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Original title: 2021 10 big homebred play: ” hill sea affection ” the 3rd, ” exploit ” the 8th, ministry department is classical Imperceptible the first month 2022 went, everything arrived to need the hour of summary. Recently, CCTV total stage was released ” 2021 China teleplay develops a report ” did summary to the outstanding teleplay 2021. The outstanding teleplay of before these 10, it is mostly the teleplay with energy, good public praise, each left deep impression to the audience.

20220303120722 6220af7ab8311

One, ” arousal time ” ” arousal time ” was 2021 open a play, also be the homebred drama with annual top evaluation. This work is setting with revolutionary history, give priority to body with the revolutionary pioneer such as Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu, told about anew the old practice that literacy campaign establishs to the Chinese Communist serves as, found a party tribute drama of 100 years, this work special on theme and core agree, succeeded at 2 o’clock by this only one most.

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Moreover, the gut of this drama, group that make, cast also can says perfect. Above all, the play staff is filming clearance consulted a large number of data, try height is reductive historical fact. In the meantime, the ordinary life of each revolutionary great people was added in drama, let their vivid, appear more ground connection is angry.

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Next, the group that make is powerful, liu Guohua, zhang Yongxin and Long Pingping are teleplay domain is senior old man. Finally is an actor. In Zhang Tong and Yu Hewei, and Liu Lin, of the gold costar such as He Zhengjun guide below, they collected the actual strength of 3 timeses to send an actor. So ” arousal time ” each respect is done not have short board, can say the head that is be worthy of an ancient folding chair. 2, ” big decisive battle ” everybody is opposite most propbably this a series of films are not new. Story setting basically is distant Shenyang, sea of the Huaihe River and 3 big battle, smooth ferry is hoped high by the director, hold guide this ” big decisive battle ” so good without classical trilogy, but also have its distinctive place. Above all, in actor respect, self-evident, tang Guojiang and the performance with king slack interest are in horizontal above.

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Actor Liu interest also is, special actor of the premier, the performance is very steady. As to someone else, for instance Yu Hewei, liu Tao is waited a moment, they are performers of established actual strength clique. The cast of this drama is very so powerful, the setting of these old show is enough also and wonderful. Next, on action picture, this work used true setting and the means that photograph of specially good effect combines. Compare the film, saved many manpower material resources, reductive degree very tall also.

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Finally, also be the most important kernel facet. This work was elaborated ” the historical spirit of Chinese ” , highlighted people’s effect. Also praised the achievement of nobody and anonymous hero at the same time. Integrated this at 3 o’clock, the quality of this work cans be imagined, pardonable can come true close inspect and of public praise double win.

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3, ” hill sea affection ” ” hill sea affection ” it is a drama that help deficient up, an unexpected winner is compared on teleplay market. Work removes with big northwest for setting, told about the local customs with that honest times. From the point of the group that make and cast, this writing can say is actual strength abundant.

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Kong Sheng directs everybody to be familiar with very much, ” parental love ” , ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” he makes wait for heat to sow drama. Zhang Jia beneficial, yan Ni, huang Xuan, etc. Also became famous because of their acting. Commonplace doubt. Besides, the play staff is being taken it is good to changed a respect to also make great efforts, can see the sincerity of the play staff from a lot of detail.

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Story place happens in northwest, with the abominable condition over there, everybody is the appearance of face of earth of a pair of grey head. As to northwest dialect that is the basiccest more, every actor in drama must learn. Next, the performance in drama do one’s best is true. Take a shoe to make this paragraph of show of Li Dayou like old secretary of a Party or League branch, the shoe is patted splash an one layer ash even on the head.

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Similar such clue still has a lot of, visible play staff is in really detail respect is not commonly used heart. ” hill sea affection ” have his moment not to make a person accident, compare the big IP work that those coarse excessive make, this kind of delicate little numerous theme can let an audience love instead.

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4, ” had crossed duck green river ” this work is setting with the War to Resist Us Aggression and Aid Korea, related the historical story that revolutionary ancestors does not struggle Wei strong opponent, gallantly. Directing Dong Yachun is the battle that has actual strength very much piece director, once hold had guided ” develop a Yamaxun ” , ” China is expeditionary army ” wait for work. Have his personally attend to garrison duty, the fundamental key of this work does not have a problem for certain.

