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Original title: When does Baibai lie between 4 years to pat teleplay again, show become explode paragraph, cause resonance of numerous and married personage Be in a few days ago in; Be known as receive the time that looks queenly Baibai when to be lain between 3 years; Hand in hand the work that Tong Dawei brings city marriage kind for everybody together ” our marriage ” ; Can say this work is in after sowing; Became to explode directly drama;

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Because of its occurrence; Caused the resonance of very much now married personage; Especially the depict to the female; It is to make jab of this drama anthology a lot of mediumer more the person’s key.

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Be in this nevertheless ” our marriage ” after broadcasting for some time; Actually public praise also presents the way that gave two kinds of become divided; Some of audience thinks this drama is returned is very the domestic topic that agrees with instantly; But still the audience thinks among them gut some are too highbrow;

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Also brought about so at present this work did not continue to advance towards good way; So about ” our marriage ” after all how? Look together with respect to He Lefeng below.

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1.” our marriage ” the matrimony of focusing city family appears at first in this drama anthology; It is about full-time madam and her husband the topic between lives actually; Shenyang comet is the brilliant student in top university originally; But in the contest of a controversy that is in the school; She knew her marital Cheng Jiangchuan; And two people begin went one case;

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And before graduating; Shenyang comet had gotten the interview of well-known company informs actually; But however because of pregnant thing; Quited the job finally; Became one of the home full-time mother.

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And very interesting is; At the outset if two people place argues, Shenyang comet and Cheng Jiangchuan are inscribed; It is the topic that goes up in full-time domesticity about the male and female; The subject that can say whole drama market also is in the matting that has succeeded at this moment became good;

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But Shenyang comet is the road that was on full-time madam; And this is waited for be the time of accept as a souvenir; And Cheng Jiangchuan is above the career undertake ceaselessly hitting going all out; As the elapse of time; The estrangement of a few also appeared before two people.

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After all full-time the person that is in the home; Also cannot experience all the day outer the mood of person going to work; And a whole is outer the person that go to work; Nature also is to experience less than is in the home looks after children the trouble that does chore;

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The capacity that and Cheng Jiangchuan also is using Shenyang comet all the time is full-time madam will squelch she; Also brought about Shenyang comet to begin the road of return duty field; But because be for years,have a job; When so Shenyang comet is joining office, also be everywhere be rebuffed.

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But final also was to welcome an opportunity above him a private assistant attending to legal; But the company that allows Shenyang comet to enter office; It is the company that with Cheng Jiangchuan the company regards dead correct as; So this also begins to husband and wife undertake havinged confrontation above on-the-job field;

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So Cheng Jiangchuan and Shenyang comet two people whether walk out of nowadays marital predicament; And can Shenyang comet find his fixed position above new on-the-job field? Still need proceed to be watched actually.

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And will tell above the gut from this drama anthology; Had catered to the pain spot of a lot of families actually; Because be above mode of a few families; Comet following Shenyang and Cheng Jiangchuan the pattern of two people is exceedingly similar; It is the female undertakes taking care of the child in the home; Handle the chore of a few;

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And the male undertakes hitting going all out outside all the time namely; Both sides appears to the other side gave a kind to pay no attention to solution; Also brought about contradictory occurrence finally; So why can public praise of this drama anthology appear the development of two polarization? Continue to look with respect to He Lefeng below.

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2.” our marriage ” public praise attacks the reason of the street above all Le Feng gives everybody introduction; Attack about public praise of this drama anthology namely a few problems that the market appears; From will tell above gut; The conception of its whole is the resonance that can arouse a lot of people really; This is truly;

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But set about among them person; However very make a person helpless; For instance the Shenyang comet of full-time to regarding as mom; When oneself move; Still can throw all things elder member of family; Next a person runs to sing; Belong to solid let a person cannot understand quite.

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In the process that and be in sings; Shenyang comet still was spoken let a person do not have a word of language; That is 996 also have time to sing rock and roll; Return what call somewhat to rock and roll spirit is waited a moment; Of course to rocking and roll mental Le Feng also not quite understand;

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But most the person of 996 jobs; Be afraid do not have this leisurely and carefree mood; After all integral job is so busy that integral job want dead; Also can get from time to time between a few freedom of remnant only be worked overtime to interrupt; True 996 can not say so easily in Shenyang comet mouth.

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And after Shenyang comet is graduating; Be out of job in the home all the time; Never go out the job passes; And this one is out of job period the time that also is as long as 6 years; So she just enters duty field once more in; Suffocate suffocate is inevitable;

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After all she has married to give birth to child; Even if is the brilliant student of famous brand university; But the empty schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater of 6 years of time; It is above the age Shenyang comet also has not had an advantage; So original be rebuffed also is certain thing.

