Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: ” ask gentleman ” the play staff is interactive and happy much, hold the post of ooze of Jia Lun plum to help group of evolution makeup, netizen: Have love too Check nowadays on the screen just when red a gleam of is small unripe, ren Jialun should calculate absolutely. Not only Yan Zhigao grows handsomely, acting also can be encircled can nod, no matter be ” Datangrong boasts ” , or be ” under bright and beautiful garment ” , or it is big last year explode ” Zhou Shengru reason ” , clench the heart of the audience, ” of male god of ” ancient costume solder of this title firmly is on the head.

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Although had married,have child, but a bit does not affect the masses to love to his, of privacy low-key and take on to emotive, let him add cent instead many.

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His resource is at present first-rate, remain the same besides the drama heat that already sowed, the goods in stock that did not sow also has many. Besides with Dilireba ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” suffer fully expect, another patting ” ask gentleman ” special also suffer value.

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” ask gentleman ” female main actor is Li Qin of minor female role, assume the combination of Li Qin of Jia Lun X, be very absorbing?

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This drama is drama of strange unreal of a the Republic of China, gut told about chiliad Ares Liu Yan and generous female stockaded village advocate Yudengdeng’s love story.

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Ren Jialun goes in god of the personate in drama the deicide general of chiliad, the mouth disrelishs body, iron blood tender feelings, outside and abstinency inside in very be proud charming. To love sleep deeply chiliad, come to of in one day, again anxious of open chiliad affection.

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Ren Jialun carries a tie-in and very straight business suit on the back one piece greatly in drama, cruel Sa is handsome, let a person remember ” Qiu Chan ” medium Xie Chong.

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Li Qin is personate a ” is avaricious good. The female bandit of lubricious ” , generous and forthright, the knot of goddess and female fellow is fit. Her preexistence is goddess, chiliad metempsychosis, meet fate again.

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Li Qin is in the modelling in drama is agile valiant, firm soft and aid, slant at neuter wind. Such charming are spruce in the person that is leading bully energy of life is set suit Li Qin very much, let a person remember her Yuan Chun’s princess.

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This drama estimation is in before long hind meet with respect to meeting and everybody! Recently, in ” ask gentleman ” in the titbits of play staff exposure, li Qin and Ren Jialun give group of evolution makeup of the play staff.

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Li Qin sits in group act on, look very serious, the Ren Jialun itch to try on the side, touch from time to time, the appearance of foolish foolish resembles will make trouble.

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Two star main actor looks a bit does not have frame, and group act interactive and good, the atmosphere of the play staff is quite harmonious. Say to see character under the counter, do such ground connection gas star who does not like amiably again?

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Netizens also leave a message in succession:” Want to go very much this play staff is become group perform ” , ” I also want to let Li Qin hold the post of Jia Lun to give make up play staff of ” , ” has love very much really! “.

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After seeing titbits, be opposite ” ask gentleman ” more expected, let us one case sit back and wait leaves sow. Attention is little make up, bring a peach-shaped thing of abundant of more and new information to you by ” between the world ” greet a career ” the 2nd spring ” , refer is homebred drama: Why should use dub?

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