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Original title: Look ” between the world ” I am empty, the look up before big ending looks be like satisfactory, however 3 large hole were not filled This drama ” between the world ” leave after sowing, person energy of life and viewing rate are admirable all the time. This drama leaves sow 35 collect 36 collect, viewing rate is broken through steadily all the time 1. As the development of gut, ” between the world ” public praise also had apparent promotion, viewing rate is broken through steadily 2. At present this drama has neared end, viewing rate has been achieved 2.8, have break the trend of 3.

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Must say, ” between the world ” the years theatrical work that is a high quality really. The environment that it presents is enough and real, also be the drama of a wonderful person. And will look from current gut, follow-up ending still is worth to expect very much. But look ” between the world ” , I am very empty.

20220303120825 6220afb9ca647

At present this drama has replaced 54 part, premonitory also reached 56 market, but the big final result that news of Chinese TV station had announced 58 volume ahead of schedule. Expect big final result, look 3 children of Zhou Jia are end-all ending, but actually, still stay in drama have 3 large hole. One, fenghua becomes the main character in although be inchoate and Thespian,be being confused into ending, but divorce as a result of he and flourish, because this does not have too much length,will describe this figure. However, feng Huacheng is off the rails, went with off the rails spouse France. We do not know he is in France, live what kind of life, but this story did not get explanatory.

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Abandon to this kind the wife and daughter’s man, ” between the world ” this drama should give a final result, and Feng Huacheng is all the time ” between the world ” in demand one of happy roles least of all, extreme affectation, egomania. From apparently look, everything is appropriate to flourish, but actually, he a bit skill also is done not have.

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In the relation with flourish, not all problem goes to go up in the body, not be a good person really however. If because Fenghua is become,not be, li Suhua won’t within an inch of breaks down plant person, and Zhou Binkun also is met by coop jail. If because Fenghua is become,not be, the body state of week won’t downhill.

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In origianl work, feng Huacheng is in France reduces hobo after 3 eat. Although he can write a poem, but the is oneself pride that he inspects all the time. But before the life and material, writing a poem is the cultural life that satisfied him only, and he himself can eat only however, he became a loser already completely.

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2, the bracelet that is sold child end up with nothing definite bracelet child, be sold by Zhou Bingkun, it is clear to also was not explained in drama. Water child flow and after Luo Shibin put in prison, zhou Bingkun gives without enough money Zheng Juan, he must think method is Zheng Juan, get money, so he sold maternal cherished tradition, sent Zheng Juan money

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Zhou Bingkun’s practice is impertinent, but accomplished bracelet really child He Zhengjuan’s marriage although Zhou Bingkun is hiding the truth from Zheng Juan, he did not tell her money comes from where, dan Zhengjuan’s exquisite heart nature knows this is Zhou Bingkun take care of to hers.

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But bracelet was not made clear in drama child ending, it is however in novel origianl work, zhou Bingkun understands through the TV program, the bracelet that he sells at that time child the price had risen a few times, can buy a car completely, this lets inner for a long time of Zhou Bingkun cannot calm.

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Only to the Zhou Binkun at that time, bracelet child be to be able to settle his a pressing need, if the only method that also is help Zheng beautiful returns the past, zhou Binkun is met make such choice, although he knows in bracelet child the price can turn over times. After all, he is altruistic to Zheng Juan’s love. He can disregard himself, but he can put Zheng Juan on the heart absolutely. Be Zhou Binkun’s goodness, beautiful letting Zheng is same to Zhou Binkun be dead set. / P>

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3, zhou Zhigang after all because of why disease dies in ” between the world ” this drama is made in, most what meaning letting a person makes the same score hard is Zhou Fu and week mother die, week mother because of Zhou Fu leave and sadness is excessive, went finally together along with him, and because die to fall ill,Zhou Fu is.

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But from ” between the world ” in light of gut, before no matter be to be in,week keep in mind just fell ill or be after falling ill, did not give out to be explained clearly, he was to get what disease after all. Although just handle detail merely, but it is clear to because drama is made,was not explained, still let the water of a mist that the person looks, more resembling is playwrite has a bleak final result to let a person, the clue of sedulous set.

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And after Zhou Zhigang falls ill, the doctor also issued sick into death announcement, and speak bluntly won’t have any miracle, but to let gut forcibly satisfactory, playwrite lets Zhou Zhigang a sudden spurt f activity prior to collapse even, in returning him home, make all children talk of everything together. Although from feeling feeding angle looks, such clue lets an audience very easily use a facial expression, it is successful, but do not accord with however actual.

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Next ” between the world ” will explain Zhou Jiasan height daughter and their another ending of half, it is certain to have in original work relatively delete and change. Ought be to suffer from for instance go up the Zhou Bingyi that cancer of the stomach dies, final illness is able to control, also defend together all the time with wintry plum. And beautiful of Zhou Bingkun Zheng and Chengdu of Cai Xiaoguang and week, also went up to live happily too.

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But truly satisfactory final result, should hole hole is filled surely, ” between the world ” be about to big ending, however this 3 large hole had been not filled, affected the integrality that this drama makes.

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