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Original title: Shandong most limited company of act culture medium: Theatrical work of years of practical subject matter finds the code seeking theatrical work of young Shandong most limited company of act culture medium: Theatrical work of years of practical subject matter finds the years theatrical work of the subject matter of reality of the password that seek theatrical work of young, the code seeking theatrical work that found kid in recent years a lot of the frequency of an excellent work of teleplay of practical subject matter that quarter compatriots times remembers goes out, also stand by each other with young audience, from thematic stride new main trend, developing literary work to invigorate popular feeling, fetching the action to be apt to, drew a lot of attention. Afterwards ” parental love ” ” affection full siheyun ” ” great river great river ” ” outfit stage ” ” hill sea affection ” wait for results after good public praise, ” between the world ” heat sows what ignited an audience again to chase drama passion.

20220303120956 6220b01442582

This kind of work with a family or group development changes of a few years is creation chief source, deep feeling is answered look at history of life of a paragraph of common people. The person that create often will create Yu Yun of eye shot focusing to hide in the days silhouette in years drape, obtain an audience to welcome to be approbated with industry time and again. “1, person old age ” the perspective becomes the high quality in young audience heart the keyword of drama anthology becomes the instantly with thematic screen in practical subject matter nowadays, the characteristic that young audience loves also agrees with the creation direction look that advocates inside course of study. Thematic level, advocate those who arouse culture self-confidence, warmth is the true, realistic etc; Produce the level, wonderful and the actor that has acting group, good-looking gut, ” nobody old age ” perspective, the high quality in making young audience heart the keyword of drama anthology. Artistically of these a list of plays have window, close inspect on have heat. For example focusing takes off deficient assault fortified positions ” hill sea affection ” in vivid told about, take sand blown by wind rock ” dry beach ” construction becomes inch of ground of very little gold ” golden beach ” story, lift an audience ” Yun Yanggu ” ” Yun Jiancun ” tall participate in degree of grand occasion that seek theatrical work; And thought shedding turns into of the theme ” arousal time ” showed anew the brilliant course that literacy campaign builds to the Chinese Communist, deep history culture insides information in drama and exciting of hour of extremely powerful Thespian pulling force; And narrative, times expresses the state ” exploit ” in the wonderful story that related 8 exploit characters with unit and narrative innovation; Still have in ” big decisive battle ” ” had crossed duck green river ” in cut with important battle, national condition of home of greeting hero, agitate is conceived, have already macroscopical and narrative, have detail expression again. These outstanding a list of plays are inspected in total stage CCTV, each David topic temperature is raised continuously during reaching platform of network seeing and hearing to broadcast, also drew the look of a lot of youth.

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Works of these years theatrical work highlight a times through portraying the person that has times impress the form model to the person, what finish pair of history memory thereby is vivid appear. The nobody below times spring tide, although elite of unlike hero model, society brings arc light that kind oneself, but the god that they get angry in the dodder along in adversity, exposed to the sun makes likewise the audience swings gas ileum. For example ” hold a stage ” in the worker holding a stage that is a delegate with sly straight, although be in social ground floor, rush about day and night for the life, however as before firm and indomitable, openly pursuit has the life of dignity; ” between the world ” medium Zhou Bingkun regards the Zhou Jia in city staying behind as children, although not as good as eldest brother 2 elder sister ” have prospect ” , assume silently however attend of the domestic heavy burden of the old person and fuel daily and trifling, recumbent integrity stands fast change destiny. Not evasive contradiction, do not color the life, fact of even if life is hard, still be permeated with up to be apt to energy, this is the vivid portraiture of the ethos in real life.

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Through paying close attention to reality, attention people, attention lives a future life moves the feeling that develops Chinese type family to concern, produce deepness resonance with young audience. The Chinese nation takes a family seriously to kiss affection from of old, the home and all things are promoted, this kind of reunion of the whole family sense that reflected a Chinese. ” between the world ” in ” smooth word piece ” , ” affection full siheyun ” the siheyun in, ” parental love ” the loose hill island in, it is the epitome that this kind of collective culture agrees with. Below specific district and condition, family or a flock of life are together alive, each other side is helped up, mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, the belongs to a Chinese sentiment that below this kind of narrative Fan Shi spurt utters and experience, let young audience easily be in exceed strong generation to produce psychology into feeling in all affection.

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Not only such, years theatrical work also presents new atmosphere on creation in recent years, high-quality goods master piece is consecutive, transmission is spent wide, suffer numerous approbate degree tall, also go hot in young audience group. On fabaceous valve, ” hill sea affection ” ” arousal time ” ” exploit ” the grading of 3 teleplay all is in 9 minutes of above. The character with the vivid in drama, distinct personality also breaks a ring as gut, arose to interact newly with instantly youth audience, cause the long end effect of drama anthology.

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For example ” arousal time ” ideal light, ” had crossed duck green river ” heroic lofty quality, ” outfit stage ” terrestrial fireworks makes an audience impressive. Among them, ” arousal time ” medium Chen Yan year, the young revolutionary figure such as old Qiao Nian bright, story is touching, a lot of young audiences are in tomb-sweeping day during send them pay respects to sb at his tomb oneself, patriotic affection passes through spatio-temporal cause resonance.

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2, creation of years theatrical work is well worth doing, the collision that carries individual and state will announce the immanent logic that the times develops each ” historical registrar ” treat different times to be able to have different perspective, but from long-term in light of, can pass so that leave truly, stay to fall, it is more come with old structure, large bearing, big feelings an excellent work that copy common people lives. These work are not to stay simply in tell the level that understands a narration to go up, reflect big theme with small cut however, refract old age with the nobody, will individual destiny and great period undertake is the same as compose, form the narrative feature with distinctive work of practical subject matter and art to feel character thereby.

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Be like ” great river great river ” 3 timeses do have the aid of wet in the society in changing, be explored ceaselessly and the life story of break out of an encirclement, made vivid footnote to the open of process of reforming and opening and hardships, body reveals view of a kind of great history and old age view. Times and individual and organic confluence, each other is umbriferous expressive means, can promote the thought of work width and actual acutance already, the deep feeling that also is pair of history memory is answered look and embrace. Of course, will write times scene through the nobody, what the strong, mining of the force of wide, expression that its involve an area spends is deep, force of work of unusual trial art and creation wisdom, how to gift better individual be the same as corresponding, sense that seeks with gas phase with times, society, the person that still need to create walks into depth area of the history, adj the logical pattern that grasps social gradual progress.

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As a whole, the password seeking theatrical work of young, hide in their be fond of. For example energy, gut old age of self-confidence of feeling of online, times, culture, nobody, warm, fireworks enrages absorbing, acting waited for a keyword to become now the high frequency vocabulary of point of fall of young audience mood, intuitionistic also the user preference that draws the outline of young audience and view shadow habit. And in the creation in years theatrical work, the development of better eulogize times and society, capture and the Gaoguang hour that record Everyman, breakthrough and surmount already some creation mode, also became instantly to write the law of the applicable to both or all that gives high-quality goods.

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