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Original title: Sow fire of 6 collect public praise, tian Xiwei makes an audience successful ” into hole ” , sweet bestow favor on ancient costume drama to give king bomb Long-term since, ancient costume beautiful theatrical work held position in audience heart. Elaborate costume and good love always can let an audience shine at the moment. The drama of ancient costume black unreal that is about to broadcast this year ” jade bone Yao ” in, by Xiao Zhan and Ren Min, the main actor’s is most suffer a when expect. The popular subject matter of division apprentice cruel, plus Xiao Zhan and Ren Min, fine-looking, it is the spring of beautiful pink simply.

20220303121024 6220b03057250

Even if be the prevue of one bell only, broadcast a quantity to also be broken through already 280 million. This kind of heat does not belong to anybody really, if have, xiao Zhan can know.

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Although we were like,make an appointment with when ” jade bone Yao ” , but what by cropland sunlight osmund acts the leading role another is homebred strange unreal is sweet bestow favor on ancient costume drama ” adult of the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out ” on line. Sowed 6 collect public praise only with respect to fire. Be like tide reputably not only, tian Xiwei also makes an audience deep ” into hole ” , cannot extricate oneself. This drama why so cruel? 010-101 ” adult of the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out ” be with marriage love those who give priority to a problem is small sweet drama. The marriage here is loved point to a men and women not just advocate the love between, female advocate on Guan Ya regards the world as small go-between, build the bridge for pull wires of worldly men and women, facilitate a paragraph of another paragraph perfect the fate brings lovers together. In this process, she was encountered accidentally male advocate severe smooth Shen Baiyan, and from what begin incommensurate the acquaintance to later, began different immortal love story.

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From the point of gut gist, this drama and general Xuan Huantian bestow favor on drama and do not have too big distinction, just told about principal and subordinate of male and female not to know each other well the story that love each other. Nevertheless the one large window of this drama was to join marriage love an element, have contemporary feeling very much, straight jab is contemporary the person is single lead tall, divorce to lead high pain spot, sex of the look up before be being provided quite.

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In marriage proper illusion is joined in the contemporary element that love, can give a person the sense that find everything new and fresh really. In the in relief city that goodwife lives, have a very effective Gong Wutong. Want to patronage of predestined relationship person lives this tree only, can go up to live happily too, can solve the love life of a large number of lone dogs. I can’t help plainting, it is good in reality that if have,this is cultivated, lone dog people the care that does not have an object.

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But good times don’t last long, because of convulsion of day of a day, marital tree is destroyed, this can make month of city of whole this world random cover directly, lone became a kind of fashion, tan Lian loved a kind of disgraceful behavior. All sorts of advertising the Jin Goupin of lone thought goes out. The matter that each other of male and female leaves is a man too good to her, after be afraid of, cannot leave. After happily mutual blessing, they parted company, this is old Fan Ersai simply

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A few acting people in goodwife home are go-between, after be being destroyed in marital tree so, her familial business suffer a disastrous decline. To weigh Zhen Jiafeng, goodwife decision organization dates meeting. Good lord, perhaps this is ” blame sincere not the originator of faze ” .

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Of course, as leading role, want to must experience cross successfully. Either, female advocate date when can undertaking getting like a raging fire, day of male principal and subordinate and fall, do not only broke all these, still break recalled. Fairy before cerebra also can get hurt.

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But irrespective. The most important is, male advocate break only recalled, ability and female advocate grow sentiment. As small sweet drama, other be secondary, sweet enough. But after incomplete of male control centre, tell it to the judge to listen — the sweet love of type came!"> immortal picks part, complete member raise a key point small to ancient costume sweet for drama, gut, logic is not particularly important, the most crucial is the Yan Zhi of main actors, very much after all audience just watchs to the face. And this ” adult of the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out ” it is immortal choosing horn simply, no matter leading role still is costar, complete member it is tall Yan Zhi, the rhythm that licks screen.

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It is female above all advocate go up personate Zhe Tianxi of Guan Ya osmund, the big eye of bud bud is flickering, it is sweet at all younger sister this younger sister, when laughing especially, should give the heart simply melted, who can reject such girl again.

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And Tian Xiwei’s acting is very pretty good also, facial features is clever nifty, when making lovely expression, a bit is not feigned, all show Gu Ling essence to blame instead, vivid natural, can let a person feel to give play not at all.

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Male advocate the celestial bodies of Cao Yu of the person that act of Bai Yan of phlogistic wide god, ever was in ” Chen Qing makes ” in the gold of elder sister’s husband that has performed to let countless audiences express signal to be made the same score hard highs one horn, between the figure that Wen Runyu is like and eyebrow red became his peculiar symbol.

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And in ” adult of the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out ” in, his come out the tenderness of all over the body, reincarnate marble Ares, although still be same piece of face, but the tender elder sister’s husband before following is completely different, writing stranger all over the face not close, gas field is extremely powerful.

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Besides the men and women advocate outside, male the act person of 2 Xu Yunchuan is like Yu Liang also is elegant handsome childe, although always be in drama all sorts of making 2, but a bit does not affect Yan Zhi, and the disposition of foolish of this kind of foolish is to denounce more happy event.

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Altogether, ” adult of the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out ” what this drama makes as small cost is sweet bestow favor on drama, although some gut are not rigorous, but subject matter is fortunately absorbing, adding the colour value sumptuous dinner that actors bring, can serve as drama of one following meal completely to look. Current, this drama just replaces 6 part, but gut looks more however jump over above, if carry this current, become another very likely classical small sweet drama, so do you feel this drama how?

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