Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Yin Zheng is avowed 18 lines actor, not again hold tight is worn he was evaluated, be evaluated however psychology is too flimsy Yin Zhengfa article said to let everybody do not say he is ugly again recently, let off him, he forces with respect to the paste that is a 18 lines actor. Set without sale anybody, everybody need not say other sets collapse, failure reducing weight all the time, he himself did not reduce weight early also.

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Origin is the ancient costume drama that Yin Zheng films recently, somebody gave out the group photo of the play staff, spat groovy Yin to gaining flesh below this group photo with respect to somebody next. After Yin Zhengfa article, did not obtain comfort, instead by ridicule psychology too flimsy.

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The likelihood is facial leave Bai Tai’s much reason to look very wide, appear so slightly fat. But will tell as the actor, the stature that commands oneself also is an obligatory course, the actor should accord with a part also is the basiccest a bit. Yin Zheng is in this drama of personate is Hua Meinan’s general part, but appear a graph to look from the road, this difference with Hua Meinan is like is not little. The little red book that period reducing weight sends Yin Zheng is dynamic, look not fat also. Look very good-looking still, whole has the aesthetic feeling of a kind of Yin Rou, send boundary line to be mixed high slightly namely hill root point is too full appear very strut.

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But a comely boy also is before Yin Zheng, occasionally the first still thinking in the past soon is Wu Yan ancestor, but did not think of to change style course unexpectedly, so that everywhere by ridicule, also be to wanted not to understand.

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