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Original title: ” Xiang Yu the Conqueror fastens female singer ” except has Ge You to be in, zhang Guorong one person did not have outback actor line Cheng butterfly garment ah Cheng Die garment, you are not mad demon does not survive! — Duan Xiaolou ” Xiang Yu the Conqueror fastens female singer “

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In the memory of a lot of filmgoer, ” Xiang Yu the Conqueror fastens female singer ” be cannot surmount make classically, it is somebody to be able to break up pat, where to go looking for a Zhang Guorong again? The psychology of this part holds Cheng butterfly garment too hard, zhang Guorong’s performance can say is by superb, had pushed him to altar, since be a god,surmount hard. Undeniable, ” Xiang Yu the Conqueror fastens female singer ” this play is installed from story construction, clue, dress prop is before last anthology, and big shop sign gathers in this play, almost each is top class actual strength actor, for instance already the name falls all over the sky ” seek young woman ” Gong Li, a costar also is nevertheless in play just.

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Nevertheless, ge You gives the Yuan Si that act to a form of a address for an official or rich man, that is the heavy pound bomb in play really, although the show share of the part is not much, but every act is play. When this character just came on the stage, that was to listening ” Xiang Yu the Conqueror fastens female singer ” later, served to tiring-room then ” Bao Li ” , the woman’s head-ornaments of diamond of a pearl, the ostentatious be left speechless with wonder or fear making a person of skill, with the actor’s lines in play, “In those days others of award of old Buddha of mother of an emperor, also do not have such hand face. ” to Cheng Die garment this butterfly, 4 father of Yuan know he flies not to go, want the intention only can when, he loves playgoing to also know joke, also understand the pipe that twists by force is not sweet, won’t use mean method so, he has his heart sex oneself.

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