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Original title: From a year 8 arrive to be able to take the 18 lines actors below industry depression without play Sohu recreation stalks of grain only (Exception/ article) in last few years, industry eye looks at movie and TV to move toward depression step by step from gold period. Control of incident of dodge a tax, policy make vitality of industry of movie and TV big hurt, and of platform of frequency of these 9 years of nearsightedness rise abruptly ased if last straw, do not maintain even weathy long video platform, begin to control cost, constrictive project. Project big shrink, sufferring an effect is not head actor greatly most, however under them, the 18 lines actors of two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two. We covered 3 performers, their some has performed minor role in head project, once took 8 sport one year, do not have play to be able to be patted however now; After some is accepting reality to beat, began to pat small playlet; Some becomes a guest actor in Hengdian, after spending the New Year, return not start working. When the industry is heated up greatly, it is collecting aside ” steel Zuo ” , a lot of people also can earn on brushstroke. But go when fresh gale, in be in food chain, fall paragraph they are remained only confused with angst. Small morning (lumbar actor, ever was in many heads project personate daughter matchs) — from a year 8 play go to one year to make fun of, I present am very confused small morning begins to take sport from 2013, cut the drift along that experienced industry of movie and TV nearly 10 years personally. Although small morning is in what act mostly in drama of movie and TV,be costar, but be in a few the market is the most flourishing years that, she is not anxious does not have play to pat. Was the Gaoguang hour in career of small morning actor 2018, one that year she took 8 sport, “At that time spring up all over the place of project of movie and TV, big whats have drama of teleplay, net, net. Big whats have drama of teleplay, net, net..

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But wedding day is very fast with respect to in the end — the epidemic situation of the beginning of the year is right 2020 the concussion be obvious to all of industry of movie and TV, that year, small morning received a show only. More miserable 2021, small morning still received a show only, and still gues-star. Small morning can be experienced apparently, the industry of movie and TV nowadays does not have money, project amount dives greatly. “It is a face a lot of try, tried lens, talk about remuneration to want to sign a contract, say with you the project adjourned suddenly, flat perhaps did not pat. ” also producer and small morning had complained, the store up in their hand many IP and project, but not be to do not have a person to invest, it is subject matter cannot cross careful, can be bungled in the hand only. Small morning feels, in the instantly that nearsightedness frequency advances triumphantly, long video already not by gold advocate father trusted, “Before unlike, they feel to look for a discharge to pat a drama to be able to turn over, seek even business of a lot of ad net Gong Daiyan now. ” small morning also contacted a few agent and producer to strive for an opportunity for oneself, but the project that gets the reply is now is a lot of less, at the same time again a lot of new personality are swarmed into, competition is very so intense. And the actor that can enter a square small hole, otherwise is the broker company with powerful back, otherwise can be taken namely endowment into group, “There is a director to say directly with the actor beside me, can be you taken endowment into group? Can if I am preferential consider you. ” industry of movie and TV is flat, it is the biggest that to small morning such lumbar actor is affected, “Correct ministry actor never mind is too actually great influence, it is remuneration fell at most, perhaps choose little, but still can various jobs search. Of the rear group act not bad also, be in Hengdian anyway, act a drama today, will act a drama tomorrow, always play is patted. What we do not go up this kind to fall is the most miserable, do not receive show again, do not think degradation goes becoming again group act or engage by special arrangement, finally with respect to what also not be. Finally with respect to what also not be..

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As the actor, small morning appears luck of total within an inch of. 2017, small morning goes out performed to overflow the play of movie and TV that revises big IP, smooth investment several 100 million. But this drama takes later stage abrupt capital catenary ruptures, actor of the one most in the group does not have even remuneration settle, drama also did not broadcast all the time to now. 2018, small morning goes out performed project of two build ministry, a film and a teleplay, the main actor is star of a gleam of. But film drawing near is shown, one of main actors are exploded scandal, withdraw file. Teleplay appears also because of the result that presents finally not quite ideal, be in condition of keep long in stock all the time. What small morning acts in this drama is daughter of villain in drama, show share is quite much still. 2020, small morning had received to have very much originally explode the theatrical work of city office field of paragraph photograph, leading role of male and female is top shedding, but because of epidemic situation reason, small morning chose to abandon finally. Small morning feels, if these a few make fun of to be able to act smoothly, if be being sowed smoothly, perhaps oneself famous degree of meeting is a lot of better than now, unapt resemble such now receiving be less than play, “Do not have method, this is a life. ” a few drama is much years that, small morning earned a few money, a play is patted, eliminate is become to the cent of the company and a few otherer the expense in the play staff, in one’s hand can 20 come 10 thousand. Hou Xiaochen spends money to still hold out extravagant in those days, “Bought a few farfetched things, resemble cosmetic, buy buy a lot of, put over also need not. ” and nearly two years income acute is decreased, small morning is consumed apparently demoted, “Trashy thing scarcely is bought, again also won’t store up thing. ” beside small morning a few ” mix weller ” actor friend, the day nowadays is uneasy also, “Mixed 2018 2019 when, they dispute daughter one female 2 do not act, also run to Hengdian to gues-starred now. Before having a lot of actors, the likelihood looks not to get online big, can call actively now ask assistant director has net gist to pat recently, before the remuneration that calculates has only very one of, they also are willing. ” small morning still hears of, the remuneration of a lot of actors dives greatly, “If 2018 when the remuneration that you have 5 million, should fall now one. Should fall now one..

