Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Noonday sunshine has new theatrical work to leave again sow! Does public praise of act out of normal behaviour attack street? The drama anthology public praise that noonday sunshine makes is pretty good all the time, regard an industry as the celebrity inside, noonday sunshine is having all the time ” noonday sunshine manufactures, belong to high-quality goods surely ” , a lot of work also proved this really, ” parental love ” fabaceous valve 9.5, ” great river great river ” fabaceous valve 8.8, ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” fabaceous valve 9.4, ” the person that pretend ” fabaceous valve 8.6, double bumper harvest of grading and public praise.

20220303161214 6220e8de9efee

Many audiences see the work that is noonday sunshine, expect the value rises sharply, a of the closest nevertheless noonday sunshine new theatrical work ” meet season ” , be spat by many people blood of groovy gut dog, have break the level with noonday consistent sunshine.

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Actually the work of noonday sunshine, everybody lets use a facial expression in softhearted respect, times drama has era to enter feeling, acting prep let alone of the actor, still be willing to elevate new personality actor very much, everybody’s heat views period of time before topic ” germinant ” , bai Jingting acts the leading role with Zhao Jin wheat, who can love such noonday sunshine, ” meet season ” there are many person sit back and waits to leave when broadcasting sowed.

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Playwrite A is able to bear or endure, king of year theatrical work ” great river great river ” , topic for discussion of the whole people ” happy eulogy ” , still have affect everybody mood ” Dou Ting is good ” it is origianl work out not only her hand, playwrite also is her, direct Jian Chuan Yu , ” happy eulogy ” , ” Dou Ting is good ” it is out his hand, favorable reply of thunder of two main actors, Yuan Quan is good actor, this configuration, simply ” Wang Zhe equips ” ah!

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After thinking of to sow, many gut by ” spit groove ” it is confluence old stalk, new idea of it doesn’t matter, and still very ” dog blood ” , above all two family are elite personage completely this set does not have method and audience generation at the beginning in all affection, on other explicit the plot of a play, because,one begin is quarrel problem, cui brief disclose one knife, the thing of a series of trifles is from the back.

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Nevertheless the word says again, at the beginning Cui Jian all sorts of two conflict between, camera lens language of the director behaves what still comparative is good, a few short the clarity that extract tells about, thunder favorable reply and Yuan spring the acting of two people also is to do not have a word to say, and just left before this a list of plays sow, perhaps arrived follow-up meeting has invert, noonday after all sunshine still is worth everybody to await, still expect follow-up gut develops together!

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