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Original title: 155 height have 180 gas field however, beautiful of Sa ” queen of the show that take off a mouth ” , entire network chases after mad: See her start a career with respect to love! She is being taken newest one season came back! 20220303121143 6220b07f30307 Waited painstakingly more than two years, ” marvelous wheat a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument Mrs. Er ” (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) the four seasons comes eventually! 20220303121143 6220b07f5e769 ” marvelous wheat a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument Mrs. Er ” of the first season broadcast time is 2017, successive the fabaceous valve of 3 season gives a mark not under 8.7 minutes, it is thus clear that this drama has many welcome. But after the 3rd season ended 2019, do not have the message that the four seasons returns to tardy however. Be in eventually this year on Feburary 18, received authority heart heart reads aloud the ~ of the four seasons that read aloud20220303121144 6220b080060a9 ” marvelous wheat a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument Mrs. Er ” a week of instead of the four seasons broadcasts two collect, cent is sowed 4 weeks, do this broadcast speed is everybody satisfactory still? 20220303121144 6220b0806ed0b Because before 3 season are apart from,now is a bit long really, likelihood everybody not quite remember gut, let us review simply first ~ ” marvelous Mai Se Mrs. Er ” basically told about on century 50 time, have common housewife call Mi Qi, marry with marital Joy old, two people still have a child. 20220303121144 6220b080d50c2 Joy wants to become actor of a show that take off a mouth all the time, but career all the time not lukewarm not fire. Although Mi Qi and tall Yi had gone hand in hand,make old, but Mi Qi is maintaining perfect image before the husband all the time, keep oneself appearance and figure meticulously. 20220303121145 6220b08183a7b But did not think of Joy is a broken bits male, off the rails female secretary, because this clears away baggage,still left the home. 20220303121145 6220b081e70b2 After sufferring so big blow, mi Qi is done not have abandonment, depending on endowment and the experience that once helped former husband write show Duan Zi however, develop those who removed oneself to take off an excellent career. In the process that takes off a beautiful dream in implementation, mi Qi knew a lot of mixed people, grow ceaselessly in experience, made an outstanding comedian. 20220303121146 6220b0823516c The story setting set of the four seasons is in 1960. The job that Mi Qi found a completely free creative work comes harden oneself acting, but she the persistence to the career and located environment, made estrangement arises between she and family and friend. In light of the grading that the collect that has broadcasted from this one season counts, gut did not make everybody disappointed as before, every collect whole journey is high-energy. 20220303121146 6220b08292ce3 Without income source, the room that bearing high specified number is borrowed, the child’s dress warmly and ear one’s fill became an issue, after experiencing these cross, mi Qi also is not again at the outset that is paid for the family only, not be the person of own consider. She begins to examine her life and career afresh, decision and lay antagonism, do true oneself. The Desire To Reclaim The Parts Of Her Old Life That She Loves And Fit Them Into A New, more Ambitious Identity Is At The Heart Of Season Four, as Midge Begins To Slowly Embrace Being Herself, rather Than Trying To Please Other People. Mi Qi begins to try to do his slowly, is not to try please other, she longs to search afresh before the thing that she has deep love for, model from this piece brand-new, the self-image that has ambition more, these are the core content of the four seasons. 20220303121147 6220b0831b43f Have such beautiful the heroine of Sa, who can love this play! But who can think of, this is acted in drama perfect housewife actress, an one hundred percent is actually in reality 90 hind the girl? 20220303121147 6220b0837c404 Bud cuts Si Naan of Er · cloth collect (Rachel Brosnahan) , was born in Mierwoji 1990. Allegedly she is in nursery school when fell in love with a performance, have deep love for this regarded as career. 20220303121148 6220b0840be34 Brosnahan Participated In Musical Theater When She Was In Junior High And High School And Took Acting Classes At Wilmette ‘ S Actor ‘ S Training Center. In 2012, she Graduated From NYU ‘ S Tisch School Of The Arts. Buluosinaan is joined when high school is counteracted first performed melodrama, groom in Weiermeite’s actor center attended performance class. 2012, she is graduated from institute of art of influence of emperor of new York university. Although school of name of one’s previous experience, but what what she acts at the beginning is a few minor minor role, leave deep impression very hard to the person. 