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Original title: TVB is protect actor security comprehensive already shutdown, but Hu Xing Li Zhiting is in as before to drive plan start working Return to 25 years to commemorate Hong Kong, relevant movie and TV is made be like the begin to crop up like emerge. There is Hu Xing before, Chen Jiale, Li Zhiting acts the leading role ” below lion hill. Affection ” , there is Guo Jin An, Chen Wei to participate in after ” dawn ” , in addition of Zhang Zhilin, Ceng Shun also fell at was being received recently ” the person that defend a city ” . The situation that let a hundred flowers blossom, let a person very expect!

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Be in nevertheless the start working of like a raging fire of each large play staff during, stage a come back of the 5th epidemic situation of Hong Kong, as a result of increase sharply of daily diagnose number, TVB TV city escapes hard also to rob, at present Hu Dingxin, Feng Ying is filled with, the person such as Zhou Jia the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, Dai Zuyi in succession in action, press TVB must time of defer start working, right kinescope factory and make up a thoroughly big cleanness. Although TVB every shutdown is about one day loss 2 million, but to ensure actor safety, wireless also can make stop a play staff only, withhold only temporarily ” what love comes home is happy fast give ” lineup Ma Jixu films.

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Soon whole town is preparing for war epidemic situation, behoove reduces personnel flow, however ” below lion hill. Affection ” the play staff insists to switch on the mobile phone as before however. This drama with 1984 up to now Hong Kong big event is setting, tell about over or across of dining-room of a tea the story of handler of 30 old past dynasties, major gut already filmed inside end, because the show share that goes a month wants to be in Hong Kong find a view, so greater part team changed Hong Kong quarter Feburary. Feel very fast to be able to be finished formerly kill blueness, however Hong Kong epidemic situation affected a process however.

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Because be tribute drama,do not pass, the play staff dare not waste time, take a risk to continue only start working. Street of the annulus in media was in on March 2 pats the actor in drama to hold to a show, the spot has be ready in take action of 20 staff members. Report place is narrated, zhou Baihao, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad that day apricot, the one numerous main actor such as Xie Jun a person of extraordinary powers has show a body, wearing the dress of 80 time severally, have very much on the feeling of century dweller. And the Hu Xing of relatively big shop sign, Xie Jun a person of extraordinary powers need not await, show up be arranged to film, back-to-back ability is show share of Zhou Baihao, see he is taking a bag of big beer and orange to make a round trip ceaselessly on abrupt stair only, want to show life hardship it seems that.

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Although the government prohibits,2 reach above family party, also shut public place of entertainment, but the play staff battles big blasts guide play, still attracted many citizens to surround view. Although do not tell actors,be anxious to gather a crowd in the heart cause potential transmission, but contamination of waste enamel is without on the face, throw completely in the part, completely insusceptible! Have the apricot that pass moustache this person is set have play very much, should from young perform old age, quite test acting! Want a play not to die only, very large possibility can bring reward to her the honor that go up!

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Besides relatively the person’s hep Hu Xing, outside Zhou Baihao, temporarily Li Zhiting joins a confusion of voices of the Ceng Ming before this drama still has a few years. After the actor of big shop sign that leaves some fall from power regrettablly only, of Li Zhiting famous degree sell at a discount greatly, before paragraph although time also is in ” manslaughter 2 ” in share one horn, but film public praise not beautiful, to its career helping strength also is not very big! Can obtain this invite ginseng act ” below lion hill. Affection ” , to Li Zhiting, should be a counterattack chance!

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The likelihood realizes this is a good luck, li Zhiting cooperates a play staff actively also to attemper, when with female star Xu Yating takes outer door scene, it is very careful more, once leave scene,epidemic prevention consciousness exceeds him strong, wear guaze mask immediately. And when seeing the woman is stricken up a conversation by new man, li Zhiting before also going up hastily, have sense of justice very much! Epidemic situation is in side, behoove abides by everybody epidemic prevention dictates ability is right, but the characteristic that recreation encircles, if Everyman works that kind normally,let them hard again, here vicious a general term for young women also can bless play staff personnel to kill blueness in safety only, be healthy!

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