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Original title: When Mo Landi color was ineffective Borrowed after incident of cat of disturbance, cruel, yu Zheng is low-key a lot of, to newest palace drama ” still feed ” , just also delivered two small gain about thematic song, do not have again other. Leave after sowing 10 days, ” still feed ” so low-key that be like Yu Zheng, public praise and heat are not had flatly strange, spit groove repeatedly not too much. 4 years ago, ” the strategy that delay happiness ” let Yu Zhengyi face turn over, mo Landi’s lubricious aesthetic, fastidious is taken delicately change the path, bright article that covers a region instead clue, these by the element of audience take delight in talking about, begin to become Yu Zhenggu to install the pattern plate of drama. ” still feed ” also be such, the movie and TV that is now only is encircled, had been no longer when relying on one chromatically department to be able to make the world. 20220303161050 6220e88a0887f If dull insipidity is not to manage vortical center personally, yuzheng is led probably or can be opposite ” still feed ” sale of exert to one’s utmost, because from sell in light of the photograph, this can says ” the strategy that delay happiness ” the palace drama of 2 edition, truly some explode paragraph gene. On the story, ” still feed ” still be big female advocate Gong Dou makes fun of, with hutch woman Yao Zijin (after Ming Xuanzong Sun Huang) after entering palace grow for masterstroke, tell about its hall of face of all previous classics and hind hutch (hind palace) many ups and downs, with the story of encourage annals affection that photograph of bosom friend of Zhu Zhan radical accompanies. Leading role of male and female, the CP of character of Xu Kai, Wu Jin, to idea is bad smooth ” Fu Ying’s girl ” , stunt is enough big; Female advocate calm ” dozen upgrade quite ” the person is set, just be the train of thought that bright of the audience in the easiest jab nods; The one high grade costar of numerous assuming color, also contributed as always stable acting, from childhood division of memorial fine division arrives do laugh at Hong Ban to grow, familiar long-unseen face; The Mo Landi lubricious department of low degree of saturation and filter lens, it is so called ” advanced atmosphere feels ” . All without exception lets person dream answer ” the strategy that delay happiness ” . If say the point with extortionary different winkle, it is probably ” still feed ” unplug arrived high the height of traditional culture, arrive from food daily, appear gave detail of more distinct Ming Dynasty culture. Ambition is older also, try to jump out? Animal farm of drama of associate with palace covers a region at what feeling makes fun of, then male advocate much many domestic states are cardinal principles of righteousness, thorough the play of affairs of state, female advocate also be head of love of Ma Li Su only no longer, the dream that is pair of him pursuit instead has a special liking. No matter looked from which, ” still feed ” the students surpasses the teacher and excel blue ambition clearly, if succeed, can jump out to analyse alone explode paragraph element is not little also. Just, ambition puts in ambition ‘s charge, reality puts in reality ‘s charge, open the in kind after sowing, will ” still feed ” explode the paragraph sells was bungled rare broken. The Mo Landi lubricious department that pretends to be advanced feeling and lens of makeup look filter, let the spirit of one numerous actress move nothing left, implicative focusing has some of dull insipidity at alimental camera lens. The domestic state of hero cardinal principles of righteousness, of the preference that those who lean is imperial grandfather and prince father foil, control float to the palm of affairs of state at having sth used to one’s own advantage already, and the narrate in detail that lacked gut; Although heroine shows off how no longer breathe out, calm square the attitude of all difficulties, let what the person does not suspect this was to take renascence very hard leave hang a play. As to traditional culture, have the detail with reductive height truly, but to dietary culture, also was to use oily boiler only in, a few camera lens that go up with table on hearth, let a person very hard believe, this is the heroine stand fasting to China cate craft and inheritance. Intentional and faint Cong Mou is planted on degree for, ” still feed ” than ” Yan Xi strategy ” poor far, baronial and narrative rely on actor’s lines and camera lens ornament, gong Dou leans female advocate eye opening a season, love relies on to relapse drag and arise suddenly, connect most this are absorbing ” bright is nodded ” , also become Wen Tun is dilatory. Avulsion editing and rearrangement and around build the gut of the edge hard to fall, the part justed like tool person, the person is not established, act style lacks art of