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Original title: ” meaning is unforgettable ” bilk Li Zhu one’s previous experience wineshop daughter is looked down on by the mother-in-law, gave birth to the child not to let take the door

20220303161341 6220e93540849

Still remember by large serials ” is meaning unforgettable ” controlled fear? Since 2007, this drama centrally broadcasts 8 times, put several years, created a kind of illusion that how looks not to look to the audience. ” meaning is unforgettable ” drama market is very long, took two acting people, a few familial, countless parts, the assemble is broken recall, search close, triangle to love, off the rails, abort, cancer, avenge, shoot dead a series of ” wonderful ” gut.

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Look ” meaning is unforgettable ” when, think every time want final result, can have new branch line, the god spreads out, look the person is agape, meaning still did not use up, special the major that admires playwrite (do a thing) ability. ” meaning is unforgettable ” every costar has substantial emotional line, but the core character of anthology of whole department theatrical work, it is day of Wang Sheng of leading role of male and female and Lai Lizhu. When be acquainted at the beginning of Lai Lizhu and Wang Sheng day, it is a wineshop daughter, her appearance is beautiful and easy, appropriate of bearing advance and retreat, there are many hunters beside, but Lai Lizhu favors, it is broke Wang Sheng day however.

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Wang Sheng day regards Lai Lizhu as bosom friend, because the is loving greatly person in his heart is Huang Xuelian, just Huang Xuelian already had fiance Lin Dazhong.

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In two the king that adventitious wanders in the woman surpasses a day, chose the Lai Lizhu to him be passionately devoted finally. To be together with Wang Sheng day, lai Lizhu decides to break away from the identity of wineshop daughter, the plan opens dining-room to do proper business, the glow of month of maternal Wang Chen that returns pair of king to surpass a day is affable to the utmost, won her favor. The marriage of Lai Lizhu and Wang Sheng day already placed program, hunter Cai of Lai Lizhu enters prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun and Huang Kun hill to be engineered in the dark however, let king Chen Yuexia be informed Lai Lizhu previously the identity of wineshop daughter.

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From now on, manner of glow of Wang Chen month changes greatly, ceaseless and press king gets the better of a day to leave Lai Lizhu, no matter bilk Li Zhuru why to make young hot season low, kneel down suppliance, fail to redeem the heart of king Chen Yuexia. Oneself of 2 king home is of humble birth, glow of Wang Chen month does not look to go up however for life place approach, had done the Lai Lizhu of wineshop daughter. 30 years of after this, lai Lizhu and Wang Sheng day are in love, live together, do poineering work, be delivered of son Wang Tian to aid, glow of Wang Chen month have not release what is held lets her take the door.

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Found be separated from and lose touch with each other till Lai Lizhu old parental, her one’s own father is the boss Lai Tianyou that has power and influence, the mother is the Chen Liqing that loves female heart to cut. Chen Liqing got liver cancer before long at the world, for wish of round Chen Liqing, glow of Wang Chen month just agrees to marry Lai Lizhu to take the door.

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So far, drama anthology has sowed 195 collect (Taiwan civilian is inspected edition in all 526 collect) . Li Zhu identifies relative show share, lifted ” meaning is unforgettable ” since broadcasting, huge closes inspect upsurge. Because Lai Lizhu was to take too much pain really, shed too much tear, the happiness of this hard-earned, also invite an audience people waited too long. 3 besides wineshop daughter this demerit, lai Lizhu did not deserve to go up without which Wang Sheng day. In the process that in Home Wang development expands, lai Lizhu is the helper with Wang Sheng the biggest day, also be calm Nereus needle of Wang Jia.

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The poineering initial stage of Wang Sheng day, cannot leave the money that when Lai Lizhu does wineshop daughter, gathers and person arteries and veins; In get rich process, in case of Wang Sheng nature formalist and indecisive often begin to crop up, lai Lizhu uses his exquisite artifice and foresight judicious judgment, offsetted the weakness of Wang Sheng day; When career happening crisis, lai Lizhu is willing to be imprisoned for Wang Sheng day even. Lai Lizhu is carried for Home Wang had a day, but pass badly however in the home. Mother-in-law king Chen Yuexia always bullies her, little brother Wang Shengzhi and sister-in-law bilk element damask silk, also have evil intentions, plot against countless times elder brother elder brother’s wife.

