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Original title: Gu Ouxi drama ” adult of the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out ” , happy degree follows next door ” beautiful language is endowed with ” one go all out | of source of graph of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of article | unique clown comes from teleplay of | of series of network movie and TV ” adult of the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out ” ancient costume of | of type of movie and TV / God / related comedian celestial bodies of | Cao Yu / Tian Xiwei / be like Yu Liang / Jinyoumei

20220303161536 6220e9a82a4d3

These two years, saw too much ancient Ou Chounan. This, see Gu Ouxi play ” adult of the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out ” . The Yan Zhi of leading role of male and female, it is OK to be returned unexpectedly. See cast, know, this drama, big probability is not what big cost with great quantity S+ is made. Do not spend the first part, quite exciting. Male advocate execute the law as the middle of forhead personnel, when carrying out official business, enter hall of the fate brings lovers together. When fighting with the evil person, break the link that life of department of hall of the fate brings lovers together and terrestrial administer Gong Luan establish.

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The result that create is, big chaos of terrestrial the fate brings lovers together, the fate brings lovers together of common people becomes unusual. And male advocate, between every be infiltratinged, rob through experiencing condition, will bear reach the fault that makes up for him place to commit. See here, chou Yu is curious the cerebral hole of playwrite. The terrestrial the fate brings lovers together that mentions in drama is unusual, can unusual to what degree, can more unusual than costly group?

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Passerby armour and husband and from, close Mom is fearing angst is gotten aside disastrous. And party, happy, in asing if the large award with extraordinary what is same. Husband and wife of second of person of one satisfy the need, too impatient to wait goes cheerfully and leave. Know each other never had liked the other side, bless each other again and again with joy, future is like bright and beautiful, can not have after period.

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Jeweller’s rolls out ring of gem of edition of set limit to again and again, but, be restricted only the single public figure of passerby third is bought. The implied meaning, to oneself fidelity, do not love a person all one’s life. Hotel also does not fall after the person, treat the food below the person. Man of passerby of single public figure came, guest room of day font size is served. The fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem of passerby of sweethearts of husband and wife came, guest room is full already, excuse me is not recieved.

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The member in the city’s most big chamber of commerce, it is single welfare agency. The enterprise wishs scene: Breaking is a pair to. In this city, macroscopical, lone be chased after to hold in both hands. And husband and wife and sweethearts, it is should be hit everywhere pressure. So pure and fresh and free from vulgarity gut, to Chou Yu such, bitter sweethearts is long already lone dog, want scarcely too friendly.

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Male advocate it is an immortal, that female advocate the identity is natural also too won’t common. In this city, have company of the biggest single material benefits, also play the first matchmaker naturally one day. Female advocate, it is woman matchmaker of a profession. Regard a career as female strong person, face depression of this kind of industry, the current situation that is called to press everywhere. Female advocate nature is try every means, cudgel one’s brains for goes completing his outstanding achievement. No matter be dice, will match person having a reason through shaking.

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Still pass the left and right sides to slide, establish a in the hall a male graph of beauty of traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women, will choose to admire an object in the heart.

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See, female advocate return pretty to have business head.

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Be dismissed regrettablly day of male principal and subordinate and fall, be bungled into what working hard female advocate in the bosom. Female advocate career, be destroyed at once.

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To Chou Yu this kind does not chase after astral personage for, leading role of male and female is the new face with unripe face. But get the better of in, male one male 2 colour values, on passing line. Female one female the Yan Zhi of 2, pure and fresh and natural, let a person shine at the moment. Will tell from gut, it is together ancient occasionally drama, bestow favor on drama to the Gu Outian of Zuo voice more compared with those industrial saccharin. ” adult of the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out ” this kind those who be full of farce Sha carve is ancient idol comedy, also be having a unique style.

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Nevertheless the word says, female advocate be very female advocate, have bit of suffer many a setback during one’s life namely. With male advocate go together a law court, within an inch of by the county too father loses the inkstone that come to give head on in be bungled.

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When everything is all right goes on big driveway, also can a board falls from the day, aim at female advocate head and come.

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With male advocate, go probing situation of hostile a group of people of same interest together. Male advocate when everything is all right crouchs in roof, female advocate a person falls into doghole.

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Before two times if it were not for has male advocate skill photograph is saved, be afraid female advocate early with respect to die, happy event lift big final result. Male nevertheless advocate this falls from the day straight male immortal, he is helped female advocate, pure belong to be ready to help others for a just cause, do not take the least bit hero to help beautiful interest. If right now female advocate put forward to be unable to repay, want to be made with body photograph, accurate meeting by male advocate should do requite kindness with enmity. The male feminine lead of others home the first time meet, or is to fall in love at first sight, or is in pairs abdomen black. We this male advocate come on the stage, battling ability and wisdom falls dimension blow, to female advocate it is moral kidnap. Oneself drop family roof, break person housetop a large deficit, ask to take instead disable compensation.

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This kind ancient occasionally Sha carve is comedic, although nutrition of gut it doesn’t matter, get the better of in relaxed joy much. Idle will do not have barren of work theatrical work of goof, can follow however next door ” beautiful language is endowed with ” together, brush go up to be brushed.

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