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Actor respect is later. Tang Guojiang, fourth Yong Dai often makes fun of twice bone presents as leading role to act the leading role, the clique of one numerous actual strength such as Sun Weimin, Wang Zhifei joins in, cast is very powerful. Whole department theatrical work is in narrative on composed air, did not exaggerate overly of my army fight ability, do one’s best is true and reductive the history. In character depict respect, this drama also says to go up is keen. Besides manager of Chairman Mao, Peng besides such VIP, have even each unimportant person his value.

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The result that such doing, the gut that lets whole department theatrical work namely establishs ties more cheek by jowl, let an audience look more devotedly also. As a whole, ” green river of the duck that cross a state ” it is an assuming color at ” big decisive battle ” work. In found a party 100 years in this special time, each thematic work is worth to be approved. 5, ” sweep black storm ” well-known, ” sweep black storm ” it is a work that adapts by real case. Accordingly, this drama has very much representative, while it brought a shock to us, also caused the everybody reflection to social problem. Smooth by this, this theatrical work is already enough absorbing, there still are a lot of fine actors in drama what is more,the rather that more.

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The person such as Sun Gonglei, Liu Yijun, Wu Yue, it is performer of everybody’s established actual strength clique, they behave very bright also look mediumly in drama. As to Liu Zhibing, Hou Changrong these often make fun of the expression of bone, do not have any defect more. In gut respect, this work also is exciting, the intrigue against each other of two cliques sees positive and negative so that person cold sweat risks continuously, imperceptible with respect to enclasp fist.

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Additional, of work advocate starting a group also is actual strength abundant. Direct 500 years hold had guided a lot of suspense commit a crime work, picture ” white night is chased after fierce ” , ” psychological blame ” etc. Playwrite Liang Ye is famous, ” bright sword ” , ” redness of skin is romantic ” these plays out his hand. All sorts of advantages are united in wedlock together, made this high grade public praise an excellent work jointly, be worth everybody 2 brush 3 brush.

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6, ” traitor ” scan widely is homebred drama market, espionage war play is a more popular subject matter, but also be a subject matter that has taken the hardest. These year come emerge in large numbers many espionage war play, but can say to go up of high-quality goods very little however, and ” traitor ” just about among them one of. Good espionage battle theatrical work must have rhythm feeling, gut often wants 3 fold, give audience put apart imaginary space.

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And ” traitor ” accomplished this, from most begin gut with respect to the closely linked, have any redundant camera lens and actor’s lines hardly, every detail is valuable. The performance of the actors in drama is very wonderful also, the person such as Wang Yang, Zhu Yilong, explained oneself part well.

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Like Wang Zhiwen this kind often makes fun of bone, it is the pronoun that became good play more, light is his person can attract a lot of audiences. As a whole, no matter this work is gut, rhythm or actor, do not have any short board. Although a few detail still have inadequacy, but market of play of war of scan widely espionage is already special and outstanding, can go up a list of names posted up also is in expected. 7, ” years drifting gold ” ” years drifting gold ” be double female advocate contemporary affection drama, catered to the mainstream trend on the market well. The work that models contrary woman relation with those is different, this drama heavy stipple drew two female advocate the deep friendship between. Two female advocate Ni Ni and Liu Shi Shidou are when red floret, any problems are done not have in drainage respect.

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And, the two people performance in drama also is to be able to be encircled can nod. Two main actors are maintained have the facade of a shop, the audience looks also Shu Xin. The actual strength clique such as Chen Daoming, Tian Yu, Yuan Quan joins in, also make this work hotspot full. Directing Shen Yan also is the authority of affection drama respect, ceng Zhi has guided ” Chinese type divorces ” , ” hot Mom is being passed ” these classic work.

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The most important is, dispute of the story clue in drama, affection, originate real life, cause an audience very easily in all affection. Often which casual detail, touched the heart of some audience. Look of a few work is compared in front of, ” years drifting gold ” the respect such as kernel, gut does not have an advantage probably, but it is gotten the better of in affection intendment is cut. This kind makes moving way with the real situation, most propbably does not have which audience to be able to refuse, this also is it can be become explode the main reason of the paragraph.