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What make popular feeling cold more is, wang Sheng day always is these pair of turn a blind eye to, the choice becomes the good son of I filial piety and good-tempered good friend. In Wang Sheng the contrast of the day falls, have one’s head screwed on the right way plays the Lai Lizhu that has a principle, always act the part that offends a person. After Wang Shengzhi is prepared Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan kill by Cai Jin, glow of Wang Chen month goes to his dead complete attribute a fault to on Laili bead body, coerce in hers and below abet, lai Lizhu and Wang Sheng day divorced eventually. After 4 Laili bead leave, home Wang was immersed in a disorder however. The company of Wang Sheng day manages not to be pooh-poohed, be close to closing down; The son Wang Tian of Wang Sheng day aids go astray, join gangdom; Glow of Wang Chen month due to illness be in hospital, stake stake your whole family disintegrate. In crisis hour, remain Lai Lizhu to be being taken hit outside spell the career below to return, help Wang Jiadu pass crisis.

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The audience says, it is good to if bilk Li Zhu,do not close with king Sheng Tianfu. Bypass and this paragraph of suffering with Wang Sheng day are loved, lai Lizhu is one has wisdom actually, have the woman of boldness. Her intelligence quotient is high, affection quotient is high, humanness has affection justice, outside soft inside firm. Lai Lizhu does not need to depend on Wang Sheng day, can well off.

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In Wang Jia, the half a lifetime before Lai Lizhu rushs about for Wang Sheng day careladen, half a lifetime is the son that does not rely on chart after hardship preparing is sought, cannot get this some to respect however. After more than 5 years, when Wang Sheng day encounters the Chen Shan Ni like appearance of lotus of as yellow as first love snow, still ever ” spirit is off the rails ” . But perhaps be old affection unforgettable, perhaps be to love me, king capricious success a day, dress up light is brightly everyday beautiful, go seeing Chen Shan Ni again and again.

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On reason, what Wang Sheng day knows them and can develop, but on feeling, he always sides with Chen Shan Ni. He encourages his son Wang Tian to aid He Chenshan Ni to be together, wang Tian is aided in Li Jia between beautiful and Chen Shan Ni hesitant when, wang Sheng day stands in Chen Shan Ni all the time here. When Wang Tian aids He Chenshan Ni to be troubled by contradiction, wang Sheng day also sides with Chen Shan Ni, he says, would rather not want Wang Tian to help this son, also want Chen Shan Ni this height daughter-in-law.

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Chen Shan Ni is married Wang Jiahou, family person is very good to her, the husband, husband’s father and mother and glow of month of grandma Wang Chen also have to her care add. Just do not know, lai Lizhu is faced everyday and the daughter-in-law like appearance of marital old love, it is what kind of mood. 6 are inspected of edition ” meaning is unforgettable ” have 526 market, CCTV edition has 807 market, harships of all previous classics, bilk Li Zhu or went one case with Wang Sheng day. In big ending, wang Sheng sky falls conquer brain cancer in Lai Lizhu’s company, begin to go after Lai Lizhu afresh, an annulus after two people resume marriage swims the world.

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Everybody of not let sb down of Wang Sheng day, what I am sorry exclusively is Lai Lizhu, can have this satisfactory final result, be based on Lai Lizhu’s deep to him love.

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A lot of audiences are Lai Lizhu regrettablly. Because Wang Sheng day is not a good man that can protect a wife however, face family to contradict, he always lets Laili bead concede, enduring, compromise, apology. The persistence that is Lai Lizhu and pay, just changed the photograph of domestic harmony and husband and wife to defend. Relative to Yulailizhu’s dedication, wang Sheng day and king home are passed on to hers is too little really.

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