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Original title: ” bumblebee ” Bei Li of · of dub actor gram stalking or branch dies, die at the age of is 59 years old

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The Buddhist nun overcomes Bei Li of · of gram of star of TV of international children channel stalking or branch before (Kirk Baily) died a few days ago. According to TMZ report, because of be in 90 time Buddhist nun overcomes TV program of international children channel this ” greet to your knickers ” (· of Kevin of the personate in Salute Your Shorts) plum (Kevin ” Ug ” Lee) and well-known actress, meet with contracts lung cancer at dying last weekend, die at the age of is 59 years old. His family says, beili just is diagnosed to go out before 6 months contract heart disease. ” greet to your knickers ” be in to 1992 from 1991 path of Ni Keer Tong Pin broadcasted two season, be in nevertheless next the rebroadcast in a few years makes its are in the child of that times very popular. This drama is created by Steve Slavkin, propaganda Film is made, the life of the member that told about young in dummy Anawanna camping ground battalion. Although broadcasted only 26 collect, but it is Nick however one of items with children channel top viewing rate, attracting enthusiastic vermicelli made from bean starch all the time. In drama, the Kevin that Bei Li acts · plum is foolish foolish camping ground counsellor, it is the enemy of all children.

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” greet to your knickers ” (Salute Your Shorts) is on TV, what Bei Li acts is part of a villain in drama, but in the behind the curtain, he and ” greet to your knickers ” cooperative actor is maintaining friend relationship. 2019, he attended good in Hollywood hamburger to show the actor reunion activity that inn holds quickly. As the elapse of time, bei Li busies all the time other show activity, but the position that in Nick children channel vermicelli made from bean starch encircles has special sense to him, his excited affection in the camera lens in actor reunion clearly. As an actor, bei Li works to die all the time. He goes out had performed a lot of films, include ” Wu Du is matutinal ” (Voodoo Dawn) , ” decline ghost also enters a goblet ” , ” the home has expensive settle or live in a strange place smelly work is much ” , ” baby power dragon makes pleasure ground greatly ” , and ” Nobel ransom ” . On the small screen, his true person work still includes ” doubtful case of rich and powerful family ” , ” fly across Bifoli ” , ” the 7th heaven ” , ” interstellar journey: Return earth, ” expend Li Sidi ” , ” set of new York serious case ” and ” saltant affection sea ” .

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” decline ghost also enters a goblet ” the dub actor that Ke Beili stalking or branch became a few years, his dub work is more. Include among them a lot of famous Dishini the film, be like ” super- can marine corps ” and ” ice and snow is strange predestined relationship ” , with etc animation film, be like ” the story of old Rhys ” , ” tell clever boy Norman ” , ” demon hostel ” , ” the god suckles pa secretly 2 ” , ” small Huang Ren is big bud ” , and ” sponge darling: Rescue big risk ” . He still is in ” be out of shape King Kong ” derive the film ” bumblebee ” in for Braun dub. Bei Li still participated in the dub of many Japan animation to work, include ” motor-driven soldier is as high as ” series, ” interstellar bull-puncher ” , ” Xue Feng of battle alluring woman ” and ” the hillside that corn poppy blooms ” etc. Also can hear his voice in a lot of electron game, the game of his dub has ” loss teenager ” , ” interstellar get lost: Elite force ” , ” decisive battle 2 ” , ” the heart: of umbra? Liang flesh punishs? of Tan of fellow of  lowing end: Hyperaemia ” wait.

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