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Original title: Be held in the arms! Star Piao merchant shines therefore greatly: Perform adversary play to want to laugh with thunder favorable reply see an Olympic Winter Games defeat prevent countless eyes to cry swollen

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Sohu recreation (Masson / graph) recently, gu Nailiang be a guest Sohu video contains item of put together art ” be held in the arms! Big star ” , although he is in the last few years,decrease somewhat on the light exposure on work of movie and TV, it is put together art instead, even the figure that direct seeding domain can see him everywhere, face relevant doubt, gu Nailiang says frankly, the sound that these oneself are not repellent differring, although he is not set to his life,be restricted, also be willing to try more possibility, but what oneself love most still is a performance. 15 years old play the game, begin the Gu Nailiang that north bleachs greatly, also proving oneself with real operation really the passion to the performance, although family circumstances liberals, but he also sufferred actually to act in a play, surface of bubble of destitute even moment is canned not afford. Performing art circle ups and downs is old, gu Nailiang still is having his choose play standard, for instance he is received ” meet season ” this drama, it is to developing noonday sunshine to make superior a vainglorious title, developing thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan however these good actors, will tell to him, brush a new scintilla with good group, bring everybody the surprise, this is the place that he values quite. Discuss this new theatrical work that sowing in heat, gu Nailiang immediately open ” gold sentence king ” mode: Because too as ripe as thunder favorable reply, two people can laugh from time to time, and even from the back it is better that the director offers to make two people bit aparter; And speak of the adversary that performs Zhang Yi to promote making fun of, he is profuse in praise to this posterity immediately, although also have,laugh, but what he can experience Zhang Yi to promote is dedicated with the intention; Talk about a play staff, he was told about ” sell a peach-shaped thing ” fun, but kill blueness ahead of schedule because of his play, to this Gu Nailiang also has some of Xubushe, he is very disconsolate do not know to be mixed next time the collaboration of these good actors, be why year when. To the Olympic Winter Games that just ends, gu Nailiang also him speak bluntly has too much cut the hour that prevent, for this he shed too much tear really, especially peach of respecting Xu dream, his tear begins to be in orbit revolve, sound also chokes with sobs nearly, will tell to him, although the Olympic Winter Games is in the winter, but to him, was full of temperature this winter, this brought his new life to think.

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Perform adversary play to want to laugh with thunder favorable reply see Zhang Yi promote acting loiter loiter to rise Sohu recreation: Take ” meet season ” what kind of be when the play experience one kind? Gu Nailiang: Receive work! Very happy. Because have thunder good news above all, have the Yuan Quan that I like, still Zhang Yi is promoted be in. So I feel this makes fun of when I feel collaboration one case, affirmation won’t have the sort of particularly not close feeling, all is old friend comes up to come directly. You can feel actually everybody acts in a play to still be held out together expect. Can feel to be able to brush an a lot of different scintilla next. Sohu recreation: Bring a lot of surprises to everybody namely? Gu Nailiang: Specific what kind of surprise, myself also does not know actually, but hold out the good friend that expects to be able to follow oneself to act in a play together, my individual likes this course particularly. Still have even if because ” meet season ” noonday sunshine of the company that make created a lot of good fun. For example ” great river great river ” , , ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” and before paragraph of time ” germinant ” . The character that makes fun of to will tell, still have our director, it is me special expect to cooperate. Sohu recreation: Favorable reply following thunder, the performs adversary play sense that Zhang Yi encourages them how? Gu Nailiang: Want to laugh. Sohu recreation: When with who adversary makes fun of to when with who adversary makes fun of, want to laugh quite? Gu Nailiang: Thunder favorable reply. I two had not performed play actually, but it is inside put together art too ripe, although I two perform brother to also be no problem. Figure relationship also is no problem. Thunder favorable reply is modern drama actor, he performed about a hundred stage play with Guo Jingfei, how may he laugh? But touch on I, laugh immediately, will 3 years be given amusing by me first, special loosen, everybody is wearing slipper, smooth foot bifurcation together.

