Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Model of shirt of decorative pattern of Sili of Ren Jialun admire is handsome fashionable discloses preparing new song

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(Ma Rongling / article Sh/ pursues) on March 3, ren Jialun appears on Shanghai to attend some brand series of 2022 Chunxia men’s clothing release an activity. Ren Jialun wears shirt of admire Sili decorative pattern to show a body, restore ancient ways fashionable, handsome value Up. In interviewing, him character of Ren Jialun laugh all the time very decorative pattern of Zhong Yipei Sili, shared fashionable and clad classics.

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Refer new theatrical work ” ask gentleman ” with ” drive shark is written down ” , ren Jialun expresses: “I also do not know when to can meet with everybody, ” drive shark is written down ” long meaning early days is very pure, hear Yun He’s word quite, arrived later period can have overturn sexual change. ” ask gentleman ” those who tell is beloved person was lost before a chiliad, after awaking afresh after chiliad, the story that has to seek the person that oneself love. The story that has to seek the person that oneself love..

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The job as to future plans, ren Jialun discloses can continue to take sport this year.

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Whether can birthday be askinged about push new song, ren Jialun laughs at character: “New song still is in primary level, the stage of frame is taken in, writing a speech, write an idea, today annual end when meeting and everybody meet. Today annual end when meeting and everybody meet..

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