composition, to hate and be hated, to love and love, happy event of those joys and sorrows that attribute each put oneself in another’s position are happy give place to gut, punch-drunk, let a person cannot in all affection. Between newsreel of talk feeling, Gong Dou, history, cate the horizontal stroke jumps, became those who be satisfied with a smattering of a subject however ” 4 unlike ” . From ” the strategy that delay happiness ” case, yu Zheng begins to become to the pursuit of ancient costume drama ” advanced ” , tonal respect, the A Bao that abandoned to go thoroughly is lubricious; Story respect, it is foolish no longer Bai Tian grows history, with ” elder sister is queen ” style Slay full-court; On character set, abandoned female contest, evoke resonance with the clue of Girls Help Girls. On the conception that links complete theatrical work, yu Zheng also is having his idea. 5 years ago, ” the strategy that delay happiness ” just leave when patting, yu Zheng is accepted when interviewing, ever said, “Is I do theatrical work why? To enjoy a story, but enjoy a story I must not do theatrical work, I can write a novel. Do theatrical work now so, I feel to find a new way — culture inheritance, I will be responsible to this feeling. Without the thing of culture mission, I am not done. I do not want to reduce profitable machine. I do not care about a netizen how to see me, but myself does not think he became old looking round is a few very recreational makes fun of. ” be in then ” Yan Xi strategy ” in include a feature emerald green inside handicraft is magnified, ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” in of praise highly is ” a type of weaving done by the tapestry method in fine silks and gold thread ” culture, this ” still feed ” , play again removed cate culture. Situation is great, but those who decide drama of movie and TV is essential still be text, without solid story render, old structure also is a castle in the air only. Time do not go on Feburary 22, 2022, ” still feed ” chose a very extraordinary time to leave sow, just the echo of 20 collect looked once upon a time, if do not have an accident, few is weak it is final almost. ” still feed ” the pattern plate give somebody a new lease on life that tries to rely on Yan Xi strategy explodes paragraph, go out not to come in the defect contradiction in advanced feeling however, ambition is superabundant, exert all one’s strength insufficient. ” still feed ” the corresponding period, have theatrical work of a years ” between the world ” , lean ” few is weak ” fireworks gave a group daily, tell about average family going up the life that century free and easy rises and fall, behead is obtained reputably ceaseless. Need not hang in mouth edge to emphasize, individual drift along backside, of the times change feeling nature blow on the face and come, with the story accord with reason, is not actor’s lines, this ability is baronial and narrative acceptable bid matchs. Country of these a few years in drama market, a dark horse emerges in endlessly, from baronial and narrative years theatrical work, to small and beautiful fractionize domain, and even at love drama, appearance anew, turn over what can harvest eyeball and discharge in the past however to explode the paragraph is booked, attack to do not have an edge however. This is meddlesome. The Tan Lian that turns over logic loves tool person, ga gives 3 rooms to dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed the clue of one hall, the holiday arrives impossible character set, self-contradictory viewpoint of value, reduce the poor of setting board and Everyman, already torment inside amusement market is too long. ” still feed ” before, ancient had encountered slippery iron Lu one after another occasionally, early days relies on big IP to adapt really earn sufficient eyeball, but a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of the black unreal that comes out in a matrix, celestial being, as to it is 3 unripe sansei after all, or 7 give birth to 7 worlds, not alleged, inflexible the character image that change, blame is black namely white viewpoint of value, love and domestic state the setting of confuse sth with sth else, more or less be a little aesthetic exhaustion. Audience to good theatrical work call, not be rigid requirement highbrow art and literature, also can be popular literature or art, can rely on bright to nod recreational masses, also can rely on lachrymal dot to cause resonance, asking basically at least is logistic from be in harmony, character full, rhythm is reasonable. Had appreciated ” hill sea affection ” , had experienced ” between the world ” , had seen ” secret corner ” , knew ” love is very delicate ” , ” germinant ” already left, drama market returns the country very hard again by strategy of elder sister of the Kingdom of Wei when. Shang Yi of reporter of Beijing business newspaper is sweet

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