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Original title: Liu Dehua goes bankrupt to must not turn over the large network of amount is dumbfounded nearly in those days: Average person is early was finished Net of abb of classics of an ancient name for China on May 11 dispatch: According to Taiwan ” in stylish hears a net ” report, de Hua of day king Liu goes out 40 old, position and person energy of life do not shake in the stand erect inside the circle, besides act art outside actual strength, warmth of his individual character stresses personal loyalty, never put on airs, more important is to control oneself to father very, speak and act cautiously, no matter be before fluorescent act,still be below illicit, it is accepted perfect male god. But such he, once dropped heavily actually Jiao passes, nearly goes bankrupt cannot cross a body, and drop the place of Jiao, it is to maintain him current the moviedom of a career.

20220303162219 6220eb3b2af96

Liu De Huakan says perfect male god, but young when investment movie company invests however suffer a defeat, nearly cannot turn over because of huge debt. (In when data photograph) Liu De Huaceng has said in the interview, him body is in moviedom, think to want with one one’s heart to endeavor only all the time, affirmative meeting gets results on booking office, unexpectedly when he extends career domain in those days, overturned however individual concept, liu Dehua earned right result on star identity hind, resolutely 1990 investment drove movie company, and the enthusiasm that is based on pair of him careers and value, home of body of day Wang Jiang detain go in, invest the film to suffer a defeat unexpectedly, copartner still comes out run road message, let him at a heat compensate smooth belongings, be in debt conversely Hongkong dollar of 4 ten million () of about 160 million money, be in in those days of this amount, a lot of netizens can’t help be dumbfounded, speak bluntly: “Average person is early was finished ” .

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On prize-giving ceremony of golden horse award, liu Dehua on bended knees is displayed to Xie Dexian on the throne after the shadow. (In when data photograph) and Hong Kong performs art circle at that time competition is intense, it is not easy already to can feed his, because of be in distress of this Liu De Hua, if the friend inside a lot of circles sees god of plague, those who avoid is wary not as good as, it is film of as overmuch as his collaboration ministry, having deep affective with him female Xing Xiede refineds, do not listen to a friend to dissuade, insist to help Liu Dehua everywhere raise money, served a piece of check that is as high as 4 ten million to him. Besides Xie Dexian, still Mei Yanfang of the bosom friend inside Liu Dehua circle and Xiang Taiyi exert oneself together, settle his huge debt at a heat, liu De Huacai turns over from the brim cereal bottom that is close to going bankrupt, liu Dehua is helped sincerely to theirs, appreciate unceasingly, xie Dexian admitted to should do Mom after him, stand fast all one’s life the mother of two people child affection, no matter oneself are much red, be in Xie Dexian when close Mom from beginning to end caress.

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Liu Dehua freely performs art circle old. (graph / Da Zhiying resembles) 2012, liu Dehua invites Xie Dexian to cooperate ” peach elder sister ” , she takes next Venetian shadows to exhibit accordingly, review of film of large award of film of large award of Ou Ya film, Asia, Jin Ma award, Hong Kong learns gold of large award, Hong Kong to wait like award be as high as 9 optimal heroine award, after becoming international movie, in Jin Ma of that year award awards prize on celebration, after Xie Dexian takes next pictures, by son Liu Dehua for company appears on the stage, in public odd genu kneels down, display to her on award, the picture touchs countless people. (Gao Yang)

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