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Original title: If Thailand breaks up,pat ” the content in the palm ” , he is the optimal person selected that Fu Shen goes certainly, unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease fawn on The homebred drama this year is true feel proud and elated, it is we break up previously take abroad hot theatrical work, now is the theatrical work that sea evaginate takes us! Especially Thailand of these a few years basically took us directly the copyright of homebred drama, for instance ” the star that puts a sheep ” , ” meteoric garden ” .

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And before paragraph time of special fire ” the content in the palm ” also be taken by Thailand, and have rumor will be Push and urine go out perform a men and women advocate. Well-known ” the content in the palm ” this sort subject matter, it is again appropriate that Thailand is patted did not pass, a little total after all bureau cannot cross the gut of careful, thailand they dare ah!

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Adapt before from ” the content in the palm ” homebred drama ” under sunshine ” , because be decreased by cutout too much, and have affection show share very much after unallowed appears, this drama and photograph of origianl work novel still lacked a bit meaning than rising. After hearing Thailand to take next origianl work copyright then, many netizens had begun to expect Thailand edition ” the content in the palm ” wonderful.

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The original that confronts network hearsay nevertheless ” the content in the palm ” in, travel of hero Fu Shen and heroine He Yan knock decided person selected is Push and urine when, the netizen expresses: Compared with Push and urine, ” ironhearted 2019 ” leading role of male and female suits more ” Fu Shen goes ” and ” He Yan ” .

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” ironhearted 2019 ” was 2019 of Thailand explode igneous big play, strong president of the standard falls in love with series of my green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse. Dog blood level and degree of hold up person are a special skill, among them male advocate the temperament of drama Tor is more by assist of netizen insanity dot: Off-the-peg Fu Shen goes.

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The gut that includes probably in drama: Male advocate avenge line, male advocate peace female advocate cure each other line, male advocate play handsome pretend not to know female masterstroke, and male advocate right female advocate all sorts of hold up younger sister line…

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The Tor that the place with this wonderful drama is personate Shi La is right female advocate the play code of leave sb at large in order to apprehend him afterwards, can stand by intentionally female advocate, next the eyes of ponder wanders on other people body, see finally female advocate the about with the bashful red face that is amused the one face of cannot help laughing bestows favor on be addicted to…

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Male advocate follow little understanding of female principal and subordinate to avenge and deny his, then female advocate for the proof male advocate the green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse that is oneself, the scar that leaves in one’s childhood is had on the body, run to bathhouse to peek male advocate change clothes, still be caught wearing…

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Our that is to say, be being caught to attend a meeting in the gut of strong president is what gut! It is to stick of course stick ah…

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And in this drama stick sticking is special see crude and direct begin the sort of, female advocate noisy, male advocate stick; Female advocate get angry, male advocate stick; And male advocate by rile when stick intentionally also stick…

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Normally in this drama male advocate stick after sticking, metropolis by female advocate admire head on come an a slap on the face, then our netizen returned this drama affectionately to remove a name to be called: A hand kisses. So ” ironhearted 2019 ” does the audience feel for what they very ” does Fu Shen go ” , very ” He Yan ” ?

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In the final analysis or a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties of a kind of Cp! Hero Tor wears building model is a standard mediumly in drama bully always model, but this kind model again what dot society enrages carry handle flavor, so his business suit has a lot of time feeling of fawn on of a kind of evil.

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The temperament that setting output plus his person in drama is big grey wolf ” my woman, who do I see dare be moved ” , active hand is absolutely not make a row. But the attitude of weakness of now and then big wolfhound just also gives female advocate look…

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And the small white hare of heroine Fern standard is temperamental, yan Zhi, height, figure and Tor deserve to be no good, the sort of scintilla feeling in drama is true pink letting Cp the flavour of ready to do sth!

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Namely such drama 2019, return somebody to now bear in mind constantly, expecting Thailand breaks up even pat ” the content in the palm ” when can see this pair of Cp.

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