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Original title: Gu Zhang stalks or branch: The proposal brings into museum obligation to teach education system

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(origin: Insurgent news) temple of the buddhist austral Gu Cheng of smooth Yao of world culture bequest, China’s earliest 2800 wooden compose building, China is existent the earliest Taoism Gong Guanyong Le Gong… have the province Shanxi with ancient most building as China, how to let young generation deepness feel historical culture bequest, gu Zhang of director of delegate of countrywide National People’s Congress, China stalks or branch 2022 two meeting eve of countrywide, those who brought him is second reading. “Lay the directory that makes bequest of Chinese history culture experience type study, line for middle and primary school, bring into museum obligation to teach education system. ” 2022 two meeting eve of countrywide, gu Zhang stalks or branch as above puts forward to suggest when accepting special report of reporter of China News Service. “In the past more it is to trot along on horseback the sightseeing that watchs a flower travels, children see bronze ware, a lot of moment just look curiously, perhaps pat before ancient building according to. This second reading related to culture bequest education, the historical culture bequest that hopes door of Ministry of Education can make suit middle and primary school to be born and museum directory and relevant teaching material, create corresponding period, implement experience type education, make middle and primary school unripe more culture of China of understanding of system, comprehensive ground. ” Gu Zhang stalks or branch say, divide door of Ministry of Education, each district is OK also adjust measures to local conditions, make the education program that gets used to case of this province culture bequest, museum. In fact, this is not Gu Zhang stalks or branch to shake camera lens for the first time to the domain besides the film. 2020, gu Zhang Ke Di gives the proposal that lives about old people number, the 2nd year, this one proposal is written into governmental working report. 2021, gu Zhang Ke Di gives the proposal that professional sanitation healthy education brings into obligation of middle and primary school teach course. Since walking on duty 5 years, character of Gu Zhang Ke Tan ” learning all the time ” . “Offer actually case and film very picture, it is the problem that oneself puzzle in solving the life. Regard National People’s Congress as the delegate, also hope the proposal that adopts oneself will drive social progress. So these a few years, I pay close attention to the limits besides the film more, in order to solve those more pressing problems. ” Gu Zhang stalks or branch say. The perspective that directs with the film and the perspective that National People’s Congress represents take a fancy to a country, both He Yi is the same as? Character of Gu Zhang Ke Tan, same is two identities need to have feel and send. Different is, what the director tells about is one paragraph is comprehended without the life of conclusion, and must get when representing of National People’s Congress have a corresponding settlement method, the angle of look upon problem also wants more acumen and meticulous. Regard the China that is famous in international as the director, gu Zhang stalks or branch to ever obtained Venetian international film festival film festival of international of Nuo of Jia of golden lion award, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is lifelong achievement award, knock gently accept international film festival directs double Zhou Chan yuan lifelong achievement award tens of international award. Achieve 47.2 billion yuan of RMBs in Chinese film booking office today, does Gu Zhang stalk or branch how the development trend of film of look upon China? “From film market for, through the fluster that epidemic situation brought 2020, the flexibility management of Chinese film market tended 2021 apparent, science prevents those who controlled Chinese film development ‘ breath period ‘ . Come from creation say, on the base that stresses quite in thematic film, also want to promote the pluralism of homebred film at the same time, the exploration that encourages an author is the source that helps force China film finally create energy. ” Gu Zhang stalks or branch say.

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