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Original title: ” block day ” male advocate modelling meets with group of ridicule, yin Zheng responds to: I am very ugly I know Recently, by famous black unreal novel ” block day ” adapted teleplay hero Xie Fan, the model is released, caused to sneer at accidentally, because this is mixed ” block day ” medium Xie Fan is like is two people. Believe the netizen that has seen origianl work wants to spit groove. Is this Xie Fan really?

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00-1010 Yin Zheng is very helpless when appearance is sneered at, because this is not first time any more,his Yan Zhi was denounced. Before this, someone cries him ” woman ” perhaps say he is bad to look directly.

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This, yin Zheng says, he knows he is very ugly, but this play is very good, very innocent. Hope everybody does not cold-shoulder this drama, say to had not looked such. If they want to pat,also responded to this matter to the Yin Zheng that leaf of this main actor altogethers ” block day ” it is celestial bodies really east ” block day ” , then we can say only, yinzheng is done not have really so appropriate, no matter the age still is appearance, yin Zheng is improper. ” block day ” it is the masterpiece in black unreal novel. The world bizarre and motley inside, surging forward with great momentum. Although will look now, still be full of an imagination.

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Hero leaf altogethers, it is a handsome lad of more than 10 years old. Because a different is resembled, he entered the world of truth of a cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, over the person is OK all the way cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine becomes celestial being. And Xie Fan, hit all the way upgrade quite, encounter all sorts of adventure, accomplished the position of day emperor finally, guide a day to teach celestial being. Very possible Yin Zheng says he never has seen such thing. Celestial bodies the writing east is super and bold with rich imagination, it and common illusion still have a few distinction. Return to the subject, you can say Yin Zheng does not fit this part. After all age temperament is different, but also ought not to the appearance of bespatter person, and this is a thing.

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Say he is ugly really inappropriate, at least the behavior that this dispute often does not respect a person, but too improper really it is not just actually ” block day ” pat hard, very bad also movie and TV changes a lot of network novels, because inside mentioned setting is very much, appear very hard in real world. For instance ” block day ” the film achieved great emperor, level, basically raise one’s hand is cast sufficient a Ke Na of the person that arrived to destroy. Do not know how to be patted in teleplay, probability is a magical change. Before ” fight broken canopy ” 101 ” fight Luo Daliu ” 101 ” Mang Huang discipline ” etc, present ” lens twin city ” became demon basically to change drama. The IP of millions of words, write a script, take a motion picture, difficulty is greater. ” block day ” take IP movie and TV very hard from have a fever bubble, a few years short nevertheless, still became game after all. Be broken as more and more IP, capital realized this problem. Although IP is good, but it is too difficult to want to had played. Original IP adapts fire to rise, because these IP backside have book white,be, movie and TV is a course that cuts leek actually. However, as the failure of increasing IP film, the book is confused people already extreme disappointment. Final these IP are adapted turned God vermicelli made from bean starch into drama gradually, nonnutritively, without value.

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As one another sodden piece be born, IP upsurge already passed for instance ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” the example that is a model, its movie and TV is very successful. The key is this work early, cited only pass through simply concept, the story of backside is basic it is a very independent ancient costume story, with ” make a psychological attack ” give priority to, tussle is complementary.

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For instance ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” came again, although see sword god Li Chungang open day door, look very arrogant force but with 0103 010 in that way hard nucleus imagines difference far. Li Chungang ” open ” day door, people entered outer space directly on March 10 in 10 years. So say, playwrite king tired is quite clever still, he chose two IP motion picture, suit movie and TV very much. Successful movie and TV changes also not be to do not have, but belong to compare simple black unreal so, the course is comparative, you can discover, inchoate novel IP suits movie and TV to change more, the novel of later period, especially black unreal novel, basic it is to exceed those who have imagination, it is too difficult that movie and TV is changed.

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Can inchoate Xuan Huanke suit movie and TV to change you to be in to Xie Fan more ” block day ” come on the stage mediumly what view Yin Zheng is there? The main actor welcomes to chat together in comment area.

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