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Nevertheless, look in small morning, the industry nowadays arrived this condition, it is to have mark actually but of abide, because she is experienced apparently, the quality worse and worse of drama. When recording part trying lens, small morning often is met the language that be not had by actor’s lines arrives, “Some wear drama of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of Shaoxing opera, celestial being, actor’s lines special pull. ” ” go seeing meteor shower together ” in, the actor’s lines that Chu Yu Qian scolds a surname sea of clouds is a pig is mocked by the netizen up to now, and up-to-date, small morning discovers to there is the similar actor’s lines that do not have a head as before in drama of a lot of campus. “I very feel puzzled, why is there still such scenario now? I feel is not the audience did not grow, be take theatrical work did not progress. ” and just entered in small morning when going, she feels the drama instead at that time is a lot of normaller than now, can be imagined the industry is in turn back car. Include the existence that discharge stars, look in small morning did not bring any profit to the industry, “Discharge stars most a few years that of at the height of power and splendour, be when the industry is the randommest, who has flow who can go up, not be actual strength said to calculate. ” ” so, perhaps the industry is in a shuffled condition now. Clean bad thing, let everybody realize, no matter be drama or actor, rely on actual strength conversation. ” small morning say. Present small morning still is in very very angst, confused condition, because do not have play to pat, representing without income, then she made nearsightedness frequency from media date, share a few experience that become an actor, because just started,do not pass, still do not have sizable gain. Meanwhile, small morning still does not want to abandon an actor this road, she plans to cross paragraph of time to run again run group, contact a contact more, “Above all I am not repellent this industry, and I also am not to say to want red perhaps should become what kind of actor, I feel it is my job, can do the thing that oneself like, have income again, I feel quite pretty good still. ” piscine end (profess ” 18 lines actor ” , ever acted the leading role drama of overmuch ministry net) — by real going-over hind, I began to perform small playlet ” life is variable, large intestine wraps small intestine ” it is actor fish end recently to the life comprehend. She has planned to pass this year originally year answer Beijing hard to run group receive show, did not think of native place encountered the epidemic situation of arise suddenly in her of Suzhou, do not have method to return Beijing to now all the time. Of piscine end ” water is gone against ” seem from last year the end of the year began. Last year in November, piscine end ended a film film, begin to run along with succeed add group, but be informed however, had been in without what play staff now enrol a person, the likelihood wants to there just was work Feburary to the coming year. Then, that film became a show with piscine end last near future, up-to-date also did not receive new job. The middle ten days of a month depended on piscine end 2017 give the minor role that performs theatrical work of a net to enter row, she feels she missed an industry actually most the period of at the height of power and splendour. Really, mixed 2015 the gold period that 2016 is industry of movie and TV — capital is swarmed into in great quantities, IP agitation is arisen, actor remuneration can have more than 100000000 high most. The friend ever recollected with piscine end: “You enter a few years before travel, the actor demands exceeds supply simply, want you to be in Hengdian only, can receive show at any time. ” and arrived 2017, piscine end feels he was not multiplied on this time of east wind, just entered the actor that does not have too much setting again all right so to her, receiving show is not a very simple thing any more.

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Nevertheless, had calculated period of at the height of power and splendour 2017, stronger than now also too much. Piscine end runs in Beijing at that time group, there can be more than 20 play staffs to be in in a building action person, and present amount may have the in part at that time only. Piscine end is the longest 10 months did not receive show. Piscine end can’ts help sighing with emotion, serve as ” 18 lines actor ” , always basically be in the condition of angst, “Taking sport, kill blueness quickly, angst, because mean,want unemployment. I did not make fun of, my friend has show, I more angst. I did not make fun of, my friend also did not make fun of, I as before angst. Angst will feel to be no good in September, begin ego adjustment, good period of time begins worry again, relapse ceaselessly. ” and be in such one relapses in the process of angst, piscine end received the first when issued his small playlet last year. Receive this drama to be piscine end ” experienced social going-over ” result, “Heart high morale is proud previously, those who feel oneself had taken theatrical work of a few nets is female advocate, not so rare that receive this, not so rare that receive that. But do not work for a long time, have pressure for certain, the life also very embarrassment. And I am not one’s previous experience of regular professional training, period of time does not act in a play to be met not close. Be equivalent to doing not have method so, went acting. Nearly 9 years the project of small playlet is increasing really, can have more opportunities. ” piscine end has psychological head on one hand, also feel small to the play staff of playlet is done not have relatively on the other hand so professional, “Professional play staff is, I serve as an actor, I should have done the work of one’s duty only go, the person of other department eachs doing his own job. But when patting the first small playlet, I still must worry about possibly the problem of other department, once they did not get ready, finally is the play that affected me. ” nevertheless, piscine end is experienced, enter this field in the person that has major slowly. For instance early before piscine end gives another when act small playlet, she feels first-rate, “Although body amount is very small, but it has this some thing, the job of this preparation also prepares very well, the scenario is very reasonable also, when patting particularly comfortable. Saying them so also is in progress. Saying them so also is in progress..

