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Original title: The harbor drama 20 years ago, male advocate lose memory to fall in love with female match, after restoring memory, abandoned female advocate There are a lot of parts in drama of movie and TV is amative head, be together to follow a sweetheart, they not hesitate even lose life, but such paying, can not change opposite party certainly equal love. Broadcast 01 years, the harbor drama of the main actor such as Xiang Hailan, Jiang Hua, She Shiman ” 7 sister ” in, have two feeling line, although be tragic ending, the Miao Lianxian that the beautiful of wheat harvest season that Dan Xianghai haze acts and Jiang Hua act line of that one feeling, let a person be however female advocate be indignant.

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Beautiful of wheat harvest season is a rich home young lady, because like Thespian, associate with the friend of a flock of have a common goal, they become sworn brothers accordingly for 7 sister. Below the commendation of other elder and younger sisters, wheat harvest season beautifuls when red playwrite Miao Lianxian is become assistant. This job is not comfortable, although Miao Lianxian has talent very much, however disposition is eccentric, bad to get along, the whole thing gas went a lot of be attracted the assistant of be defeated and flee, he is none polite also to beautiful of wheat harvest season, always get angry to her. But beautiful of wheat harvest season is not a soft persimmon, always be rational has rancor according to the ground go back, what and work finish is very outstanding, gradually Miao Lianxian accepted her.

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Actually Miao Lianxian is not hellion, it is he is not known only how to get along with the person, beautiful of wheat harvest season takes him actively to go out to play later, two people are gradually ripe subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy rise, they also are in imperceptible in loved each other. However Miao Lianxian is not rich, and the family of one mind that wheat harvest season beautifuls wants her to marry wealthy person, object them be together stoutly then. Beautiful of wheat harvest season cannot resist parents, make an appointment with Miao Lianxian then die for love, but wheat harvest season beautifuls after commit suicide, miao Lianxian shrank back however, he is gone to dead without courage. He feels to I am sorry again beautiful of wheat harvest season, then abandonment, be bumped not carefully when market advanced position swings to break recalled.

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Those who bump into Miao Lianxian is a Fu Jiaqian golden young lady, break in Miao Lianxian after recalling, her meticulously ground takes care of him, gradually two people loved each other, married very quickly again. A few years that when be deeply attached to each other in them, beautiful of gone wheat harvest season because hold read aloud to did not go all the time reincarnation, she searchs Miao Lianxian’s whereabouts in the world all the time. Wheat harvest season beautifuled Miao Lianxian sees eventually below the help in friends later, also discover him eventually in those days break an appointment, but she did not blame him, still be opposite however his be reluctant to part with. Although road of person ghost different, they cannot have been together, but beautiful of wheat harvest season always cannot help appearing beside Miao Lianxian, this caused the jealousy of Miss Huang.

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Miss Huang maintained wheat harvest season to beautiful will grab a man with her, so her try every means drives away beautiful of wheat harvest season, sought tall person even, apply decretal wheat harvest season to beautiful grey flying smoke destroys. Her act makes Miao Lianxian more and more disappointed to her, two people feeling more and more disaccord, and Miss Huang also because this is more and more frenzied. With wheat harvest season beautiful is jumped over under stretch of Miao lotus celestial being closer, he also restored memory gradually, although he beautifuls to wheat harvest season very ashamed remorses, but as old as Miss Huang feeling also makes him put no less than Miss Huang young ladies, beautiful of final wheat harvest season is put down hold read aloud chose reincarnation, and Miao Lianxian also returned Miss Huang beside.

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Must say, beautiful of wheat harvest season is infatuation fault paid really, but her true also clumsy, abandoned for a person that does not love oneself so so much. She is loving Miao Lianxian greatly, abandon family for him, abandon everything, the love of Ke Miaolian celestial being to her is deep without her however. He is to violate pledge first, bring about wheat harvest season to beautiful alone person is gone, another person loafs about several years in the world. He restored memory later, those who recalled to beautiful with wheat harvest season a variety of, but he had become beloved to go up thoroughly right now female match, know perfectly well Yu Maiqiu having ashamed to beautiful, ending still follows beautiful of buy wheat harvest season for many times however at the deathtrap female it is good to deserve to be attributed to again.

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