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Original title: ” still feed ” Hu Shanxiang’s ending is destined miserable, main reason has at 3 o’clock Sowing in heat ” still feed ” it is a drama of cate of annals of ancient costume encourage, by Wu Jin character, xu Kai, wang Yizhe, the person such as king Chu Ran acts the leading role, told about big the story of bright period. Mysterious girl Yao Zijin is elected to still fed bureau hind to happen a series of the story gut analysis according to nearly a few collect, see not hard, ” still feed ” year, it is tragic that Hu Shanxiang ending is destined, main reason has 3.

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In the reason 1: In argumentative and feigned drama, hu Shanxiang is one is affectedly unconventional already feigned part. At the beginning, zhu Zhan radical is very good to her. Without giving thought to much busier much tiredder, want to answer Beijing only, zhu Zhan radical is met preferential interview Hu Shanxiang at that time, zhu Zhan radical is imperial great-great-grandson, hu Shanxiang is great-great-grandson princess. Look in most person, the allied no more than of Zhu Zhan radical and Hu Shanxiang is to consolidate the familial force between them, create pair of winning aspects. This also is a fact. Accordingly, hu Shanxiang is forced to be sent into the adytum of palace almost, be forced to become the wife of Zhu Zhan radical.

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Accordingly, hu Shanxiang always thinks all method to drive away Zhu Zhan radical. Gentleman is huge rock, concubine is bulrush, bulrush pliable but strong is like silk, huge rock is not moved. Zhu Zhan radical is a stone, but regretful is Hu Shanxiang does not want to become Pu Wei. Result, hu Shanxiang lost him to be in gradually the position in heart of Zhu Zhan radical. If Hu Shanxiang is not cherished, natural somebody can be cherished. But when Hu Shanxiang feels Zhu Zhan radical has left, he begins to try to win the heart that returns Zhu Zhan radical. But this can let Zhu Zhan radical feel only detest, farther from her.

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Reason 2: Too too softhearted in the deep courtyard in palace, a woman has wanted smooth and steady life, or has an artifice, or has imperial heart. Bright red, after dying, the crown prince tall ablaze that Zhu Congyuan comes to becomes an emperor, zhu Zhan radical becomes crown prince from the great-great-grandson of former czar. After Zhu Gaochi is dead, nature of Zhu Zhan radical can be become big another emperor of bright dynasty. Hu Shanxiang is not foolish, she knows this naturally. Accordingly, after true identity of Yao Zijin is exposed, hu Shanxiang begins to become nervous rise. Original, she wants to allow Yao Zijin for company Zhu Zhan radical, want Yao Zijin to be able to make Zhu Zhan radical happy only, this is enough. But now, what she wants truly is please Zhu Zhan him radical. After all, if Hu Shanxiang is not adopted active, she will do not have a hope completely. Original, hu Shanxiang has an opportunity to win. At that time, hu Shang is fed ever helped her sue Yao Zijin, want Hu Shanxiang only can decisive and brutal, yao Zijin can be eliminated thoroughly. But Hu Shanxiang for many times block the way, bring about Zhu Zhan radical finally to arrive in time, rescued Yao Zijin

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Reason 3: Historical fact to the enemy, or is not hit with him at the beginning, or follows his callosity at the beginning. But Hu Shanxiang always is blindly indulgent and excuse Yao Zijin. Result, hu Shanxiang becomes more and more passive. Of course, it is miserable that Hu Shanxiang’s ending is destined, the affectation besides Hu Shanxiang and too softhearted besides, still have a the mainest reason. That is to say, on the history of Ming Dynasty, historical ending of Hu Shanxiang is miserable really.

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Above all, zhu Zhan radical is particularly favorite Sun (Yao Zijin) . Next, because Hu Shanxiang gave birth to two princesses only, she did not give birth to violet dragon. Have from of old ” the mother leans child ” view, especially royal pays attention to inheritance of hematic arteries and veins more. Hu Shanxiang always is not born to give prince, her positional nature is flabby. Accordingly, in Xuan De, after staying 3 years, zhu Zhan radical commands she resigns the post of queen, establish Sun (Yao Zijin) for queen, reason is she is not had without female and sickish.

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Above is ” still feed ” in, hu Shanxiang’s ending is destined miserable, main reason has the material detailed information 3 o’clock.

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