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To the foreground of small playlet, piscine end is forecasted, although short now video held the time of people great majority, but small playlet should not embezzle grows drama, because two kinds of drama are different form, the crowd to mark is not quite same also, “I feel should both can develop jointly. ” and, piece performing long theatrical work is the first selection with piscine current remaining part as before, “Because grow the making level of drama,still want than small playlet a lot of taller, volume level of conduct propaganda is completely different also, want to promote fame, still must be to rely on to grow drama. ” piscine end follows to just entered the state of mind when travel now completely different, go missing this play enough class no longer, deserve to do not deserve to go up oneself, regard the actor as however oneself job, want to feel to return OK only, be willing to do. But anyhow, piscine end still has deep love for this profession, “I not dare guarantee says to be able to become an actor forever, perhaps repass going-over of a few years, I did not insist to go down, but come round to say with respect to eye, I or can firm ground step down. ” 77 (Hengdian guest actor) — just came to Hengdian a month takes ten sport, I this year still do not have start working the 77 actor career that from 2020 second half of the year began him, can saying is the eye is seeing trade of movie and TV from the momentary recovery of consciousness just before death after epidemic situation, move toward step by step downfallen. In September 2020, 77 travel to Hengdian later from Beijing abdication, wanting to should be become incidentally group act, experience different life. The start working climax after as it happens catchs up with epidemic situation solution to seal at that time — the data that occupies statistic of city of Hengdian movie and TV shows, in May 2020 the last ten-day of a month, of Hengdian patting a play staff to have 49, preparatory play staff has 62 — the Hengdian that restarts after epidemic situation, flourished more than in former years even. 77 remember as before, be in even the taxi driver at that time sigh with emotion with her ” the play staff that takes sport gathers together! ” that paragraph of time also is 77 when busying most, a month can take more than 10 sport.

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Became of 3 months group after acting, 77 one’s deceased father went up guest actor. Group act act one day to be able to earn 120 only, let even group perform labour union to take 12 money, and must act everyday full 10 hours. Engage by special arrangement can be earned one day 559, should pat play to be able to go only person, treatment became good many. But the circumstances of 77 is done not have subsequently further upward — ” received show is fewer instead. ” because the play staff is taller to the guest actor’s requirement,be on one hand, competition is more intense. The young guest actor of 77 places group in, have 400 many people, a part is put, everybody is grabbed at the same time, miserable intensity cans be imagined, “Choose on you, you act, do not choose on you, you can wait for next part only. ” but mainer reason or because the project is apparent less and less. 77 feel, now of Hengdian taking a play staff, when just coming than oneself at least little half. After spending the New Year this year, 77 had not opened project, she what do not have income can lean only early before the saving below working assemble lives. The guest actor that she is in group, more than 100 people were retreated group, many friends when engage by special arrangement also say with her, do not receive work, want to leave Hengdian to make other trade. 77 personal feeling get ” industry of movie and TV is done not have really so flourishing before. ” meanwhile, 77 run group of enthusiasm that receive show also dropping slowly, oneself do not want a lot of sport that because she feels,take. “When taking sport, every play is particularly short, likelihood also with respect to 10 much seconds. Patting when you so when, you are feeling of it doesn’t matter. But see when you these extract were cut finally a complete theatrical work, you know to have much Ga, essential cannot pleasant to see, too manufacture in a rough way. Too manufacture in a rough way..

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Letting the 77 play staffs that feel professional inaccessibly is noonday sunshine ” Qiao Jia’s children ” . That day 77 it is the sport that with personate Qiao Zuwang’s Liu Jun takes to shop together. 77 arrived a field hind, the actor’s lines that before the accused knows, prepares wants to change entirely, the site is new rehearse. But condition is dropped without chaos, the director lets 77 remember a few keywords, other actor’s lines proper motion are developed, regarding it as is the setting in daily life, “That play pats what hold out nature, not very Ga, be noonday sunshine after all, the family is professional. ” but be in Hengdian, resemble so professional play staff, 77 feeling is rare only, “Do this doorsill now lower and lower, what does not understand and know the person of a bit to want to mingle one foot a little, a lot of villagers of Hengdian place run atelier and company of movie and TV, can be imagined so this industry has much disorder. ” also accordingly, 77 him meeting writes a script now, look for a friend to pat a few small playlet to be put on nearsightedness frequency platform to sow together, but the situation was not opened it seems that. Although present situation is not quite ideal, but 77 also do not have very angst, “Not start working when read a book more, him precipitation, make oneself a few easier, I do this to had made sufficient psychological preparation all right, I also did not feel I have much pain, because I am in,do the business that oneself like. ” at the same time, 77 also be full of confidence to industry of movie and TV, “Although platform of short now video rose abruptly, but the time that I feel this just filters paragraph, waited for this paragraph of time to go, we this industry can continue to develop flourishingly certainly. We this industry can continue to develop flourishingly certainly..

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