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Original title: “Paper intermediary ” of times of be on the wane group resemble example: ” full-dress ” how to show ” her force ” ? | Dragon of annals of thunder of special interview playwrite Author: A Po these two years, theatrical work of homebred duty field found right way slowly it seems that. In teleplay ” full-dress ” in brief introduction, hanging ” theatrical work of field of city vogue duty ” label, because be,happen in a fashionable magazine ” full-dress ” the story of company interior. Must admit, “Vogue ” 2 words serve as and not the domain of in a popular style, block broke many average viewers to be opposite of a drama primitive in all affection, but open the magazine company interior that after sowing, sees photograph of duty field all living creatures, hit audience resonance strongly however to nod. No matter be specific,arrive ” north floats not easy, company cultivate sighs ” , or sex of field of female experience duty is annoyed, perhaps arrive greatly again ” the paper intermediary industry at that time overcomes date to be about to sink euqally like Tai Tan Buddhist nun ” times of new old stagger develops industries of such a media, it is very true appear at major person oneself and the experience all round and information.

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More different is, perhaps in recent years theatrical work of homebred duty field appears ceaselessly excellent model, but drama of no less than is sowed period full-dress female does the topic # that is discussed in great quantities together career # place says, so large-scale the female example that manacles with getting the age, family shows modes of life and relation to their environment of field of a kind of duty, ” full-dress ” still be the first person that has crab. A such narratives that fill female force, playwrite is a young man. 7 years the playwrite of media career and modern drama film is experienced, dragon of annals letting thunder thinks everything is take advantage of an opportunity and for, as it happens has the chance that a such teleplay write to be put before him at that time, 5 yuan of culture recognized just right his originality, as it happens encountered those who respect a play to film group, had eventually so perfect appear. Chen Kaiyi and Li Na: Group resemble show cut with although say,open ” full-dress ” it is a female group like drama, but still have an incorporeal person like the backbone from beginning to end, when coming on the stage namely, still be ” full-dress ” the Chen Kaiyi of magazine subeditor. Lei Zhilong thought she is a delegate ” full-dress ” the character of magazine spirit temperament, an elephant that also is a kind of viewpoint of value convert carrier, she is inexorable, precipitant, wait for a person to friendly, be an upright person the principle that works to oneself stand fast and bottom line, on some degree most the condition of approximately good woman, be considered as a story by a few audiences even in ” big female advocate ” . Such ” big female advocate ” , leave in the story piece when show a person with the back, already enough mystery and attractive, very difficult however one pace reachs the designated position ground station understands its heart beside her. So real story leaves piece, be turn with a sports Li Na’s perspective cuts the young trainee of a fashionable media, a little girl to fashionable utterly ignorant, entered sealed world suddenly, resembling is to experience a risk.

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Li Na is a drama is sowed period the part with audience more doubt, what is the meaning that she exists? It is will common probably audience and look be like not ground connection enrages ” fashionable bound ” undertake connective bridge. Chen Kaiyi and ” full-dress ” magazine company such a flock of, in ordinary the footing that is like Li Na looks is a flock of getting on person, so Li Na makes the vehicle that the audience takes the place of, have a process that enters this new world jointly. From leave piece to the end, the time that the story spans is short nevertheless half an year is much, young Li Na is impossible have a skyrocketing rise, she was finished in this paragraph of time arrive from confused trainee enjoy among them fashionable editorial evolution, also finished this part to be pursued in drama live the core of the meaning appeals to beg. Although this grows process, fail to satisfy one part audience to whether can upgrade to the part probably hit what ascend a top quickly quite period make, but she is as before ” full-dress ” photograph of magazine company all living creatures among them of a model sectional.

