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Original title: Li Ying: Temperament restricted play road, cannot act ” poor ” actor, this play has her, firm Have unripe year, glad meet, click upper part ” attention ” , the story with warm more of a describe. Red stage photo of Li Ying high mountain presents as leading role to act the leading role by the person such as Yang Zishan, Peng Guanying, Lin Peng, Zhao Zhiwei ” two kinds of marriage guess ” heat is sowed, in drama besides the men and women leading role, male 2 female two masterstroke of 2, expression ” guess two kinds of marriage ” outside the theme, the most wonderful nothing is more… than, yue Gong of actor of actual strength clique and Li Ying are right blast ” sentimental ” combination. There is the mother-in-law that acts technically with respect to Yue Gong to had written before, the Li Zhenggong of her personate is male advocate mom, although she experienced one’s early years to break marriage, lose the job, rely on oneself completely a person is brought up son drag, but the affliction of the life did not hit her. She becomes more free and easy instead atmosphere, chase after esteem female independence freedom, it is one is full of wisdom the good mother-in-law of bright logic. Li Ying stage photo and of Li Ying personate female advocate mom Xiao Sugong, follow Li Zhenggong polarity, she is the free female with romantic grace of a pursuit, after the husband dies, a person raises a daughter, train her the become a useful person, can not be to let her bear hardships, go up in choose husband so, average person cannot enter her law small hole. First time and male advocate the mother has a meal, she of careful calculation and strict budgeting is in an unfavorable situation after afraid daughter marriage, work with mother of relatives by marriage on dining table rise, final within an inch of destroyed this paragraph of the fate brings lovers together. What you see this exceeds meeting enjoyment after bridge day stage photo is modern ” spruce Mom ” , the bridge of the boy friends that do not rely on chart with her paragraph meet happy blossom. Must say ” two guess ” stage photo can pick a person very much, end at present till, two boy friends that Xiao Sugong comes on the stage are very surprizing, the first is the house property intermediary of bridge day personate. Additionally one is Zhao Liang, he comes on the stage follow gangdom should search like eldest brother male advocate little sister, be being frightened so that he thinks is the little sister offended what person, let her hide into the room rapidly; But actually he is female advocate the new male friend of mom Xiao Sugong, some fowl-run boss, this also is illuminated into actual Zhao Liang to raise the capacity of gallinaceous large family, quite interesting still. Zhao bright stage photo or Xiao Suyun can come thing, get along in what follow mother of relatives by marriage not only in it is the light that does not save oil, the boy friend of association also is one is amused than, hotspot laugh nods all to have, this play has her firm. Play all along of Li Ying is quite actually firm, her Ceng Yiren is being connected by right of ” see meteor shower together ” ” wild duck ” ” on the verge of breaking out ” trilogy is seleted Jin Ying award. Li Ying depends on his outstanding acting and rich performance experience, get of the audience approbate and love. This year already Li Ying of 55 years old, always appear before screen piece thick ” wealthy old woman ” flavour. Someone says Li Ying is the actress that cannot perform a poor. Return somebody to say to hear Li Ying to new theatrical work wants to go up to had guessed her identity, either broadness is female strong person too. Actually, li Ying can ” elegant broadness too ” temperament takes those who hold so that die to death, following her probably is model one’s previous experience is concerned. generation model is stepping actually sufficient perform art circle, before the actor, li Ying is model, and becoming before model, li Ying’s dream is when a dancer, believe what do not know to this is a lot of people. 1966, li Ying is born at Shanghai, do not see her present look elegant and gentle and quiet, in one’s childhood Li Ying is however those who do not sit advocate, particularly good move, one day does not break off next legs, leave next pockets, all over uneasy. The first dream of Li Ying is when dancer, await her to see ballet in those days, ” swan lake ” of what oneself are particularly yearning, but the destiny opened a fun with her unluckily however. In those days institute of Beijing ballet dancing goes recruit students, li Ying entered oneself for an examination, can pass because of the age finally a bit, height too tall and was not admitted. But the destiny is favor Li Ying, think in her oneself when this all one’s life can not have a predestined relationship with arena, a burgeoning profession is in again to her beck. Controlled 1985, our home just begins to have model this profession. Li Ying thinks him move goes dancing to be disrelished stature is too tall, that can be become model? Model also is to be able to go up scenic. Li Ying of one’s early years takes present model for, li Ying’s figure is too short for certain, too small, but in that time, it is OK to want 1 meter of 68 aboves only when model, and Li Ying has a meter 7, calculate very tall. With respect to such roads that Li Ying was on model, made generation model of Chinese, take a magazine not only, still send calendar, be being patted is 10 years. This also is why to be last year ” mom you are really good-looking ” in the program, she comes on the stage the look that drew everybody, those who make the Hu Bing below field excited introduce with the Li Weijia on the side ” the elder that she is me actually ” reason. Li Ying calendar serves as model, li Ying still is in match of competion area of Shanghai of contest of model of advertisement of China whole nation had taken first prize, win the honorary title of green young lady at the same time, as to why can walk up later act art road, be particularly natural thing. Because serve as model to be able to contact factory of