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Original title: CCTV ” king blast ” drama, ” between the world ” actually very brutal! Stamp → nods → of top right corner to set ★ of the mark that it is a star a few days ago, CCTV opens year of big play ” between the world ” receive an official. This times feeling that having massiness and the work that great world fireworks insults, the afterwards that be called ” arousal time ” , ” hill sea affection ” another an excellent work after. Because go up from its body, the sign that can see family of all China type — ” between the world ” valve of I 2022 beans: 8.120220303160332 6220e6d4919aa Appropriate crowd: Homebred times grows when opera fan: 58 collect 45min recommends an index: ★ of ★ ★ ★ ” between the world ” adapt the homonymic novel from Liang Xiaosheng, original work expends 8 years of creation to finish, won award of literature of aegis of the 10th cogongrass. Serve as CCTV open year of big play, movie and TV changes a battle array is ” the top matchs ” . Direct Li Lu, masterpiece is ” people’s name ” . Zuo of playwrite king sea, be called ” Chinese marriage the first keep a hand ” , ” Chinese type divorces ” with respect to out her hand. 20220303160332 6220e6d4ad7f5 On cast, more complete ” 0 moisture, full actual strength is sent ” . Thunder favorable reply, Song Jia, Yan Tao, Xin Baiqing, fourth Yong Dai, Sarina, Song Chunli, Zhang Kaili, Feng Lei. . . On placard, 10 words pointed out the kernel of complete theatrical work — ” 50 years Chinese common people lives history. ” structure is very old, the story speaks of from an average young household. 20220303160332 6220e6d4dc058 01 1972 year, the winter heavy snow of auspicious spring city diffuses. Zhou Bingkun family, be here with respect to the life. In that time, this family is a standard ” root Zheng Miaogong ” . 20220303160332 6220e6d4e880c Father old week is generation worker. Answer national call, went Chongqing supports 3 lines construction. Eldest brother Zhou Bingyi, can says ” the child of others home ” . From petty trick, the book is read it may not be a bad idea, young when went building a group to be a soldier, still married the governor’s daughter later. 20220303160333 6220e6d5ef1b1 Chengdu of elder sister week, the book is read is more ” by superb ” , young when answer go and work in the countryside and mountain areas went to out-of-the-way country jump the queue. System of the university entrance exam restored later, take an examination of together with eldest brother went up Beijing University, still married Beijing’s well-known poet. 20220303160334 6220e6d63d9ba In this 5 home, zhou Bingkun appears antipathetic. As the youngest son, the stop halfway at the beginning of him learns, chose to go charge for the making of sth. . Without the aspiration with ambitious what, also do not think of outside enter swing, defending in the home all the time, take care of the mom of cerebral thrombus sequela. 20220303160334 6220e6d67d473 20220303160334 6220e6d6e112e And also because of such, father oversight of Zhou Bingkun pay, remained only to him grouse. The brawl between a paragraph of father and son makes fun of, look so that the person heats up a tear to be filled with the socket of eye: “It is a dad a Mom is unripe, raise, do not have prospect with respect to me, am I much more afflictive do you know? You do not comfort me not to say, what word is offensive what do you say, which are fond of your dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed. Which are fond of your dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed.. 20220303160334 6220e6d6f2e04 A few subdue ground complain tearfully, offend often father changed a hand. And the small grandchildren that is not close to with the grandfather aside ran, poured grandfather kick directly, still saying ” forbid to bully my father. ” Zhou Bingkun sees this one act, want to call a son rapidly, expressional gravity: “This is my pa ” . 20220303160335 6220e6d744e25 20220303160335 6220e6d79b99b 3 acting people, two pairs of father and son. A brawl, it is the love between family completely however. Old father is not not to know, young son is exert oneself in the home most, also be to endure beat most. And Zhou Bingkun, also be conceivable nevertheless of father approbate. ” you are become pa, still pa beats you, is this happy? ” dissolved all grievance. . . . . 20220303160336 6220e6d813abf 02 true, guileless, ground connection is angry. This is ” between the world ” most move person, also most lachrymatory place. Drama anthology begins, the family is under policy each go straight towards a thing. During setting out, from other railway station, gnash one’s teeth bears somebody, somebody extends a head to answer look, look be like adamancy, however the eye contains hot tear. 20220303160336 6220e6d833519 20220303160336 6220e6d84204d 20220303160336 6220e6d84f3e1 Drama anthology later period, 39 collect. Home Zhou parents is raised big children people, had walked along harships of half a lifetime. Finally, old two one lies in mourning hall, one sits by to holding a hand, in pairs dies. This one act, do not know to look cried how many person. 20220303160336 6220e6d85ba73 Parents is in, shang Youlai is in life; Parents goes, life remnant one’s way home. One ” I am orphan, I do not have the home ” showed all adult those who grow is painful. 20220303160336 6220e6d869215 In drama anthology finally, sufferred from the Zhou Jiaren of most all one’s life, experienced the free and easy between the world to rise and fall; Walked out of finally thoroughly worm-eaten ” smooth word piece ” , went up too happy and happy good days. This ending, can saying is everyone is happy. But the ending of original work novel is done not have so sweet, more true however. 20220303160336 6220e6d87f0be Zhou Bingyi is transformed ” poor nest child ” smooth word piece very successful, but got cancer of the stomach, died before long; Later, hao Dongmei married a person. . . . . . 20220303160336 6220e6d88c0db Zhou Rong went to look for a daughter France. After 12 years, her homecoming became teacher of a middle school. Later, she is prototype with Home Zhou, wrote ” us this generation children ” book, became a writer. . . . . 20220303160336 6220e6d89ffe5 Zhou Bingkun accidentally drop beats dead Luo Shibin, was sentenced 15 years. After 12 years, the serve a sentence after his commute a sentence ends, he Zhengjuan coming home opened a noodle shop, continue to live the life of Everyman. . . . . . The 3rd generation of Zhou Jia, some studying abroad, some went to an enterprise, but it is not good to encounter mostly, home Zhou went again ” ” be on the wane ” ” . 20220303160336 6220e6d8c0032 Generation person has the limit of generation person, also have the glory of generation person. Home Zhou is the epitome of generation China family, this one child appearance appearance and joys and sorrows of life, having the sign of our father generation. Regretful, responsibility, story, struggle, affliction, it is we can feel the applicable to both or all that is the same as experience. 20220303160336 6220e6d8d814e A word in novel of origianl work of no less than: “Complete because had the home, the thing that living ability is some appeal ” . ” between the world ” , it is a such stories. Such good theatrical work, be worth to be seen by more person. 20220303160337 6220e6d912a05 See a graph guess the film (the 1149th period)20220303160337 6220e6d97724f Message casing is sent guess the film 1149 get title to like this theatrical work, stamp ” looking ” !

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