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Original title: One market the higher authorities, happy fountainhead! This net drama is too sweet Fly as the net ” corpse campus ” broadcast, plain Solomon of the person that it lets the personate of beautiful conspicuous in drama fire. Believe to many friends liked to go up the part of his personate and himself him. Since such, so the other theatrical work that we can seek a few his main actors looks ~ has theatrical work of a Han, male a plain Solomon, male 2 are car silver actor actually, must say, the heroine in this drama is too happy also. It is it: ” avenge note “

20220303121446 6220b1365be7b

This drama broadcasts 2017, it is in at that time can exceed fire. Name seeing play is ” avenge ” , actually it is to wrapping around ” avenge ” the drama of pure pure love of appearance, the audience girl heart before allowing screen explodes canopy, sweet to be no good, vigor is full! The surface burns a head to avenge drama, actual it is small however sweet drama, who is cheated by it? ! Fasten urgent, this is everybody introduction, its story is such —

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Hu Jiuxi (Jin Xiangqi is acted the role of) , 17 years old, appearance is not had flatly strange, it is a high school that just promoted high school ministry from ministry of junior high school is born. She will to new learning school see new fellow student, want to begin afresh. Then she rises in the first day when become high school to be born, cheer to oneself encourage. “Now is high school was born, want self-confident erect waist back. ” regrettablly, what each thing thinks with Hu Jiuxi is antipodal. Since term begins, “Lucky ” 2 words as if and she is without a relation.

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Sit bus, public transportation card of Hu Jiuxi does not have money; New classroom, met the female fellow student that often bullies her in junior high school again. Before classes are over, female classmate asks with respect to the mouth Hu Jiuxi helps her make be on duty for the day. Want to refuse but do not know how to refuse, she be reduced to poverty is the child that is bullied…

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Hu Jiuxi’s hapless thing is more than these. The boy friend that she interacts in junior high school fails to took an examination of a high school to also stop with oneself, male friend is in before bright show add a suggestion to like a gym shoes a lot of times too. Hu Jiuxi sends fried chicken to earn extra gains to buy that pair of shoe to give male friend everyday. Shoe buys a hand, male friend breaks off a leg immediately other schoolgirl, snide still Hu Jiuxi is to dog mad, two people are not the relation of friend of male and female.

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Hu Jiuxi hardship makes money buy a shoe to send another person, money of in the end did not have male friend to also run. Who is borne? At this moment her mobile phone appears a link: Become Nemean, the input should avenge the name of the object, can avenge. No matter true and false, try to do not have disadvantage. The name of male friend before Hu Jiuxi was inputted. The thing produced change as expected —

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Broken bits male before the shoe of male friend disappears suddenly disappear, he is forced to binding polybag to go class of take lessons after school. Be troubled by again in class of take lessons after school had gut, the door of the classroom cannot be opened however, he pulled one classroom… these stupid shit are passed to the net to see and be mocked by their classmate.

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Of Hu Jiuxi avenge true success. But this work looks how to have odd, have really so magical, be still backside somebody helps her? Look at present Hu Jiuxi just recalls a note, so she closed this link.

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But, return somebody not to let off her unluckily. Hu Jiuxi’s father sees in roadside the student of high grade bullies the student of low grade, father is held in the arms dozen rough, who thinks of to offend come a suit is troublesome. Those students are afraid of uncle far from, also do not respect an old person, surround beat up to be opposite his cuff and kick. Hu Jiuxi’s father or goodness did not call call a police to solve the teacher that found them however. But, this allows those students more became aggravated.

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They discover this uncle is Hu Jiuxi’s father actually, hu Jiuxi is them learn younger sister, that lesson leaves the thing that learns younger sister to also be conveniently. Bad students return the fried chicken inn of their home to be complained because of wholesome and safe problem, fried chicken inn is forced put up the shutters. What did the goodness of uncle change for family after all? ! Can Hu Jiuxi still use that link to be avenged for oneself and family next?

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Actually, the key of this drama is not to avenge really. One of, avenge; Secondly, love. Heroine is bullied, meet those who have hero appear of course. Learn bully male god Shen Zhixun (plain Solomon is acted the role of) be in with Hu Jiuxi high school is classfellow, hu Jiuxi gives dry ration and the every time that are bullied him almost attendant. Shen Zhixun brushs public transportation card for her on the bus, still be when the smelly fart of public circumstance transfer to a lower level with her uncomfortable abdomen, oneself put personally respecting smelly fart, did not let her give dry ration.

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When Hu Jiuxi is bullied by bad classmate, shen Zhixun also does not have sit by and watch to pay no attention to, to save she and those the person fights. He so do is saying to like Hu Jiuxi? Still oh! From like confess, arrive from love beautiful conjugal love, their love line whole journey of two people is sweet sweet ~ male advocate exceed meeting hold up female advocate, still skip from time to time a lovers’ prattle of flavour of a few earth, from time to time lets from time to time of the gooseflesh since the person cannot help again the raise on corners of the mouth.

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Besides hero, what still have personate of car silver actor is male 2, he is adjacent home elder brother of Hu Jiuxi. Like as a child female advocate, know when him nevertheless female advocate peace male advocate after love, did not contend for grab, he hopes only female advocate happy. His part can be too congenial really! ! Female advocate mix not only male advocate be in love, still two elder brothers are being bestowed favor on, oneself close elder brother and male 2.

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Must not be cheated by drama name, this drama is true too sweet. As a whole, the high school that this dispute often suits to look without the head gives birth to campus love, the sour taste excessive of the sort of first love is full whole screen. Although gut has bit of Malisu but still have those who avenge is delighted, know perfectly well common to stop no less than coming however. Nevertheless the word says, who is still to indulge of these two old handsome young men colour!

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