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Original title: Thunder favorable reply and Yuan Quan, from boudoir honey former husband elder brother arrives to Chou Jiazai lover, meet season genesis predestined relationship falls Love is original not complex, will pass 3 words, either ” I love you, I hate you ” , it is ” calculated, how do you do? I am sorry ” , zhang Ailing says so. Actually, the more simple thing, before it is accomplished or was not accomplished, process or is wonderful, or is labyrinthian, it is painful even. Say for example, encounter Yuan Quan when thunder favorable reply, those who perform is the affection story that be between tears and smiles.

20220303120611 6220af3378cc9

2014, two people are in ” heart beautiful road is put ” in showed a face severally, personate a small part, be destined it seems that what does their life henceforth produce with respect to this. After 3 years, yuan Quan is in ” my before half a lifetime ” in, force holds out Ma Yi , break leading edge with behead of favorable reply of former husband thunder, open lives newly. In this drama, the Tang Jing of Yuan spring personate does not have the Chen Jun of personate of skimp thunder favorable reply to give birth to complexion to look, lamentable is, tang Jing helped boudoir honey lose good looking and talented male friendly He Han (Jin Dong is acted the role of) .

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And Luo Zijun (Ma Yi is acted the role of) however ” kill two hawks with one arrow ” , fell in love with the male friendly He Han of boudoir sweet Tang Jing. Everything is arrange its nature in that way, it is a kind inevitable. Tang Jing not only oneself help boudoir honey escape hammer and tongs marital abyss of misery, still pull male friend to be deeply concerned from inside the life, job boudoir is sweet. Boudoir honey depends on a person with respect to birdie originally, growing the eye that two meetings talk inherently still, add intelligence an wisdom to be waked up, who can love such woman?

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And Tang Jing is too rational, disposition slants cold, although on the career again bright bright beautiful, boudoir sweet Luo Zijun is defeated in affection also is self-evident thing. ” my before half a lifetime ” in, yuan Quan and thunder favorable reply such be mixed is not good, nevertheless, the deepness that does not affect them cooperates. Accompanying the footstep December 2022, they are carried ” meet season ” and come.

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They meet the season in enemy of affection of kind and enmity. The Jianhong of personate of thunder favorable reply is become, it is to face children of water rich home, and the Ning You of Yuan spring personate, it is the child of abjection worker Cui Hao. Their father generation is the relation of boss and employee, and because of a variety of reasons, the relation tightens Zhang Ju insecurity to feel to be able to go without the road to Cui Hao, hold the father of knife assassinate Jian Hongcheng, jump next the building commits suicide. Weigh to death, this very miserable, and Jian Hongcheng’s elder sister is more do the business to the degree that cannot clear away. The hour of a pot of porridge-a complete mess is become in two chaos, jian Hongcheng and Ning You had first time be mixed.

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The destiny often is such, right person must be arranged to encounter in wrong time. Jian Hongcheng is in be informed father to be pricked to send toward hospital rescue, run quickly madly all the way drive toward the hospital, on the road, come up against unluckily in the fruit booth buys fruity to excuse rather. In haste, jianhong becomes the fruit in will peaceful excusing hand to knock over, the fruit dropped one ground. Comely and gentle and quiet peace excuses and without accusing haste medium Jianhong is become, clear away silently however ” remaining pieces ” , jian Hongcheng expresses regret greatly, the Jian Hongcheng that apologizes hurriedly ” Jing grand dekko ” , excuse to coulding there be ” photographic ” . A strange combination of circumstances, old hind two people encounter in the university, one kind is like the feeling that ever was acquainted, make Jian Hongcheng love hazy. The first time meet, although Ning You is not known at the moment this handsome lad, but the seed that Jian Hongcheng’s name is animosity however, bury deeply in the enemy of affection of kind and enmity of father generation below. Ning You does not consider this outstanding man student before have eye trouble, also not be willing oneself are harmed again, she chose to escape.

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But cannot escape first awakening of love, she is attracted by Jian Hongcheng’s openness and persistent place, the heart of two people is in imperceptible in draw close. The love that is happiness only is waked up by reality, ning You’s little brother and mother let Ning You abandon his seeking the right of love to the hate of brief home, the happiness that also is her buries the seed that laid misfortune. Same, jianhong becomes the casualty because of the family, enter to Shenzhen after discontinue one’s studying swing, in a strange combination of circumstances, he was married be opposite in the university in those days the Chen Xin of peculiar good impression. Chen Xin witnessed Jian Hongcheng and Ning You that real love, so, marriage hind lives in the shadow all the time, extremely suspicious, make the room for action of the divorce finally. Ning You’s life is posse random hemp more, encountered ” help the fool that does not rise up ” Hao Qinglin, oneself work to be not arranged, do not think method solution is stranded, broken however jar is broken fall, actually embezzlement bag raises Moll, be chained and thrown into prison impenitent still, criticise Ning You is too strong blindly too unnatural, just let him fall to today such miserable situation. Ning You is about to cry without the tear, of coincidence is a destiny mix her again when the mouth in this Jian Hongcheng is matched together.

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View of common good friend cropland is released from prison wildly, the concern that allows them is not just ” be mixed ” so simple. It is to cut ceaseless manage to return chaos really. Gut develops more than 10 market, enemy of two affection of kind and enmity removes Jian Ning again billows. Say when the title of an emperor’s reign ” face Shui Sijie ” Jian Hongcheng, Ning You, Tian Jingye, Chen Xin, can be in Jian Ning in enemy of two affection of kind and enmity, what kind of part to act severally? And thunder favorable reply and Yuan Quan ring down the curtain in gut when, can you deduce ” does the lover become spouses eventually ” ? Let our wait and see what happens.

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If you are being chased after ” meet season ” , do you hope what kind of the ending of the story is? Might as well say to listen. # is right oneself before half a lifetime says good-bye #

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