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Original title: 4 dimension spend analysis prepping according to, instantly is homebred the development trend be clear at a glance of drama Origin Piao movie and TV alone Ma Er of glossal author | 2020, of drama of net of it may be said ” flourishing age ” . ” secret corner ” ” silent truth ” wait for work, it is no matter the stage exceeded to sow drama far on heat or public praise. 2021, the stage sows drama to revive once more, first half of the year ” arousal time ” ” hill sea affection ” , of archives of summer vacation time ” good city ” ” sweep black storm ” , of year end ” adversary ” ” small quick home ” , or in public feelings, or closing inspect, or popular was harvested to approbate on public praise. The competition that net drama and stage sow drama not is needed wordy, who has pressed directly also need not thorough make a thorough inquiry. Normal and aesthetic audience, won’t become a certain platform absolutely ” without the head ” embrace wholesale, they are the work that holds an aesthetic value and dramatic interest concurrently to cheer only. The belief feeling of teleplay needs audience hold together, these drama can arouse so much person to hand in a mouth to praise, prove they search at least granted an audience people taste just needed. This also forces the person that create discovers creation law. 20220303161426 6220e962acfff Regard industry of movie and TV as the observer of periphery, we are met every year with respect to the industry newest phenomenon phonates. Why be them win an audience approbate? Why be this kind of subject matter is obtained close high inspect and high temperature? What change to have one new year again? Always some of problem needs the answer, always need to solve questioningly a little. These a few years, industry of movie and TV lies from beginning to end ” random flower confuses an eye ” in the environment. Unitary evaluation system already ground of very difficult evenhanded measures all work. Reason this, must get much perspective resultant force. This article, basically spend observation from 4 dimension: One of, it is Chinese seeing and hearing big data releases ” the check of teleplay of gold period of time that viewing rate exceeded 0.5% 2021 ” ; Secondly, it is the cloud adds up to what data releases ” serials broadcasted a list of names posted up of · bully screen effectively 2021 ” ; Thirdly, it is wide report total bureau announces ” the whole nation released statistics of homebred teleplay subject matter permissibly 2021 ” ; Its 4, it is ” fabaceous valve 2021 grading are highest mainland drama anthology ” . The work in sheet of these a list of names posted up, some behead obtained young audience to love, some was achieved receive the peak that inspects data, return what some realized stage and net to be the same as heat. Add in, can generalize the integral climate that the industry creates relative to comprehensive ground. These a few years, internet audience is abandoning gradually the stage sows copyright drama. In the sheet of a list of names posted up that the cloud combines data, before the net sowed a quantity to rank last year 20, having 8 is teleplay. 8 in, only ” break out of an encirclement ” ” know to deny knowing to deny should be green manure red thin ” the copyright drama of dominant of 2 production company. Of the others the six ministries in feudal China manufacture square in, having the figure of video website. Cast ” know to deny ” this drama 4 years ago, remained only on sheet of a list of names posted up ” break out of an encirclement ” . 20220303161426 6220e962dc6f6 Video website brought up this one phenomenon. Love is strange art Wang Xiaohui of presiding content official ever expressed, copyright drama future is occupied in platform less and less than meeting. Even if have the work of general lifetime value, also be being striven for is custom-built, abstain drama. To traditional industry practitioner, this is not a good news. For platform bear make work, mean want more and youth contact with. Should pass not only after the play examine, pass the assessment of platform even. Go up somehow say, a kind of limitation that this also is pair of gravity, deep expression. Interesting is, the theatrical work with the high viewing rate on sheet of big data a list of names posted up, platform is custom-built, self-restrained drama does not calculate much. Fizzle out in center together, center 8 Huang Bo goes out, in viewing rate TOP10, only ” traitor ” ” adversary ” body of ascend of two drama reluctance. And viewing rate only 2 broken of 2 ” had crossed duck green river ” ” big decisive battle ” , a list of names posted up that closes in the cloud does not see a trace on sheet. This among them, have admittedly ” had crossed duck green river ” news of picture of a video having center, CCTV is watched on the line the cause of two ways, but CCTV frequency is not worth downstage of 50 million broadcast a quantity, still showed a lot of issues. 20220303161427 6220e963d8a6e Two this years we often say, the gout depart of televiewer and grading audience grows in intensity. The audience before the television loves the play that see, “Z for generations ” not certain favour. The net lays the theatrical work that acting user is infatuated with, viewing rate instead is not certain tall. This one phenomenon, in ” arousal time ” ” hill sea affection ” the upper part of the body must be highlighted particularly now. ” arousal time ” head when sowing, viewing rate does not calculate tall, before connecting sheet of big data a list of names posted up 20 did not enter, the result was become 2021 the first ” the net is red ” drama, be being broadcasted effectively is broken more 1 billion. ” hill sea affection ” much star broadcasts billabong close inspect, onefold channel data was not defeated 1, ascend body cloud closes however ” collect all 30 days broadcast effectively ” TOP20 a list of names posted up is odd. Going up somehow, this appears and the acknowledge with customary masses runs in the opposite direction. Resemble ” hill sea affection ” the work with so agrestic grumous breath, this ought to more get traditional viewer love. How turn upside down? Nevertheless, also not be to do not have drama anthology both ends to be very popular. Survey big data closes inspect, the cloud closes to broadcast sheet of two a list of names posted up effectively, can discover certain work can be denounced so that defend already inspect audience favor, can take the attention that gets platform user again. For instance ” sweep black storm ” ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” , for instance ” break out of an encirclement ” ” traitor ” , for instance ” little be willing to part with or use ” ” small quick home ” . 