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Original title: Close inspect a dark horse to come, see new theatrical work of Yang Zishan, the audience spits groove: Laugh at violent wind to look tear, completely not quite Left 2022 year since, all sorts of good theatrical work are ceaseless, went out one after another ” germinant ” , ” between the world ” two phenomena class explodes paragraph, noonday after this new theatrical work ” meet season ” leave again sowed, it is under the converging attack of an excellent work of a few big gold, new theatrical work of Yang Zishan ” guess two kinds of marriage ” be not valued.

20220303121132 6220b07431aa3

But what your person did not think of is, this drama is become inspect a dark horse to close, and ” between the world ” , ” meet season ” broadcast at the same time, however still behead was obtained not of common close inspect achievement, successive 10 days take next gold period of time to defend inspect teleplay to rank the first, still obtained the 9th week of Chan Zhouwei inspected teleplay to rank the first 2022.

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” two kinds of marriage guess ” can obtain so outstanding achievement to let person expect be less than, besides viewing rate considerable beyond, on the network the audience is opposite the discussion of this drama is very enthusiastic also, even somebody spits groove this drama is too comical, almost every part is comedic person, let a person laugh at violent wind tear, it is day more 2 collect, look completely also not quite.

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Gut is unusual reality, contradictory conflict theatricalizes processing ” two kinds of marriage guess ” basically tell about duty field female two boudoir honey shows Shen Mingbao and Xue Kexin of Fu Jiaqian gold severally marriage, of different identity setting and life experience they, encountered affection difficult problem however, the road of different feeling, same labyrinthian and bizarre, after experiencing all sorts of cross, they harvested sweet and happy happy life eventually.

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Two boudoir are sweet at the beginning come to an agreement or understanding is become together lone dog, but the path that the pressure that Shen Mingbao still did not carry reality finally chooses to walk up to marry in person, ke Xin of sweet Xue of a boudoir also began the brigade of love, the first collect when two boudoir honey still does not know a boy friend, the 2nd collect began to interact, and Shen Mingbao is to marry directly more.

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Two pairs feeling progress is gotten on for let a person feel unusual, but actual this is actual and best portraiture, shen Mingbao and husband poplar Zheng are in twice calculate in age person together going up is the person that above average, but prop up without rich and generous family property accumulated over a long time, the individual is in outstanding, to date the market can be the object that is cold-shouldered only.

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Although two youths can reach consensus on emotional view, but the level that reached to talk about marriage talking to marry is little still not fetter be waitinged for by lay house car, when bilateral parent meets, buy marriage house, return a month to go out for waiting for real problem to be cast, the feeling of two people got block up.

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Two youths prepare a Fu Heyue to offer AA is made, man mom wanted to sold a house to give head after paying, move live together with young couple, woman mother does not want to let man mom interfere young couple life, still put forward the man to buy a house, the woman is decorated etc this locality is consuetudinary, bilateral at swords’ points, rip turn against skin with respect to difference.

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Although be conflict, but woman mother is to laughing at conversation all the time, will handle this contradictory conflict with theatricalized form, the brutal and real problem that can face this a lot of youths is placed. More comical is bilateral after talking about collapse, woman mother calls a clerk to buy sheet, take out the 5 marketplace look that lose a coupon, the atmosphere that lets original insecurity becomes awkward comical.

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Will dissolve contradiction with additionally one kind of form, prevent contradictory become acute, this also the good method that can yet be regarded as solves a problem, and man mom also is to cooperate woman mother to have Thespian conflict after all, let a clerk bale the course that remain to the woman directly take away, good energy of life comical.

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The everybody in drama takes comic effect oneself, when every time has intense contradictory conflict, can have similar two mom have a meal such renown occasion dissolves awkwardness, with see a few things that seem awkwardness resolve the contradictory conflict between the character easily, right laugh, it doesn’t matter is alarming, the optimal explanation of life reason.

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Complete a comedic person, laugh at violent wind tear all the time since the tender belle that the impression that Yang Zishan gives a person is clean Qing Chun, the new theatrical work that did not think of her ” guess two kinds of marriage ” overturned however ferial chilly figure, personate had a humorous and humor duty field woman. Just beginning to hear this name to still think can be domestic ethics drama, thinking of is light comedy of annals of city female encourage.

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First time of lead of male and female encounters to sit directly real weight of honest comedic person, two people carry pair of backs and others on the back to date obviously at the beginning, hear the other side secretly however a few elaborate, oneself date after the object went, two people sit together repeatedly unexpectedly, carry on the back first exchange resume to the back.

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More comical is, two people take resume of the other side not be oneself are examined for a short while, send respective mom to look directly however, after both sides made this petty action, just sit together to date face-to-face, chatted to rise each other, after two people await bilateral mom to deliver satisfactory answer, sit together unexpectedly Guan Xuan takes a picture announce amour, it is light comedy as expected right.

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This pair encountering is very comical, additionally one pair as much very comedic, two boudoir honey goes to Shen Mingbao and Xue Ke Xin together gym fitness, knew gymnastical coach Chen Tong firm, old red firm Yan Zhi explodes watch, to sister tenderness is close, offend sidelong glance of one numerous schoolgirl, xue Kexin also generated interest to him.

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Firm hijack of Chen Tong of other sister malign, xue Kexin came a belle saves the United States male, later beautiful male admire to the belle unceasingly, consult someone else to launch love offensive to the belle, comical is, chen Tong just thought Xue Kexin is outfit rich home female, male all the time friendly force explodes canopy should give Xue Kexin better life and substance.

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And the identity that Ke Xin of Xue of rich home a thousand pieces of gold conceals him however, began the brigade of oneself round lie that all sorts of is between tears and smiles, more comical is, xue Kexin is hitting the banner that replaces English of people take lessons after school to see his plute father, chen Tong just feared gold advocate father is right against the law of Xue Kexin conspire, let her dress up earth a few go, did not think of Xue Kexin wears village aunt to see his father really.

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Xue Kexin’s father also is a comedic person, should consider move bully at the same time total tall cold person is set, fear the daughter is cheated by someone else again at the same time, want the feeling of attend to daughter at the same time, do not think daughter and this person continue to interact again at the same time, beneficent and kind good father, tall cold fierce president makes a round trip switch, with the father that heart fine suffers from, comical good cry.

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This drama is best there was not absolutely leading role aureola namely, without absolutely stand or fall, those who show is real person individual character and characteristic, beyond identity feature of the character, also showed color of bright person individual character, everybody the one side of lovely glitter on the body was reflected come out.

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” two kinds of marriage guess ” can suffer an audience to love, very big an element is drama medium figure is exceedingly actual, on the person body from inside drama, what we can discover character of different disposition, different identity goes up personally is bit flashier, their hopeful and open-minded life manner is having positive effect to our life.

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Saying with its is to seeking theatrical work, be inferior to saying is to be in experience the life 100 condition, from other play the happiness that lives in light of means and joy, go searching life true meaning from inside bagatelle, those who use thing of characters in a play is open-minded manner, those contradiction of be troubled Yu Huai in dissolve the life and conflict, go resolving life trouble with genuine and hopeful state of mind.

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