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Look in Lei Zhilong, say with its Chen Kaiyi is ” big female advocate ” , be inferior to saying ” full-dress ” this magazine just is the biggest leading role, a kind it is idealism specific show. Chen Kaiyi the female volition and assume the mental conviction that upholds legitimate rights and interests for the female to place its to go up; It provided the main platform that grow for Li Na; Once treated the job as live the Cai Fei of the tool, because be in ” full-dress ” encountered Xiao Gong snow, want to become powerful thereby to the person that can protect oneself and place love; Zhao Xin has stood fast here ideal, but she is life place approach, must abandon with one’s own hands the ideal in the past admits new era, here is the converter of her life. Each person is looked up and down through different point of view ” full-dress ” , body reveals different viewpoint of value, this is group of meanings that resemble show, also be ” full-dress ” meaning. Xiang Tingfeng and thunder open safe: The male is not the villain in drama in female world ” I do not think Xiang Tingfeng is character of a villain in drama. ” Lei Zhilong in all sorts of time all sorts of platform are in for Xiang Tingfeng ” rehabilitate ” , he understands an audience to regard its as villain in drama, because Xiang Tingfeng was reflected in this drama,be lose to viewpoint of value, because used plot to George, push according to logic act, he should be punished, and in the drama that gives priority to body with all sorts of woman roles, he bore the weight of really the function that opposes to it, so he cannot admit defeat very quickly, he wants contrariwise to revolt again ceaselessly, such ability make a novel is in break up ceaselessly time in movement continues, this is Thespian writing is basic of the decision that cover a region.

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The logic of playwrite is to should give everybody thing add affection, clue, pressure, burden, target, change in order to abound their flesh and blood, xiang Tingfeng also is such, so Lei Zhilong emphasizes, he is not one uses midriff to answer the person’s hellion. To finish character logic of Xiang Tingfeng, lei Zhilong increased a few clues for him, metabolic reason of the character, behavior bottom line of the character, the character’s glitter is nodded… ” the love that his flashy dot is He Xiaogong snow. He loves to be like Gong Xue, but because ” full-dress ” headquarters in-house high level of a company cannot of love set and be depressed all the time, he has longing to succeeding, confused to did not have also with insecurity, he thinks he is not quite powerful still, did not master true speech to counterpoise, just bring about oneself cannot open and aboveboard He Xiaogong snow marries, meet happy love. Meet happy love..

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After abounding flesh and blood ceaselessly, xiang Tingfeng’s contradiction, pigheaded cling to and complex become can be seen Qing Dynasty and feeling get, so that Xiang Tingfeng when this character exeunts as tearful as what be like Gong Xue leave, it is to make an audience true understand this ” abominable person ” ” sad part ” . Same, lei Qitai also is not ” hellion ” , he just changed, be that schoolboy that can see UFO in the courtyard no longer, because gut need is all-around,push Chen Kaiyi ” hopeless situation ” , even if be like,be outstanding,make an audience clear Chen Kaiyi, bear in the need relation in a paragraph of mistake as before come from not sensible man to cast the humiliate that come and threaten. Kink of dragon of annals of this thing thunder very long, abandon finally please one part audience and standing fast the thing that oneself should express. “I still had written one draft is Home Lei Qitai cruel Chen Kaiyi, bring about Chen Kaiyi to tell him the court, but myself is overcome, feel too beyond the mark, if be Lei Qitai, cannot arrive of that degree, go to again so reclaimed to close. Go to again so reclaimed to close..

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In stated process, aching voice can hear in Lei Zhilong’s sigh with regret, he has written a paragraph of actor’s lines to use the love that expresses pair of Chen Kaiyi for Lei Qitai, the relation of two people appearance is alarm clock and batteries, lei Qitai is propping up the battery that Chen Kaiyi takes ahead namely, hope Chen Kaiyi can be a few happier, be done by bad news till oneself, also do not know what to can do for Chen Kaiyi again. Have the dialogue of a lot of play, lei Zhilong writes him to cry loudly, this a among them. ” full-dress ” play writing covers a region is desire Yang Xianyi, if want raise Chen Kaiyi to be like Gong Xue this group, that can or Xiang Tingfeng thunder opens peaceful Lu Binbin these people, male part people in Thespian in sacrificed good impression is spent, get woman role line brighter. Her force: Consider expression, also want to save ” we are in assail duty field is rough phenomenon when be in assail phenomenon itself, and be not male or female sexual distinction. ” ” full-dress ” this drama bore the weight of the output of viewpoint of value of a lot of females, dan Leizhi dragon says frankly, he does a few strong mood voice at first without very clear consciousness, it is the process that also undertook while the play is composed ego heart is combed only, confirmed a few notion slowly.

