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Original title: ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” ending digging pit, keep 3 suspense On March 3, the ancient costume that by hall of crane of Qin Xiaoxian, Zhao Xiaotang, the first month, Cao He the person such as this world acts the leading role is comedic ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” greeted receive an official. This drama is comedy of scene of an ancient costume, before big ending, this drama is pure comedic style all the time, but what did not think of is last collect big ending a little tragic however atmosphere.

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In last concentration, fuwashe’s boss is white small blueness derivative a new be concerned about, of her father because,be actually to death a title assumed by an emperor’s father who abdicated in favor of his son, suffer a wrong of put in prison and dead, so she should go into palace assassinate the emperor will revenge for father, tile abandons other member to think method prevents Bai Xiaoqing to enter palace then, but fail finally to be prevented successfully, kept one caboodle suspense to the audience instead.

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The first be concerned about the first it is the case that his father once involved in Bai Xiaoqing mouth, why is his father caught after all at the outset, bai Xiaoqing did not make overmuch introduction. Made a few oneself speculation in the Huang Banjin in drama nevertheless, figure and dig fine line to concern at the outset, a strange combination of circumstances just was caught.

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The speculation as to Huang Banjin is a fact after all, also did not get test and verify finally actually, and can be informed from inside the mouth of 79, what catch white small black father at the outset is emperor father’s younger brother, although Huangshu makes fun of in drama the portion is not much, but can be clear in drama emperor father’s younger brother is a the villain of the piece, possible Bai Xiaoqing’s so real personal enemy is emperor father’s younger brother, is not the emperor.

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The 2nd be concerned about the 2nd be this drama is male advocate be concerned about of one’s life experience, review whole department theatrical work, huang Banjin’s identity is concealed very well all the time, defuwashe’s person does not know he is the emperor.

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Till last moment of big finally ending, for can block lives Bai Xiaoqing takes palace bayonet charge, the young associate that Huang Banjin abandons to the tile that get happiness people disclosed the fine talk that leads to palace, and plan honest oneself identity, but it is when his preparation is honest, gut stops abruptly, be over.

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Must say, final final result is exceeding really condole person appetite, gut resembling was to performed a half to be done not have, dug a large hole to the audience, actually such ending still is some insufferable. The audience affirmation that the 3rd be concerned about saw final big final result can generate a question, that is ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” have the 2nd season, when is the 2nd season sowed?

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From the point of big ending, it is to want to make bedding for the 2nd season apparently, also won’t dig otherwise so big a hole, but the postheat that this drama broadcasts is spent and public praise is not very ideal actually, this can be affected take the 2nd s surname, also be an unknown at present.

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OK nevertheless and affirmatory is, if do not have the 2nd season, so this drama is sodden end, give an audience digging pit really. But after all, still expect this drama can have 2 season, also do not make the audience that supports this theatrical work silently disappointed. [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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