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Original title: Of Ren Jialun ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” had not killed blueness, ” cross without care ” came, female advocate keep suspense! Ren Jialun, the actor of a sedate sureness.

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Last year ” Zhou Shengru reason ” and ” one’s whole life ” let his heat go up again first-order ladder, before this, ren Jialun has been depended on ” big Tang Rongyao ” small fire, just famous at that time degree not tall, a lot of people may look a main actor to return the sense that is a new personality, but Ren Jialun is final be encircle pink by actual strength.

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In ” Datangrong boasts ” a year that when broadcast, ren Jialun still is in a drama ” Long Zhu legend ” in passing traveller is strung together, although camera lens is not much, make a person impressive however, of his personate is son Li Sixing of Li Dingguo.

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The drama that acts the leading role later is heat more ceaseless, no matter be ” under bright and beautiful garment ” , ” the white snake of day Ji is fabulous ” , ” dusk is white head ” or ” Qiu Chan ” , let his fire. Recently, very much concerned Ren Jialun came out on the net new theatrical work ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” the road is appeared, at present this drama still is filming in, guan Bo is a message also is done not have more, see a road appear everybody to be in boast his bounce strength is particularly good Hahahahaha.

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” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” it is by Ren Jialun He Yangying presents as leading role to act the leading role, adapt from the novel with drive well sweet boil ” search hard because of dusk only ” , the director is Li Ang, ceng Zhi guides ” Qiu Chan ” ” the mother-in-law’s bracelet child ” wait for drama, this theatrical work had filming January 5 this year, film cycle has 90 days, still filming at present level, leave nevertheless kill blueness not far also. Teleplay ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” the theatrical work of city encourage sign that is subject matter of psychology of a focusing, in afterwards ” female psychology division ” after conflagration, the film of this one type leaves in succession pat. ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” told about the Liu Xia that is engaged in mental health guidance working and the writer Qi Lianshan that think the psychological inference novel oneself adapts a play, 2 people go closer more in cooperating hand in hand, gain a success finally in respective career while, also harvested good love.

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In light of the battle array that this drama is worth from Gao Yan, angelababy and Ren Jialun achieved the explicit and aesthetic requirement of the audience really, how to perform skill to cannot go as to gut, that is static await good news. The contemporary sport that Ren Jialun takes a few this years is not little also, he is ancient costume all the time however before, contemporary theatrical work is very little, now and then be mingled with is worn trifling the Republic of China makes fun of. This is the play that Ren Jialun challenges this kind of subject matter for the first time, and the dress of modern play and the room that modelling chooses are a few bigger, expect Ren Jialun the new role in this drama.

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” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” although had not killed blueness, but drama of Ren Jialun ” cross without care ” had had a news, this drama is current and provisional male advocate act the leading role by Ren Jialun, ” cross without care ” it is drama of strange unreal of an ancient costume, direct by Lin Yufen together Sino-Japanese and top class advocate achieve make.

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” cross without care ” those who tell about is to take the advantage of night to was not used up, do 100 bewitching confuse a: ?  fly Song of cutout Dan  ? of  of  of knowledge of  happy Guo has the person that dismiss 100 concern, cross bewitching to cross a person to also cross affection. ” at present about this drama the biggest dispute is female advocate, before female chief commander is being passed to be able to act by Li Yitong all the time on the net, begin to pass Tian Xiwei again from the back, again Bai Lu, Li Qin waits now, piece the flower did not give a specific answer temporarily, left to the audience then greatly be concerned about.

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Without giving thought to female advocate who to decide finally, hope everybody does not lead fight, and ” cross without care ” this drama wants to wait broadcast estimation still has had long. Nevertheless, ren Jialun also has a lot of new theatrical work to want to sow this year, for instance ” blue flame assault ” ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” ” ask gentleman ” , expect to leave at an early date sow!

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