Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: ” the star falls be in love with ” Tecent heat sows Li Junlin happy event to carry ” optimal male assistant ” title Recently, by director of fork of Zhao Dan Fei, rice, the city that Han Zhongyu of partner of young actor Li Junlin acts the leading role is sweet bestow favor on drama ” the star falls be in love with ” sowing in Tecent heat, li Junlin is in drama personate ” optimal male assistant ” Liu Xiao. Regard weak market as 4 minutes small playlet of the left and right sides, this drama set is new, every collect a climax, have many netizen speak bluntly even ” gut is really too to force ” . In the gut that has broadcasted, the collect inside the idea of assistant land sky of Li Junlin personate, forge assistant identity to be close to wash one’s hair of summer of a thousand pieces of gold of colour makeup group to hope to investigate the cause of death of father of him one’s own to not hesitate so (Han Zhongyu personate) , by right of oneself excellent computer endowment and tack stay beside summerly Mu Xi. Li Junlin carries exquisite and true show, cherish absolute sincerity, the Liu Xiao that has Yong Youmou is deduced very racily stereo.

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Be worth what carry is, li Junlin goes out before this perform work of overmuch ministry movie and TV, in behavioral motion picture ” igneous cloud evil falls magically dragon 18 palms ” in Xi Chengxiu of personate small fiend; In motion picture of ancient costume black imaginary ” the path that press down demon ” in foolish of foolish of personate of partner Liang Jiaren catchs Zhang Chuyuan of bewitching Great Master; In teleplay ” it is son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents not just ” in personate sea wall the first rich square coequal. Current, this drama has not met with us. Although Li Junlin goes out before long, but he cherishs condescending heart as before, put the part in the first, low-key effort.

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In the gut that is in next week, liu Xiao whether make vigorous efforts to turn the situation, salvage opening of Yu Hu of summerly Mu Xi? What kind of wonderful show can Liu Xiao bring for us again? Every week 2 Zhou Sanzhong midday locked up calm Tecent video at 12 o’clock, look together ” the star falls be in love with ” .

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