20220303121148 6220b0842b4af 2013, bud cuts Er act art the career greeted a favourable turn eventually. When her graduate student is about to graduate, she got ” card room ” (House Of Cards) a medium part, a hooter is acted in drama, show share and actor’s lines are very few. 20220303121148 6220b08465da4 But because bud cuts Er to give colour appearance mediumly in drama,show, decision of producer Beau Williams increases her show share to one season from two collect. And this part, also let her take the nomination of Emmy. In 2013, she Landed The Recurring Role Of Rachel Posner In ” House Of Cards. ” The Role Lasted For Multiple Seasons And Landed Her A Primetime Emmy Nomination For Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series. 2013, she is in ” card room ” in personate luck accept of autumn · Persia, the show share of this part is perforative a lot of season, won Emmy for her optimal gues-star actress nomination. 20220303121148 6220b08470efd Be in ” card room ” in after showing talent, bud cuts Er to be received in succession perform the beautiful theatrical work with many show more serious share, include ” Babylon blacklist ” (The Blacklist) , ” Manhadu plans ” (Manhattan) etc. Receiving act ” marvelous Mai Se Mrs. Er ” before, bud cuts Er to had planned go out no longer originally perform teleplay, devote into however mix dramatically movie career. But after encountering this outstanding drama anthology, her idea produced a change. The Mi Qi in good to act theatrical work, bud cuts Er to begin to study the work of a lot of famous female comedian, the archetypal Joan Rivers that includes Mi Qi. She still can go to all sorts of opening the spot of wheat, personal experience takes off a beautiful atmosphere. 20220303121148 6220b084811e7 Besides, she returns a large number of time on meeting flower to understand last centuries the culture of 559 time, what so that she is right,the popular culture of instantly and current affairs heat know is very little. But it is a variety of effort because of her, the producer that just invites drama anthology and audience are profuse in praise to her, feel she had arrived even impersonal degree. 20220303121148 6220b084c2522 Bud cuts Er to also be depended on ” marvelous wheat a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument Mrs. Er ” this drama behead won the golden ball award, numerous award such as Emmy, become extremely red temporarily star. Brosnahan Herself Won The Primetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series And The Golden Globe In 2018 And 2019 For Her Stunning Portrayal Of Miriam ” Midge ” Maisel. Qieer Buluosinaan depends on bud diagonally lubricious Miliyamu Mi of Er of Mai Se of fine jade · wonderful deduce, mixed 2018 won Emmy respectively 2019 heroine of optimal and comedic series award and golden ball award. 20220303121149 6220b08505add Wear mediumly from drama build can see, bud cuts Er to having the perfect figure of envy making a person, but actually her height has 155cm only however! 20220303121149 6220b08554082 20220303121149 6220b0856d827 Cannot think of completely? As expected, the cheek that should have beauty only plus advantageous figure scale, consider height not tall, can enrage completely also field is dye-in-the-wood! The actor that although bud cuts Er,also is a quite famous gas, but she is very low-key in daily life, a bit does not have any star frame. 20220303121149 6220b085895f4 The picture that bud cuts Er to be shared in the place on gregarious platform lies fallow very easily, can see she is very hopeful and optimistic ~20220303121149 6220b085a7715 She still raised two very lovely dog dog ~20220303121149 6220b085d4ef7 20220303121150 6220b08622898 Bud cuts Er to return perfervid commonweal, often phonate for women’s right, also attended a lot of helps homeless person commonweal activity. 20220303121150 6220b08653d43 20220303121150 6220b0866c8e5 20220303121150 6220b086895ac So outstanding female is natural already renown flower has advocate ~ Brosnahan Keeps The Details Of Her Personal Life As Private As Possible. She Is Married To Actor Jason Ralph. The Pair Were Wed Before 2018 But Have Not Revealed The Actual Date Or Details To The Public. Bud cuts Si Naan of Er · cloth collect to keep secret as far as possible to the detail of privacy. She married an actor Jiesen Ralph. This had married before 2018 to the couple, but did not disclose specific date or detail to the public. 20220303121150 6220b086ae319 For Halloween In 2018, ralph Even Paid Tribute To His Wife’s Golden Globe-winning Character By Dressing Up As Her. In the Allhallows 2018, ralph dresses up his wife to be in drama even the about of the part, have the honor to win golden ball award in order to celebrate her. 20220303121150 6220b086ce802 No matter be the Mi Qi in drama, still be the bud outside drama cuts Er, can use Marvelous to described ~ tiring-room only like drama name the return is extraordinary get freely ” marvelous Mai Se Mrs. Er ” study ceremony is wrapped (in a limited time 7 days, the hand is not had slow oh ~ ) 2022 elite train battalion, get freely

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