so good bully, call the police to take away her directly for the first time, rancor the 2nd times directly her be rendered speechless. Because Hao Qinglin is caught to embezzle the fund of the company, but he closes a mouth not character, refus explains him absolutely where does corrupt money go. Need not say to know actually, it is to give for certain small 3, when the affair that mentions him when Ning You otherwise considers Wei Wei, he works scamper wool. However he does not know he is small 3 draw out a heart to draw out lung, but the family is thinking outside how kill he. Gu Weiwei searchs come to come, ask Ning You saves Hao Qinglin to come out, put forward to want to rescue Hao Qinglin only even she is OK concede. Ou Maiga, so in light of this Gu Weiwei is quite spoony still, for Hao Qinglin so worry about.

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Most propbably wants not to understand like major audience and me, why must Gu Weiwei save Hao Qinglin, anyway the money that Hao Qinglin makes is she is being taken, hao Qinglin goes out not to come not as it happens is taking Qian Xiao to asperse happy, a third party does not pursue this, this Gu Weiwei is additional kind, she loves Hao Qinglin really. At the beginning really so think, but from the back see she goes Qing Lin of egg on Hao’s parents changes a lawyer, need not excuse rather the lawyer that search, otherwise when Hao Qinglin goes out not to come all one’s life, I understand is what meaning. So this women not be to save Hao Qinglin, place bright it is to want kill he, let him take charge sit by solid prison wear.

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Alluded at 3 o’clock, gu Weiwei presses a root not to want to save Hao Qinglin, it is to want to let his prison bottom sit wear. One, she goes to exasperate Ning You look for Ning You to help, look be like is to go ask for help, it is intended exasperate Ning You actually, want to let her do not provide Hao Qinglin’s job. She family of an one each, still excuse with peace the sister is proportional, the affair of your husband comes to we should like to ask be done with you so, can you feel disgusting? Right, she comes to what disgusting peace excuses intentionally namely.

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Ask for help just started to talk here, beautiful conjugal love comes again there, qing Lin saying Hao follows him how, with oneself the peace that spit groove excuses. She this wants to make Ning You angry namely clearly, under stretch without giving thought to Hao Qinglin’s law case, to moment she can make trouble from which. 2, Qing Lin of egg on Hao’s parents changes a lawyer to take Ning You to do not have method soon, she calls the attention of Haoqing forest parents, come provocative the relation between their wife and mother, saying Ning You is how to to look to go up of Hao Qinglin. Consider mace of killer of dimension dimension exert finally, defile excuses to do Hao Qinglin intentionally rather, the baby son that invites them is imprisoned. Still take out a few testimony, if Ning You gives in these evidence,say, hao Qinglin can not have a thing in safety, but she is making reprisals without the specification.

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And this is small to doing not have the parents of brain to listen actually the slanderous talk of 3, ask the daughter-in-law gives Gu Weiwei the apology not only, the lawyer that and return privately changes Ning You searchs, this their son was over thoroughly. Their age knows nothing about these facts again greatly, if want to change Ning You finds a lawyer, that affirmation has to search with Gu Weiwei. How should do to moment, the lawyer complies with for certain Gu Weiwei’s arrangement, after all this ability is the person that pays to oneself. 3, the money that taking Hao Qinglin does not go however honest Hao Qinglin does not think the police station say money where to go to, basically be to think this to protect Gu Weiwei small 3, but actually money is in her where. If make a thorough investigation of the whereaboutldirection of money, he was not had an insatiable desire for much and exactly the amount returns, that affirmation won’t be sentenced too long.

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Consider Wei Wei however and was not explained, it is all the time however here deal with, because this explains she is not to want to save Haoqing forest really, perhaps say to press a root to want to get this man dead namely. She has evidence to be able to give completely lawyer, not be to ask to change a lawyer, this is be bored with having a cat for certain among them. Probably she knows Hao Qinglin won’t offer out namely oneself, and she should let a lawyer take charge to him only solid, then she can take these money to go cheesy and happy.

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If Ning You provides this job, hao Qinglin comes out very quickly very likely, to moment she does not gain fund, the father and mother that says Hao Qinglin so was duped, this small 3 it is the son that helps them far from, want to let his prison bottom sit however wear.

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