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Sohu recreation: Be you yesterday that sapid video? Gu Nailiang: Yes, actor design does not come out this thing, I two the shoulder is ticked off to build a back when often having a meal together, the director says both of you part a little later a bit, too resemble a pair. (laugh) Sohu recreation: As once teenager and present teenager, promote with Zhang Yi what kind of feeling is performing adversary to make fun of? Gu Nailiang: Zhang Yi is promoted is a very good actor really, although actually major does not learn to perform before him, also had watched his a lot of show, ” sweep black storm ” , ” a good fun ” etc, the acting that looks at him goes up me in loiter loiter upgrade. Sohu recreation: How does he perform villain in drama this to feel? Gu Nailiang: Feel me two… still laugh (yock) Zhang Yi is promoted perform the contrast in following oneself to live to hold out old one individual other people inside actually. But among the procedure that perform, you can experience him to be fathommed to the intention of the part mix even design, with him himself different. Sohu recreation: Take whole department theatrical work, what kind of feeling to have to whole play staff? Gu Nailiang: My play is done not have so much, opposite for compare concentration, say I kill blueness ahead of schedule so, very do not abandon. Like us this industry takes 3 two months namely, leave his native place next, also go back look to be not worn parents, the family member hopes to be able to be patted earlier. But this play, actually we pat that truly momently… Sohu recreation: Actually still can a bit lose feels? Gu Nailiang: It is you do not know to resemble these good friends, good actor, cooperating the next time is to be in why year when. Cherish very much, pass too quickly namely. You can discover life is such, you expect to jump over wanted thing more, the time that often spends is particularly extraordinary fast, went with respect to the instant. With respect to Ka resemble drinking a cup of wine, sohu recreation: What to film be had to compare the sort of unforgettable instant in the process? Gu Nailiang: The spot that take sport has those who sell a peach-shaped thing, the vendor’s stand that sells a peach-shaped thing this originally go to the side please. I say to fasten with thunder favorable reply, next I two taking a peach-shaped thing extemporaneous developed, this is a part that makes my impression very deep, talent show comes between the friend. The 2nd laughs namely, laugh at oneself to want to whip oneself mouth. Next thunder favorable reply was overcome, I also am overcome, last director also is overcome a bit. He tells otherwise you two otherwise were not patted so, I say to be no good immediately be no good, so certain that pat, I bite me hind tooth chamfer. Bite the mouth directly broken blood (just pat smoothly) .

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The Olympic Winter Games is broken prevent countless eyes to cry swollen reject to join senile TF old Boys to organize Sohu recreation: What is the hour that prevent is being cut among whole Olympic Winter Games? Gu Nailiang ” too much, I shed too much tear for the Olympic Winter Games. Xu Mengtao always is that to let my tear run quickly really, , a veteran, so old, after she comes down, ask all the time: Am I the first? Am I the first? Asking all the time, with respect to that momently you can discover, the madam with the true effort of an athlete of a person is not easy, only he himself knows, for instance cereal loves approach, Wu Dajing. Their relay when I must cry a few times, still get minute of administrative levels. When they enter the court, I cry excitedly, come down that momently I cry, give cent that momently I cry. When crying out, cry, when appearing on the stage, cry, with respect to the feeling I do not have a law to look, every time the eye is swollen. Although the Olympic Winter Games is a winter, but was full of temperature this winter. Sohu recreation: Collaboration of the closest favorable reply following thunder, Mr. Guo Jingfei is more also, do then they pull you to enter the organization of TF old Boys? Gu Nailiang: I am very young still, do not place on a par with them, the filmgoer that I am them (laugh)

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Sohu recreation: Is the show that watchs them grown? Gu Nailiang: It is really, they are the elder that I respect very much. Sohu recreation: Have the part of what type, perhaps say drama is you want to receive now, but had not received? Gu Nailiang: ” between the world ” . Current ” between the world ” I feel very good to look. What Mr. Sa Rina acts is really good, I like to look very much, I feel 100 condition are in life inside, terrestrial changes in temperature. Oneself can illume after letting everybody look now is not very flexibly life. Him everybody life condition cannot be the most perfect, more or less can a few is inferior to the place of meaning, but a good TV can let you experience us how to learn to grow between life adversity actually, learn adamancy even. This is a teleplay should a some meanings and responsibility. Sohu recreation: Because of the light exposure that you get on in movie and TV now, before resembling really so much, everybody meets the likelihood the other sphere that more pays close attention to you. Resemble the thing of and so on of put together art, direct seeding for example, gradually is the effort that ignored you to go up in drama of movie and TV, is what can you have this side anxious? Gu Nailiang: I am not anxious, I feel I am OK. Sohu recreation: Is much dwell development? Gu Nailiang: I also hear a lot of different voice, but I admit this kind of sound entirely. I also am awaiting good part, awaiting a part while, also hope oneself can create more possibility. I feel you always should learn the person oneself different energy is in different place to be able to get releasing, not bureau be confined to this at the same place. But what I love more still is a performance. If one the individual’s lifetime just acts, that may regard an actor as this type of work if tell, can be deduced countless times.

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