20220303161428 6220e96436633 ” sweep black storm ” it is experience record play, ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” it is drama of procuratorial work law, ” break out of an encirclement ” it is anti-corruption drama, ” traitor ” it is espionage war play. Espionage war play should respect audience intelligence quotient only, resonant and general fault not. Before 3 must be the topic that common people cares a little substantially: Hit rascal, pay a corrupt official, and how to become a good leader. Fast concept is the congenital advantage of this kind of work. ” little be willing to part with or use ” and ” small quick home ” , it is urbanism drama together. But the net sows heat pretty good, the stage is sowed close it is quite good also to inspect. Two work all industry of movie of out lemon bud ” small ” word series, focusing the people’s pain spot and angst. These work, have for cardinal principle common feature: Tall topic sex. Tall topic sex means controversy, also mean strong dramatic. Had temperature, go up easily hot search, went up to heat up search young audience can see; Dramatic representing have conflict, sentimental likes to look. Of course, the fabaceous valve grading of this kind of work is not certain tall. Understandable. Traditional televiewer won’t make component, and strong dramatic often meet by the coronal with ” dog blood ” renown date. But the person that makes low component, abandon theatrical work certainly? Not likely. These a few years, the action that fabaceous valve gives a mark increasingly hasten is weak. The earliest show is in the film, high booking office and tall beans valve give a mark no longer link up with, opening branch no matter is tall it is low, the audience always is willing to have a look personally. Catch up with Spring Festival archives, Valentine’s Day this kind of special schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, the effect is more distinct. This one phenomenon, also mirror on the teleplay last year. Fabaceous valve gave a mark 2021 the mainland drama anthology of TOP10, net drama and stage sow drama to take an in part each. 5 nets drama, all be ” small and beautiful ” delegate. Appear in the cloud to add up to serials to broadcast sheet of a list of names posted up effectively without. Broadcast the net drama of before sheet of a list of names posted up is ranked a few effectively, fabaceous valve grading is not hopeful, some work do not have pass mark even. In teleplay, 3 grading defeat the teleplay of 9, fail to be squeezed into before viewing rate of big data year 20. 20220303161430 6220e966bc46b Cannot go up to close inspect a list of names posted up, with thematic attune sexual relationship not quite, change with narrative and insufficient type, thought connotation too high to be popular is relative. As a whole, fabaceous valve user hits ” anthology of high component drama ” , not only as apparent as viewing rate unhook, more sow heat differ in thousands ways with the net. Say objectively, the anthology of high component drama of fabaceous valve, also as before can make public in those days wind direction of good theatrical work. But undeniable, encircle the ground to heal from the phenomenon of inflation of grading of valve of bud, beans as fabaceous valve user the invention is shown, the authority that fabaceous valve gives a mark once more by disintegrate. The person that this can give creative work probably brings think: When writing a play, be can you negate creation value and judge value go ahead of the rest? In fact, even if the fabaceous valve of a drama gives a mark the not tall, number that make component is not much, also won’t too influence audience favors to it degree. As before with odd citing of big data a list of names posted up: Center 8 Huang Bo goes out ” Shan Bao of code name · ” , it is drama of a groovy war of resistance against aggression. Well-known, the fixed position that ends youthful appearance, high-quality goods changes 8 aggrandizement in recent years, pay attention to innovation. Alleged and groovy, have not cast off stale and rustic feeling namely, or ” old way ” . ” Shan Bao of code name · ” fabaceous valve hits cent to be not worth 100 people, did not open even branch. However, with respect to a such drama, be in however big data viewing rate sheet of a list of names posted up is medium a row the 4th, it is center 8 fizzle out to ranked second theatrical work last year. Rank first ” mom is waiting for you ” , the time close situation that is a convention makes fun of, full ancient early taste. The fabaceous valve grading of this drama has 4.8 minutes only more. 20220303161431 6220e9678cbb1 The net sowed data to also develop this one case. ” sweep black storm ” it is medium Pan Song lax, ” break out of an encirclement ” it is half good fun, the controversy on the net is not little. But the enthusiasm seeking theatrical work that this does not affect an audience, although do not know,be all the way smiling face or edge see a side ” scold ” , sheet is broadcasted effectively from what the cloud closes in light of, of fabaceous valve