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8, ” exploit ” ” exploit ” was 2021 the thematic work with bottom best public praise, adopt pair of 8 exploit figures model, communicated times spirit. Every unit character of a hero, they or it is the general on battlefield, or it is the scientific research elite in the lab.

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Although the identity is different, located years is different, but the means that they use themselves, pay silently for the motherland and people, the spirit of this kind of altruistic dedication moves with respect to enough everybody. Had absorbing kernel, still must have actual strength excellent advocate achieve group and cast. With 8 when Zheng Xiaolong heads celebrated directors, add on 8 brilliant dramatization, made frame of a theme for this work jointly.

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Later, send actor embellish a story by the actual strength such as favorable reply of king thunder, thunder, Tong Dawei again, with masterly acting reductive the figure figure of each vivid. because of such, the audience that has watched just can give out in succession reputably, behead of this writing ability obtains the tall grading of 9.1. As a whole, ” exploit ” be have content, have the detail, work that has acting, a such good theatrical work is to want to go up for certain of a list of names posted up.

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9, ” little be willing to part with or use ” if want sheet asking a list of names posted up to go up which work most press close to our life, but it is this certainly ministry ” little be willing to part with or use ” . This is the work that element of a family and duty field element interweave, embodied the contradiction in traditional China family. Director Zhang Xiaobo hold had guided a lot of classic city affection theatrical work, resemble ” big male when marriage ” , ” 30 just ” etc, it is once explode paragraph.

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In the meantime, many actual strength still gathered to send an actor in drama, for instance Song Jia, Tong Dawei, Zhang Guoli is waited a moment, everybody to the part model special reach the designated position. Of course, to a few young audiences, zhou Shen’s singing is very charming also. The most important namely the kernel of this drama, carry the show of actors, reflected the educational worry of Chinese family.

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Especially the parents in drama follows the contradiction between the child, it is to be compared simply one reductive the circumstance in real life, caused the resonance of a lot of parents. As a whole, ” little be willing to part with or use ” the work that is topic of heat of society of a report, not only content is true still have smoke internal heat very much.

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Such work has become explode the latent capacity of the paragraph, before resembling ” one fall forward 2 advocate ” , ” Dou Ting is good ” etc. And, ” little be willing to part with or use ” in other side very outstanding also, make year 10 beautiful teleplay also is reason in. 10, ” good city ” if say ” little be willing to part with or use ” content is in again family, so ” good city ” weigh on-the-job field namely. Regard rare 2021 duty field as drama, ” good city ” expression is the requirement that satisfied most audience. Above all, this drama manufactures by noonday sunshine, the respect that make is do one’s best for certain elegant, this see from tripartite face.

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The first make a group namely, director Liu Jin once hold had guided ” one fall forward 2 advocate ” , ” white Lu Yuan ” wait for work, actual strength is beyond question. As to other post, the person such as Zhou Wei of photography bridge Hao, playwrite is seniority thick. The 2nd it is drama is taken mediumly change very true, the labour of different role, dress up have a characteristic each, environment and setting are very authentic also, won’t let a person have the feeling of a play.

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The 3rd it is gut respect, every part has action to won’t appear abrupt, showed the duty field have a trial of strength with a wonderful field, did not insult the intelligence quotient of the audience. Next, the expression of the actors in drama also can be encircled can nod. At the outset when this drama just broadcasted, many people say the position of groovy grandson couple, but the fact proves grandson the play of couple is very stable still.

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Zhao Youting this male advocate acting also is in passing line above, the play of actor of actual strength clique that heads with Yu Hewei is very outstanding also. Duty field theatrical work does not have great spectacle, because this the most important hotspot is the acting of gut and actors, and ” good city ” do first-rately in this two respects. And, whole department theatrical work is discussing the topic that an everybody cares very much, namely house problem.

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From the point of this, this drama also is reality of press close to to live, cause everybody’s attention more easily so. Say so, ” good city ” although have place of a few chamfer, but still be the defects cannot obscure the virtues on the whole, it is an an excellent work that is worth to be chased after.


2021 is an extraordinary time, so thematic in this year work special be very popular, the work of this subject matter is on sheet of a list of names posted up. The hope is in 2022, homebred drama can greet new peak peak. In the meantime, also hope to there can be more and outstanding work this year, let audience big feast one’s eyes on. — END —

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