TV station, film for certain, can have a few small parts next, collective ginseng acts film, every time this moment Li Ying can be stayed by the director, say: “This girl, you wait to go, I let you say two words. ” Li Ying of one’s early years often at that time, li Ying does not know, perhaps be a director the expressional force that sees her is quite powerful, the Yan Zhi that adds her very figure, the road of the performance that is her added cent. Act art Lu Liying belongs to old day to admire meal eater, inherent beautiful qualitative, although do not have the model that passes major to groom, also not be professional actor one’s previous experience, but go up in this two roads, she goes very smoothly. First prize was taken on advertisement model contest, after the title that wins green young lady, resource of movie and TV also subsequently and come. 1992, she is to join first performed teleplay ” all over the sky star ” , be in again subsequently the film ” Hong Kong bathed in blood ” in personate Luo Na, this part looks some ” foolish Bai Tian ” , dan Yan value does not have a word to say really. Luo Na stage photo is same year, li Ying still is in Zhang Jianya hold the war that guide is comedic piece ” 3 Mao Congjun is written down ” in act division commander madam, li Ying is in this in have two classical scene, one is the socks that take off silk, another is in the face powder before grave, these two movements already attractive comical, more than 20 years past, do not know how to many person still remembers this piece of spruce face? After becoming famous by right of madam of alluring woman division commander, resource of movie and TV has been gotten even more, herself is more and more grumous also to the interest of the performance. 1995, depend on teleplay ” Pujiang is narrative ” Xie Ling one horn, award of eagle of gold of TV of Li Ying nomination is optimal heroine. Li Ying throws movie and TV to develop with respect to systemic heart later, acted the leading role early or late ” red spider 2 ” ” dragon of firework female camel ” ” eyewitness ” ” violent strike ” ” my ugly woman ” ” big case set ” wait for work of a few classic drama of movie and TV. Just return in that network not quite the time that develop, add her very low-key cause, she is done not have bright red big violet. Li Ying stage photo till 2009, ” see meteor shower together ” , li Ying is in drama personate male the mom Shen Hanfeng of sea of clouds of an a surname, the temperament that depends on strong person of business circles daughter and to children bestow favor on be addicted to and interpose too much, and the alone mother figure that becomes to be hated by the child one horn becomes famous. Before this, li Ying has gone out 18 years, how cannot she also think of, oneself can be known to be the identity of idol play hot Mom by more people finally, from after this she solemned on screen ” specialist of female strong person ” , more or less does the part of personate take a place ” Shen Hanfeng ” shadow. 2010, article of sunlight of Cao of Li Ying partner, Zhang Tong presents as leading role to act the leading role ” wild duck ” , she is in drama the Zhou Liqin of personate, it is a stronger than Shen Hanfeng mother, what as alone as Shen Hanfeng nevertheless mother differs is she was obtained finally ” wild duck ” love. ” wild duck ” stage photo ” Chu Qiao is passed ” stage photo Li Ying is the strong mother on screen, also be tender mom, although be mom, but she always can be shown from fine point different, give person surprise. ” wild duck ” later, she is in again ” if Paris is joyless ” in renew a mother with Zhang Han child affection predestined relationship, perform husband and wife with Wang Jianxin. The classical part that king of Li Ying Zhang Han builds Xin Liying personate to pass countless, acted affection drama, also Hold lives espionage war play, and by ” on the verge of breaking out ” ” Caesarean flower ” Xu Yuzhen is seleted Jin Ying award. Li Ying is active by actual strength on screen, approbate and like what win an audience by the show of outstanding acting and rich and colorful. Be in this ” two kinds of marriage guess ” in, the Xiao Sugong of her personate, although also be mom, but unlike former days the strong mother on screen, however much a relaxed humour and droll, dehisce closes a mouth is to straighten. Although do not have chart very much occasionally, be troubled by those who make ammunition of fire of wind of seething, wind, but the person since the care comes also is very moving really, this will be another of Li Ying classical part. Two kinds of marriage guess stage photo is on the career, li Ying arrives from model actor, had taken many classic work, approbate and be liked of industry and audience. On feeling, although whether she never gets married publicly too have the child, but these are not important already, important is her very enjoy oneself present condition, liked show is patted, passion part is acted, happier is ” 80 hind ” old mother is accompanied healthily in safety in body side, all things having a woman is enough. Li Ying and mother besides acting, li Ying is pledged compatibly by the still has her figure of attention, pass fifty years old to still still have girl figure, let a lot of people be envied unceasingly, the gregarious platform that runs to her goes ask for advice freezes age recipe. Can have what secret native place, no more than controls oneself namely, hold to motion, li Ying ever said he likes to have the campaign of rhythm very much, for instance ran, gem gal is her all the year round importunate. Luo Suceng says: One the individual’s face, be one individual value outside now. It is hiding your life not only, more the life that hiding you to be being gone after. Deep think like that, in the figure of a person and temperament, bore the weight of the manner that approachs the life and once experience of ups and downs, li Ying not dread years, vividder Yue Meili lives life into the look that he likes, this is her character and morals divulge. Civil | Pursue one by one source network, if tort asks connection to delete, thank.

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