Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: 4 accepted ” cruel heart ” ancient costume drama, a list of names posted up on Yang Zi 2 not, it is to let person tear cry really worked Ancient costume theatrical work has the market very much all the time, have theatrical work of a few ancient costume exceeding cruel, tear letting a person was dried, cruel of these 4 ancient costume loves play below, among them Yang Zi goes out perform 2, a few had you seen?

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The first ” east palace ” , this is the play that an a lot of people dare not see the 2nd times, the main actor is Peng Xiaoran and Chen Xingxu, early days two people are sweet very, but when thinking of ending female advocate dead, and male advocate it is ashamed regret lifetime.

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The 2nd is ” the white snake of day Ji is fabulous ” , the story basically told about small white snake white die young tenders and a surname is made on apothecary palace palace, two people cross year of story that chiliad is in love with. This drama can say to let a person cry from the beginning end.

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The 3rd is ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” , you Denglun and Yang Zi act the leading role this drama, the earlier stage of this drama is very sound, but later period very cruel, the embellish jade that Luo Yunxi acts the leading role also is a great villain in drama, the final final result of this drama is very right still.

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The 4th is ” spend 1000 bone ” , although this drama broadcasts several years, but think every time or feel very cruel, the Zhao Liying performance in drama is very good, the flower that what everybody feels distressed is Zhao Liying personate 1000 bone sufferred a lot of pains in drama. These 4 cruel love play in, yang Zi occupied two, what did you still see compare the theatrical work of cruel? The welcome leaves a message beneath discuss.

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