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“I am to be in country and small town to be brought up in one’s childhood, have elder sister of a lot of cousins, watch and female fellow student, when I remember they or girl all the time, everybody is showing shining pattern in the eye, but passed to make old good-bye, they are very much become grey head earth face, perhaps be to be married not quite well, perhaps was to encounter bad life, after I see, the metropolis in the heart feels a bit afflictive. ” no matter be brightness or face of grey head earth, it is the appearance on a kind of temperament, lei Zhilong also is ability understands later, in the words condition that has no way out in when these female sexual life, they can cannot get the improvement, look that sees not clear future because of domestic position slowly and sink into gradually, became additionally one kind of person. In one’s childhood Lei Zhilong not too understand, it is faint suspicion only whether is the world such, the female can repeat such result namely. Be in till him ” fine person ” the half an year that magazine company works, increasing experience different outstanding female, authoress, female entrepreneur, female artist… it is OK that he just understands the woman student is former live so much colour is multicolored.

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Once the speak bluntly of thunder annals dragon of more writing film and modern drama, spending the story that 3 years time creation comes out is not for of course ” show off ” what vogue encircles is bright and creditable, real significance is to hope to carry a TV station this kind opposite for touch amount to a crowd more the carrier that sink, letting is county and country probably more, still won’t participate in discussion woman audience on the network probably, see the world of a rich and colorful that they never had imagined, one kind is not exclusive truth with husband’s family, need not exchange betrothal gifts to help sb to fulfill his wishes with oneself the life of little brother marriage. Can resemble Li Na such, even if one’s previous experience is in heavy male light the female, family that is depressed, even if at the beginning whats do not understand, but should agree hard only, do not abandon, can live according to oneself volition, of thing of this ability hereat first heart. The experience at the beginning of teleplay: With the otherness of the audience, the otherness with the times ” the old practice that great majority playwrite likes, doing not have an opportunity to take gift is regular job, the gift that takes is accident. ” ” full-dress ” it is Lei Zhilong the first time the writing of teleplay play, bottom and form ties of 5 yuan of culture cooperated 2016, get admissive after conveying oneself to miss saying story, begin to begin compose outline at the beginning of 2017, overthrow because of the deviation that move a gender when nearly 10 thousand words rescript, the outline close-up of in the future and component part all the way free is suitable, till final version of the play at the beginning of 2020, switch on the mobile phone film.

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Allude the play wrote 3 years, him Lei Zhilong also laughed, below the case that is not overturned for many times in content, this is not fast writing of course, but as the project reserve measures the enough, mature company that at any time new theatrical work is advanced, 5 yuan of culture spend huge of the person that also gave creative work to safety feels and create a vacuum to Lei Zhilong’s accredit and freedom. “I often also see the talk that the play of playwrite often is revised in great quantities on the net before, how many have some of perturbed at that time so. ” but fortunately, 500 directors and each actors special esteem play, reductive the setting inside and actor’s lines, song Jia will need the actor’s lines that French tells about even, after special friend is translated into French, leaving please before patting, carry on the back ripe, the Yuan appearance that chant can be in a field the meaning that confirms view of actor’s lines mandarin at any time, information gaps and omissions is done not have in order to affirm between the changeover of language of another name for Guangdong Province and mandarin.

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say originally at content, the experience with Lei Zhilong looks, modern drama more depend on dialogue, although arena is finite, although have an actor only, also can offer the imagination of infinity for the audience; The film emphasizes the rhythm of the picture and change more, the choice that stresses a structure is accurate with the vision, even if need not use so much actor’s lines; And teleplay needs to build larger space, the cycle that uses a figure lets a story become complex, the rhythm between the rhythm that and be in a long space uses each collect interior, weak market and weak market finishs integral introduction, be what cover a lot of small constructions in old structure is narrative. It is the play begins only at 5 years before, audience of a mainstream still is fond of a character between the relation the times of strong conflict, so the play used artistic treatment to enhance the means creation of conflict in control rhythm. Drama is sowed nowadays period the Lei Zhilong that seeks theatrical work can choose effective barrage and comment morely, go understanding instantly audience the demand to teleplay.

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“Bottle discussing to smash a head in the show that they can save Cai Fei in Xiao Gong snow is true meeting broken, the big house that can discuss Gu Mingshan when Gu Mingshan and Liu Ziqi speak is worth how many money… the recreational way that the audience can choose now is really too much, if before a few collect, even the first collect does not press an audience, they can abandon theatrical work, so I feel the following to want in the play more dedicated the thing that means expression, do not let an audience have opportunity desert easily. ” in fact, the story that spanned 5 years to create, can conform with masses public opinion today and obtain approbate, had been the test that underwent time, be being conveyed well really probably even if can be in extremely fast in information and aesthetic iteration, maintain the vitality that never retreats popularity.

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