Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Wu Kelan divides acid comedy high ” people public servant “ ” people public servant ” be by Wukelan famous comedian the satirize that Zeliansiji acts the leading role is comedic, this drama broadcasts in all 3 season, the first season broadcasted 2015. This drama told about teacher of a common history, have his moment because of the video of angry Peng authorities network, become the old practice of Wukelan’s president accidentally.

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Waxili Peter Luo Weiji, a common black learns historical teacher in Crane, because one paragraph is in with the colleague at issue the video of the fraud when containing a lot ofacrimony an ancient form of acupuncture and have one’s moment network, become famous overnight, netizen and citizens are unusual the forthright and sincere that loves Waxili and courage, want to let him become a president.

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However him Waxili would rather live normal life however, install deficient happy line, like to go to work by bicycle, however corrupt and tricky oligarch people quick action rises, hit out actively, the method that uses the ministerial premier that they control to be the fact that enrol accept to be built on stilts with the name does Waxili into the president, family, ex-wife, new sweetheart, lure by promise of gain still has each difficult problem to be placed in him before, nevertheless Waxili has idea oneself, he established his team with one’s own hands, after all he and his ” army of a less known and inferior brand ” whether stand firm, defeat the corrupt prime minister that represents oligarch increase thoroughly?

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Anyhow, acid, from turn of ridicule, cold humour, god, comedy of this Wu Kelan is far what imagine than you is outstanding. What still can be compared after all high-key introduce to a civilian arena, let the people think he has option by accident, if where,see him next a pull wires wooden image resembles on arena comply with euqally commanding farce is more interesting.

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” people public servant ” after broadcasting, become from Wukelan’s most welcome since 2015 TV program, the first season broadcasts mothball suffer reputably, public praise lasts violent wind rises, the associate that likes comedy can look.

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