Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: As once heat sows drama, ” town fetch ” the charm that having it, how double male advocate all get offline Broadcasted 2018 ” town fetch ” teleplay, how many person still remembers? It is the Zhao Yunlan that ruffian enrages up and down all over, a suit is being installed, the whole body is sending out the Shen Wei of scroll breath, still have that recreant the kind-hearted child Guo Changcheng that was full of sense of justice however, it is in that way thorough popular feeling, for a long time cannot let person dismiss from one’s mind, so this drama and origianl work are having even if very big different, also be in however that year of conflagration, also take internal heat at the same time an actors that perform this theatrical work.

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Just regrettablly, the ending of this drama is not very perfect, shen Wei chooses him sacrifice to save a companion, and Zhao Yunlan also is to be after serious injury, changed lampwick, as to special although the someone else of mediate is same as usual still head for special mediate, but the feeling over there is different however, guo Changcheng from small bud is new become elder, entering what eye can reach is a few new face, this can’ts help letting a person produce a kind, this or at the outset that special the feeling of mediate?

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When the photograph that can turn to Lin Jing and grimalkin to be being taken to the picture, we know present special mediate is little of Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan special mediate, this ases if little the spirit is average, look at former model unvarnished, not be former model already however. But those who be worth to be carried is to resemble this so two male advocate the drama of movie and TV that is gotten offline entirely, very scarce still, though be in ” town fetch ” in this drama, shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan’s ending and the view with clear neither one, but in light of the agreement from two people, should meet have follow-up story, just, this story arrived now is as before fan.

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So the issue came, recumbent what fire is it after all rise? What kind of charm having again? Can you just let everybody brush brush again? To these a few problems, a melon believes everybody is having his result, but in light of a few comments from the net, most person thinks because it was captured,the conflagration of this drama is ” double male advocate ” the discharge password of set, is that really such?

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Look in A melon, ” town fetch ” although go, is double male advocate course, but compared with later double male advocate for drama, between Shen Wei and Zhao cloud billows more resembling is a bosom friend, comrade-in-arms, they are believing the other side, regard him as the strongest supporter, such friendship lets a person use a facial expression, although the disposition of two people is complete,differ so, also can become intimate good friend however, because be on their body,differ besides disposition besides, still having a lot of collective places, for instance just, kind-hearted, it is difficult to when encountering difficulty, be greeted and the sort of spirit that go up, this is the matter that they can become intimate good friend.

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And this drama can conflagration, besides eliminate story itself, the acting of actors also is one big advocate because of, especially Zhu Yilong one person personate when the part of 3 different styles in this drama, it is to let a person cannot help nodding assist really, because even if is his,is a mask on the face, view not clear expression, but an eyes differs with respect to what can let a person see 3 roles, can say even, the mood of each part, he used an eye to convey, such acting conquered directly audience, let people remember Zhu Yilong, still experienced ” town fetch ” glamour place.

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