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Original title: ” meet season ” the truth exposure that Tian Jingye divorces! Jian Hongcheng is the world regains consciousness as expected ” meet season ” sowing in terrestrial heat of like a raging fire in. There are a lot of familiar faces in drama. For instance, thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan, Zhang Yi is promoted, Gu Nailiang, Liang Guanhua.

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Will look according to showing the has come out newlier gut nowadays, discovering this drama is main not hard is the brief home that telling Jianhong to be represented into place, the peaceful home that represents with Ning You, a series of clash that produce. And the origin of these attrition, all be the person of accidentally drop injury that comes from Cui Hao, and dread punishment for one’s crime commits suicide. See the brief introduction of this drama only, can see Jian Hongcheng is very the person that tells thorough, especially when he is attending a college, say to Ning You that, “Bygone lets it go! Do not let animosity continue again go down ” , must make a person praise one of sound worlds are sober.

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The truth exposure Tian Jingye that Tian Jingye divorces is good brother of Jian Hongcheng, by personate of well-known actor Gu Nailiang. In drama, tian Jingye is having a lot of mystery groups on the body of this person. It is why Tian Jingye can be imprisoned, 2 it is why Tian Jingye can divorce. As the progress of gut, discover Tian Jingye also once was a successful personage not hard, otherwise he also won’t have wife child to heat up the warmer end of kang. The most important depended on, before he is entered, it is to have money particularly for certain, if his capital is not quite much, ning You of at one’s convenience is again fierce, help him impossibly also buy below one flatlet to produce in luxurious a sector of an area.

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Meanwhile, problem 2, namely above paragraphs mentions why can divorce that problem does not avoid. Well-known, both sides of husband and wife divorces, many because corporeal life does not follow to go up,be, caused the shortage of cultural life secondhand again thereby, must part company then. But, the Tian Jingye in drama each field requirement is pretty good, parents also is a cultural worker it seems that, 10 have 89 to also have pension. So, tian Jingye divorces, because the wife disrelishs his end,not be for certain. Then, the author is bold and conjectural, because he is imprisoned,Tian Jingye divorces with the wife is.

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But, saw this play of the 21st collect premonitory, just discover the truth is not in that way. In 21 collect, pass Jian Hongcheng’s mouth, the wife that the truth that can be informed Tian Jingye to divorce is Tian Jingye — carry on Yan Jiao gets him too too cranky, too too self-confident, always be think oneself clever. Had reached the level that your person suffers hard even, so carry on colour put forward to divorce, taking child sheet to go.

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Jian Hongcheng is the world regains consciousness as expected in front had said, jian Hongcheng is the world regains consciousness, but specific reason, did not explain with everybody. Give you enumerate next so, jian Hongcheng is the reason with sober world.

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1, not the person of bear grudges has 3 idiosyncratic, it is state of mind respectively good, disposition true, relations with people is good. The hero Jian Hongcheng in drama belongs this kind of person, he very know clearly, animosity can make popular feeling bosom narrow only, it is more painful that the life is crossed. So, he holds to bygone to go, do not allow animosity to continue to next generation.

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2, pattern opens the door greatly deal, pattern wants to open. Jian Hongcheng’s structure is very old. Is Zhang Lixin, Jian Minmin quite bad? Jian Hongcheng is stupefied however is can the heart makes the same score gas static ground to it come-and-go, stake of that one stake troublesome issue has been handled. Go up in choose and employ persons especially, his it may be said knows ability be apt to to use, just be to lift only, without giving thought to arrival He Ren, should have ability only capable, he pays no attention to associate with. Because he is very clear, be born and be a person, magnanimity is to must want to have, become hard otherwise big implement.

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Above is ” meet season ” the truth exposure that Tian Jingye divorces! Jian Hongcheng is the material detailed information with sober world as expected.

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