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Original title: For artistic sacrifice hue! TVB force holds floret in both hands to expose to the sun to pat a bed with Huang Zongze play is the most awkward: I am a little bashful The article edits drama to show a company: Small red without accredit forbidden reprint, the person that discovery borroweds will undertake entire network complains drama anthology ” flying tiger hero of 3 lofty ideal ” although early advanced paragraph time broadcasts inside, nevertheless drama anthology just broadcasted formally in TVB a few days ago, receive a baton drama anthology ” iron fist hero ” . Drama anthology is being sowed in heat nowadays, drama is centered besides many gunfight occasion draw an audience people besides the attention, there still are many actresses to have many sexy shows more in drama.

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And respecting is in yesterday (2 days) broadcasted one concentration, focal it may be said of everybody is to fall in TVB floret above Chen Ying, the Home He treasure of her personate shows a body with late outfit of low bosom sex appeal, got when coming on the stage everybody’s attention. Chen Ying still was told to take Luo Zhiyong to cover in gut (He Guorong personate) palmmprint, she is to not hesitate more sacrificial hue is brought so that Luo Zhiyong feels its buttock, good make the other side OK leave fingerprint on the dress, did not succeed finally nevertheless.

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As to the one collect that will broadcast tonight, chen Ying is told to expose and feel self-condemned because of the identity in gut, accordingly she with Jia Xuan (Huang Zongze personate) drink down. Doing not have those who think of is drunk drunken 2 people still produced one-night standing accordingly, when Huang Zongze bathes, he has on the back after discovering his more is score entirely, he is quite open-eyed what to produce after all.

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Be in to 2 people this one part in drama, early before Huang Zongze is being accepted ” Stak Talk ” this section that with Chen Ying the bed makes fun of was mentioned when the visit. He says: Malty wine woke in the morning the following day, had slept on the bed, the process is done not have, wear a briefs only even, it is sacrificial hue really.

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Nevertheless Chen Ying of after the event is in those who accept media to interview, she is having very different answer with Huang Zongze, she recalls that one part at that time, she is speak bluntly more very awkward. She says: Quite interesting, I do not have experience, have a few awkwardness at the same time, because we are to did not wear the dress, of course inside it is some, I am a little bashful, it is good at the same time begin to pat, we are not very ripe, remember feel awkward, nevertheless he can teach a lot of thing me.

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When seeing here really, still can feel a Chen Ying the sort of feeling at that time, do not have too much experience on one hand in this, plus adversary actor it is not as ripe as oneself, be understandable really. Be in nevertheless after cooperating to do department work, believing Chen Ying and yellow Zong Ze also is familiar the other side already, chen Ying was returned a few days ago is on gregarious platform with Huang Zongze, Cai Saibei direct seeding is drama anthology to make conduct propaganda more.

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The it may be said in the process that connects a line in 3 people is very do laugh, because 3 keep exploding wildly,expect, and Huang Zongze is more accident still exposed to the sun greatly no matter Luo Tianyu is play outside still be dark inside play love Chen Ying. As to Huang Zongze nevertheless the place in the mouth says, it is true after all, still be to do what laugh and speak out only merely, we also are unknown.

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It is at the same time in the process of direct seeding, is Cai Saibei still to numerate more of netizens leave a message ask ” Xuan Bao ” kiss play? Who knows the Chen Ying in direct seeding is very active, her immediately said ” here, have now ” hind, forward the motion that camera lens made toot toot mouth. And the Huang Zongze in direct seeding also is to comparative cooperate, also be to toot toot mouth responded to Chen Ying, 2 people it may be said was to lie between empty kiss, nevertheless this one operation of 2 people also is makes direct seeding is medium Caisai shellfish resembling is ” bulb ” , she is to say more ” I am looked at feel bashful ” .

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Must say, of Cong Chenying and yellow Zong Ze this interacts in light of, 2 people also are the sort of not familiar, bashful feeling when doing not have firm collaboration already, they played early. And as to drama anthology, also be here not drama appears more, leaving more to had not watched the netizens of drama anthology, go watching drama market slowly!

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