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But do not know why playwrite is arranged to Shenyang comet of purpose a few very the actor’s lines that does not have a head; Face the rejection of the company for instance; Shenyang comet very if she is male,the ground that do not have a head is spoken; Are these people still met such? Seem to reject Shenyang comet; Following is the men and women does not have too much relation;

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Even if is a male is after graduation; Time of 6 years did not work; Not any experience; Go interview also can refuse euqally; After all very much now company; Those who pay attention to is not record of formal schooling; However experience of so called work.

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Give of course female advocate drive the business that register directly; Amid also is to maintaining as before; After all she wants return duty field; That must make her successful; Otherwise this story also did not hold water;

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And to Shenyang comet and Cheng Jiangchuan a few things between two people; Also let a person feel very confused; For instance for a cubby in contention home assign right; Shenyang comet likes music; Want to decorate the room musical room so.

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And Cheng Jiangchuan is not to have place more need not its extremely; Use oneself daughter not only; Still install neighbour to call; Those who be is the game room that allows a room to become his to want; Old husband and wife still can not have place for this thing need not its extremely;

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This kind of person sets some too was pulled; Do department theatrical work so actually although press close to reality; But the place that there still is a lot of to lose contact with reality above integral set; The public praise that also lets this drama anthology finally encountered certain level go up attack street.

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3.About ” our marriage ” a few mediumer advantage actually a the biggest to this drama advantage; Then the home is it in paying attention to instantly society; One kind when woman place is faced with compares embarrassed condition; Although now already equality of men and women; But a lot of moment these equality actually more apt man;

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Apply for a job for instance this thing; Male nature is to want to have an advantage than the female; Because the male won’t need the child of maternity leave, lactation and look after child thing of a few; Can suit more high strenth works.

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But once the female is pregnant; So the to her job of the company; Can arrange others body to go up only; Very much now company is a turnip a hole; Of a staff member be out of line; Can let a lot of other staff members undertake redeeming;

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This namely why some companies are in invite applications for a job when; Meeting inquiry woman gets married; Have children; Perhaps hope they can marry a few later; Give birth to the child a few later to wait.

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Although these things look very inequitable; But on the angle that stands in the company; Pregnant holiday of the female is a when develop to the company not quite good news undoubtedly; And regard return of a full-time mom as duty field; The obstruction that get is bigger necessarily;


Do not say to there is the person of working experience completely like comet resembling Shenyang first; Even if is to be in before the working experience that has had period of time; But the empty schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater of a few years of intermediate time; Let these mothers completely also undertake was out of line with the development of the times.


And their age follows youth appearance compare; Also had been defeated; There is trival domestic problem on the body; Can handle the relation between good family and job; Also be an aspect that the company considers;


So this one ” our marriage ” in; It is really very the pain spot of a lot of families in agreeing with instantly society; And in the story; Between Shenyang comet and Cheng Jiangchuan; Also appear gave so called ” the cent of relative superiority or inferiority ” .


And this kind ” the cent of relative superiority or inferiority ” appear; Live in actual life as much; Very much full-time mom thinks he is be being raised by husband; Those husband people also think oneself are the biggest to domestic contribution; Also formed the self-abased feeling of a lot of full-time mom so;


But actually mode of this kind of family falls; The full-time mom contribution to the family; Compare completely not their man is poor; Do not become true somebody hard to think; Belt child and take care of domestic size incident is the meeting more relaxed than the job? If can have this kind of idea; So they are true this well in returning mother’s womb, learn.


So this ” our marriage ” ; Cut very well by right of this theme the domesticity of a lot of people is medium nowadays; Cause resonant feeling of everybody; Also meet those who get a lot of audiences naturally approbate; And among them the actor’s acting also very outstanding;


Let its become a of nowadays to explode money work; Very normal still thing; If so everybody has fun at; Also might as well see this drama market; The story after believing; Also meet more a few more outstanding.


4.Terminal Bai Baihe and Tong Dawei the partner of two people; Even if is drama anthology make some issues; Also can make drama compositive explode for paragraph; Most main of course; Return be drama anthology the plot of a play to appear;


This ” our marriage ” had had have bad; But return or can continue to side with the advancement with good ceaseless one side eventually; So a lot of when everybody sees play; Also staring at among them defect only; Perhaps next story; Can you cause everybody’s resonance?


Good, today about ” our marriage ” the introduction of defect of a few actor reachs this drama market here had ended; If everybody has what viewpoint and view; The welcome undertakes leaving a message interacting beneath; Do not forget motion picture of attention Le Feng finally.

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