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Original title: ” meet season ” acting grading: Zhang Yi is promoted exceed a country one stage actor, thunder favorable reply 10 minutes the first ” meet season ” hot make many homebred drama are made blank, among them noonday sunshine manufactures ” meet season ” . From cast and advocate achieve each respects such as the group to look, ” meet season ” complete unlike ” between the world ” poor, but as a result of ” between the world ” temperature is too high, ” meet season ” after sowing all the time by ” between the world ” press.

20220303162048 6220eae01b652

But at present ” between the world ” had greeted end, and ” meet season ” also became below one to explode of the paragraph make. This drama makes the content that basically tells about be put in trade war and family, same hotspot is dye-in-the-wood, and gut rhythm is faster, drama is made cast from one begin gave Jian Ning two contradiction, leading role of male and female also does not have be mixed of too much soulful, even the reason because of familial Su Chou, without the likelihood that be together.

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And the character set that this drama makes feeling of ample also area, each part is to be in overturn audience to be the same as the acknowledge of type part. Noonday sunshine is not only on select material enough energy is accurate, choose horn to accord with an audience completely also to expect, from ” meet season ” in light of acting grading, even if is the actor that gets dispute fully, there also is the show of bright look in this drama.

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One, thunder favorable reply, “Drama casts a face ” acting too Jing is colourful ” between the world ” just be over, the popular feeling of Zhou Bingkun development of personate of thunder favorable reply, be in one after another ” meet season ” in personate a brand-new figure, let an audience very easily give play. But must say, the Jian Hongcheng that thunder favorable reply explains showed him to the audience again however ” drama casts a face ” acting.

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What Jian Hongcheng is different from Zhou Bingkun is common and ordinary, from coming on the stage is bully total person is set, but the fat move that cannot see a bit on the body of thunder favorable reply, can feel to there is a worry on body of this one person only. But the job since processing comes, it is absolutely dedicated and meticulous, this kind does not contain the duty field elite of strong president aureola, instead more ground connection is angry.

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And thunder favorable reply to the part take hold still reach the designated position, treat once eyes of first love Ning You is gentle, treat had divorced jumpy even ex-wife criterion the inhospitality of one face, can more intuitionistic deliver character mood to the audience. Because,also be such acting, favorable reply letting thunder took 10 minutes the first.

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2, yuan Quan, duty field female spring of strong Yuan of means of another kind of explanation and Ning You of this one part comfortable deserve to spend can to weigh full marks, in drama she is having multilayer the identity, since a mother, also be an elder sister, still be duty at the same time field daughter is strong. But no matter be which kind of identities, jumped out the common circle of part set.

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Because off the rails corruption is faced with the husband to divorce,the peace in drama excuses, be about very quickly to become single close mother, but she is in what body comes out now before the child is gentle one side forever. Suffer harm to do not invite a son, swallow all suffering, because this is on the face that excuses rather,always taking agonized, and do an elder sister what she considers for her little brother again is very comprehensive, it is an eldest sister figure that can be relied on and trusts.

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Nevertheless, what make a person accident truly is Yuan Quan to duty field daughter is explained by force, work same with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, but do not let a person feel strong, solve a problem with the swiftest method however. The duty in be being made with drama of other movie and TV field daughter is strong disparate, yuan Quan contributed duty field daughter deduces means another kind strong, took acting grading of 10 minutes likewise.

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3, liang Guanhua, overturn many classic character form once had been explained before type deduces Hua Zao of coronal of bridge of villain in drama, be like Di Renjie, the day that wrap blueness, it is openly figure. Nevertheless, regard a country as one stage actor, liang Guanhua diagonal controls lubriciously Yuan Chao audience anticipates ability, in ” meet season ” in, the Zhang Lixin of its personate is character of a villain in drama.

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To the audience, liang Guanhua is this to overturn undoubtedly the explanation of type, but must say to come on the stage the crafty sycophant that takes a trader oneself is tricky. What make a person accident however is, such wonderful acting took 8 minutes only. Actually, this is not acting difference of Liang Guanhua, serve as costar in drama however, his show share is too little, affected Liang Guanhua’s play.

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4, zhang Yi is promoted, low the actual strength school that opens to go high although ” meet season ” leading role of male and female is thunder favorable reply and Yuan Quan, but this drama makes attention spend a top performer still is Zhang Yi promote, there is the label that discharge stars on his body, transition does actor nature to suffer everybody to pay close attention to fully. But be in this ” meet season ” in, zhang Yi promotes the Ning Shu of personate to let a person feel accident.

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In early days gut, many audiences oppugn the acting that Zhang Yi promotes to differ, actor’s lines strength is insufficient, but the development as gut, ning Shu of this one character complex chase fadein to be shown. And Zhang Yi promotes complex to this kind person to set accuse to still reach the designated position, also let an audience see his change truly, acting level also is highlighted gradually come out.

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because of such, zhang Yi is promoted take the tall grading of 9.8, exceeded a country even Liang Guanhua of one stage actor. In drama, zhang Yi is promoted also with acting of many violent wind of old show bone, he can be received completely also so that live. Apparent, in ” meet season ” in, the actual strength that Zhang Yi begins was underestimated, he just is truly low the actual strength school that opens to go high.

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Fine actor often can accomplish a drama to make, ” meet season ” the success that hang on picks part, just have become explode the likelihood of the paragraph.

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