Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Yang Mi is patted with Gao Shuai the man winds village a single person together completely black Look exceeds low-key

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Recently, after media of the Eight Diagrams pats Shanghai of Yang Mi be born with exceed tall handsome young man to answer a village together, cause netizen heat to discuss. That day, yang Mi comes to some village by the car, a young handsome young man that wearing white peaked cap it is at the door the village. After receiving Yang Mi, the handsome young man waves to be fastened with staff member path of Yang Mi. Subsequently, two people enter a village together. Subsequently the netizen leaves a message in comment area point out this is Guo Jingming assistant, do not have shocking relation with Yang Mi or be other affinity, yang Mi goes to Home Guo Jingming playing.

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Before this, this man is patted go out with casing with Guo Jingming row.

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