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Original title: Teleplay ” concealment battle ” switch on the mobile phone, left small Qing Lianmei gives Li Fengming act again the song of model red Teleplay ” concealment battle ” switched on the mobile phone formally in base of movie and TV of door of Shanghai stone library on Feburary 19, this drama by Shanghai film (group) limited company advocate manufacture, zun Xiaoqing, Li Fengming, Li Naiwen and director are regnal virtuous etc one numerous advocate achieve Qi Liang to switch on the mobile phone ceremonial spot. It is reported this is well-known actress film of line of courtyard of Li Fengming afterwards ” half quilt ” hind, happen in secret the teleplay of gules thematic subject matter of battlefront. ” concealment battle ” tell about a paragraph of unbeknown happening the alarmingly dangerous story in Shanghai alley. Li Fengming is this in drama personate ” Feng Juan ” part, difficulty of this part play is great, show share is heavy, return the name of alike in spirit Li Fengming, give an audience the sense that agrees highly outside the play in a kind of play, this drama has it is reported suspense element, how does Li Fengming explain a part lift up or let down with a rope became enough the appetite of the audience.

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Does as to Li Fengming and senior actor Zun Xiaoqing have pressure to play? Zun Xiaoqing is the elder that performs art bound, acting is masterly, have work of numerous movie and TV. Perform adversary this to make fun of with Zun Xiaoqing, it is the inning that makes acting of anthology of classic theatrical work, compare notes communication jointly. Li Fengming deduces screen part, cast the performance manner such as sufficient, eyes to present dramatic tension in the raise one’s hand that adopts a figure again, have solid inner show to control work force, deliver rich mental connotation to the audience, let be very worried about of destiny of audience humanness content thereby, her acting as mellow wine, worth while fine fine savour. In switch on the mobile phone ceremonially, li Fengming a Bai Yi, graceful, highlight uncommon temperament, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient all show grace but person, show itself in numerous main actor. Before this, li Fengming is classical work is numerous be like ” found a state great undertaking ” , by ” clang cuckoo He Zizhen ” division of TV of border of the United States in obtaining is optimal new personality award, its acting is approbated by the audience, once achieved a year to take 8 films prize record, main actor ” Yang Shanzhou ” ” pull a hand for the first time ” ever won award of 5 one project, by ” the Shenzhen love song of 708090 ” division of TV of border of the United States in obtaining is optimal female costar, by ” half quilt ” after obtaining Jin Tong to resemble film festival image, by ” reunion meal ” obtain film festival of international of American Xiaojin’s person after the shadow, by ” mom lets me love you again ” obtain Canadian international film festival after the shadow, work of its main actor time and again behead obtains golden pheasant 100 flowers, the authoritative award such as Beijing international film festival, ” half quilt ” as golden pheasant picture of 100 beautiful nations spreads out act film to exhibit mirror.

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Work of gules movie and TV is more, ever sufferred for many times seek lubricious education of each district Dang Shigong, her do one’s best passes earnestly practise what one advocates of work of gules movie and TV, remember a mission well, tell good China gules story, deliver mental kernel of the Communist. Of this drama advocate just once had manufactured the espionage battle film that Zhang Yi seeks ” over cliff ” , this lets an audience act the leading role to Li Fengming ” the battle that hide ” be full of expect.

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