small fraction ” frighten block ” the function is finite. Appear this one state, the reason is very simple: The user that defends inspected audience and video website not merely is statified, him platform the audience is statified. Last year in May, number of Tecent video membership is achieved 125 million. And fabaceous valve makes the drama part with minute of maximum number ” Chen Qing makes ” , also do not pass gift 1.63 million. More audiences, it is the pure person that view and admire only. They do not express an opinion normally, it is silent great majority. Be offended occasionally angry, at most furtive in spit groove a few. Go up of gregarious website not much. Our movie and TV starts a writer, ought not to be that only 1% pat piece. Received an official last night ” between the world ” , big data viewing rate was defeated 3, it is CCTV close nearly 5 years inspect new tall; Love is strange art heat value also was defeated 10000, be ” the strategy that delay happiness ” ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” the 3rd later, it is only years theatrical work more. But the person that fabaceous valve makes component, be less than 70 thousand. Their opinion, it is so important to be done not have actually. 20220303161431 6220e967cfa82 To the audience, drama of movie and TV is acting countervail of a kind of affection. It offers one side mirror, see characters in a play, also see oneself. Record and witnessing social reality, offer more direct imagination way for the masses. See through these 4 dimension to spend, can see audience imagination is medium ” lens go-between ” — their aesthetic appeal to beg. The first, the play of movie and TV with sexual violent consciousness suffers no longer bestowed favor on. Before a few years, the most welcome on drama market field is female topic drama. Almost each city drama, should carry out ” the female helps each other ” catchword. Audience also very show respect for, often close inspect fly together with hot search. But fill extremely decline, these two years this kind of work is not quite clever. Video website is remained ” the person that get a woman gets the world ” , but the sweet still love that the female loves to look more. For instance ” fall in love with special type arms ” ” the city barracks and the enclosing walls that you are me ” . Some drama ” candy is divided ” too tall, male user is not inimical also, for instance ” Si Teng ” ” the honor that you are me ” . As to defend inspect an audience, what do not pay close attention to a men and women is unoccupied place. 20220303161431 6220e967ea529 The 2nd, the male to pat the whole people to, just be to march toward ” drama king ” crucial one pace. ” had crossed duck green river ” and ” big decisive battle ” it is warlike play, say this is the comfortable area of male audience normally. But audience of this not cloggy woman admires it. Because its tell the battlefield that smoke of gunpowder diffuses not only, more the popular feeling of the period that says a situation that cunning cloud cheats, dynamic and each trying to cheat the other. ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” origianl work is male frequency novel, of playwrite general changed to take off comedy happily. Very popular, sow fault of to the limit of one’s capacity effectively the first. Broadcast by 2019 ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” , be adapted by male frequency novel likewise and come, cloggy not at all however it is comfortable match complete sexual distinction. Finally, return some data need is clear. Wide report total bureau is fair show, production of annual whole nation was finished 2021, obtain ” homebred teleplay issues license ” a list of plays 194 6722 collect. And took those who issue license last year, it is 202 7450 collect. Can see, carry reduce an amount character as before in an orderly way undertakes. Come, although reductive is not much, but the ministry is counted or dropped. 2 come, average volume number is shorter and shorter, became 34 part from 36 collect. Current this times, the time of the user is more and more valuable. “Take theatrical work short ” it is a kind of tide, also be a kind of inevitable trend. 194 work, a list of plays of practical subject matter 144, a list of plays of historical subject matter 39, major theme 11. In 3 kinds of work, major theme is worth to be carried. 11 major theme were taken last year issue license, great history has 2, ” golden bottle pull is signed ” ” Hu Bilie ” . Former with the 17 Tibet to 18 centuries local history is rely on, vivid in the historical endless flow that told about administration to be in 151 years, how to explore piece a management Tibet, administer regnant strategy of Tibet, built effective of one a complete set of politics teach syncretic the system. 20220303161432 6220e96833db9 Latter needs around Yuan Shizu the lifetime of intense spreads out suddenly. Below the influence that tells about him to become Jisaihan in grandfather mainly, the kubla khah that grows existing writings Wu Lue sheathing or bow case from the little the year’s harvest that has ambitious ambition, the course that unify China smooths. Great revolution subject matter has 9, it is respectively ” arousal time ” ” sea cleans out sand ” ” midstream hits water ” ” glory and dream ” ” sweet Shan Xiezheng is red ” ” big decisive battle ” ” be tempered into a steel ” ” our team Xiang Taiyang ” and ” spring scenery ” . In 9 work, remnant ” our team Xiang Taiyang ” ” spring scenery ” have not meet twice with the audience. Went 2021. With respect to creation character, this is emulative one too bad year. Although hasten is cold,make annulus place, but good theatrical work appears in one crop crop, carry brace up the audience is right the confidence of homebred drama. Enter 2022, the audience wants to see the work with better more, the person that create and hard. – END –

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