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Original title: New theatrical work ” still feed ” makeup look cites dispute, at loving wind of few weak aunt? Cooperative belle collective ages Foreword from ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” ” feline cat incident ” later, had not seen for a long time ” dead girl ” . Say result, it is controversy really full, there are a lot of masterpieces on the hand, especially ” Yan Xi strategy ” be learned by Feng Weimei directly classical, because borrowed,also mix nevertheless the problem of play staff puppy, and be scolded to go up by ground of again and again hot search.

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But the theatrical work that must say Yu Zheng is really sweet, in those days ” palace ” still have ” beauty calculation ” it is to explode really fire, can say to make sure at been become teleplay explodes fine medicine of fire, it is to give an ammunition really, although be full of very much controversy, but ” dead girl ” literary talent still cannot deny. ” still feed ” controversy is full the new theatrical work of the closest Yu Zheng ” still feed ” also be to be duped, the historical setting of this drama is Ming Dynasty, male advocate for bright announce emperor, so modelling also as far as possible Ming Dynasty of press close to. And ” the strategy that delay happiness ” the belle of same all of the same color, and also be palace subject matter, also be to wanting to be able to be made probably give the 2nd ” Yan Xi strategy ” this hot drama, also be to give continuance so the Cp of Xu Kai and Wu Jin character, premonitory when just going up, audience people also be to expect full, thinking this is likely is one explodes drama.

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But looked later, the audience is not exceedingly satisfactory, cast gut not to say, mix with respect to among them modelling filter lens is to make a person not have quite really of language, special show old, did not resemble it seems that ” the strategy that delay happiness ” the sort of energy spirit of go-between content is magical, some audiences also are speak bluntly, well put through of belle have to such, feel distressed belle. What Wu Jin character says drama is medium first is female advocate, namely the Yao Zijin of personate of Wu Jin character, of course this part also is the history consults, after the Sun Huang that is bright announce emperor, also be celebrity of a history. Must saying the play staff is on dress also is very go up heart, take be being changed is really absolutely, bright make Chinese take let a lot of Chinese take accuse be envious unceasingly, this feels character look not general.

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But go up with makeup look with respect to hairstyle, still be inferior to a bit meaning, because be really too show old, before be being mixed at all ” bright article female advocate ” Wei Ying Luo must be not compared, be in after all ” still feed ” medium Yao Zijin also is a girl, does for what makeup look want so show old? This makeup look also too few became weak, and of the filter lens grey heavy inside, the time that allows a person to look grew to feel the eye is uncomfortable, relatively at ” Yan Xi strategy ” the appearance of an actor, have very big difference really.

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Actually, must saying really is the new student that goes up at giving Wu Jin character career, and still like this to plant very much at original person antediluvian makeup look. There has not been talk of intercourse Wu Jin with Yuzheng before reference, antediluvian makeup look is relaxed girl, very clever really. Nevertheless, lose a lot of individual character however, true like the Wei Ying Luo like small panther too action person liked. Jiang Qin speaks of Jiang Qin is diligent frequently, then colour value is to did not get in season really, just gave the ancient costume the appearance of an actor when the path especially, it is Jing colourful everybody really. Often say years never beats beautiful woman, the Jiang Qin that young Shi Yan is worth a tip is diligent enter middleaged later also hold fascination as before, in ” cloud of herd of a poetic name of China is written down ” medium the appearance of an actor, elegant bully energy of life is very.

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Be exactly like ” Wang Zherong boasts ” in Wu Zetian’s figure. But did not think of, ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” medium Jiang Qin is diligent not only temperament is done not have very sufficient, and appearance also aged, plus because ” feline cat ” still have ” fan hand ” incident, also let this drama public praise suffer an effect quite. Wang Yan ” return Zhugege ” in the fine of tender goodness Gegeke is the Bai Yueguang in memory of childhood of a lot of people, the Wang Yan after getting married also is breath shadow for a long time, nearly two years of ability slowly pay, on her face, we also are the marks that saw years, mix with respect to temperament nevertheless for Yan Zhifang face, beautiful still. This new theatrical work ” still feed ” in the figure that also saw Wang Yan, have very much as before differentiate degree, but relatively be in at her ” still feed ” medium the appearance of an actor, do not have really ” bend city Yi Qinghuan ” in that way Jing is colourful.

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Yuan Shan Shan is before this, yuan Shan Shan also is treasure of Yu Zhengxin head, yuan Shan Shan is in ” palace Suo Xinyu ” in gues-starring small part is quite lovely still, but arrived ” Gong Suozhu shade ” become female advocate, modelling lets a person spit groove to arrive from the first collect however last collect, that is ugly what do the person directly to the bang on exploded eyebrow is foolish foolish logy, plus drama color of skin of medium itself of Yuan Shan Shan looks deeper, without of language is the heart also does not go up on makeup look, went up color of a lot of death.

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So that be female originally advocate Yuan Shan Shan by female match free from worry it is to be ground wildly pressure. Get of course the ugliest one act in her drama, belong to even ” tomato egg spends soup ” , be contended for by the netizen at that time photograph pass round for perusal is derisive, also knowing is to have how old Chou Duo is complained greatly, the family put through of a belle such. But the appearance of an actor of ancient costume of Yuan Shan Shan when before looking, cooperating with Yuzheng also is beautiful of celestial being, temperament unplugs at a draught tall.

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Zhang Zhi brook to Zhang Zhi brook, my impression is the deepest is the Zhen Mi that she acts, a red garment is true at that time is absolutely beautiful, so that I see later period,her drama takes filter looking glass oneself, after all belle also try to make a good showing, colour value acting double online, just make fun of the portion is not much, also take the place that is less than a main actor, passerby predestined relationship is full still nevertheless.

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Nevertheless, arrived ” still feed ” later this is how to return a responsibility, sensory face ministry very strut, age feeling also is to enter middleaged, have the mark of years very much, ming Dynasty also is to be able to besmear of lipstick, how makeup look so few is weak, look as healing at the beginning of a serious illness, there was not color.

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King Chu Ran ” the general is going up ” let more person realise Chu Ran of beauty cousin king, a white skirt makes a person impressive. No matter be ancient costume or contemporary outfit belle,also be can Hold lives, this ” still feed ” in the part that also has king Chu Ran, but this is become directly,grow greatly today, celestial being gas of the belle was done not have at a draught, became a full day directly foolish happy little ground younger sister, let a lot of audiences be not had language.

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Epilogue tells the truth nevertheless, although groovy dot is numerous, but Yu Zheng’s drama does not have Dora to had broken down, be being chased after between empty Yu Shi still is very happy. ” still feed ” for, with respect to what compare those manufacture in a rough way Xiaogu idol theatrical work is expensive is not a class, fall namely simply dimension blow. And not all also the appearance of an actor is not interesting, the Bai Lu before resembling and golden morning are special give prize, saying to return so is because of the person different.

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