Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: 2 years old year close 1 million! ” the world is the most beautiful Tong Xing ” arriving to be prohibited rectifying by the whole nation model 12 years old of recent situation expose to the sun Be in when Liu Chutian is 5 Tong Xing wrap-up mainland valuable / reporter cropland years old teleplay ” Mi month is passed ” in personate ” small Mi month ” one horn, fix eyes upon because of appearance adds vivid acting sweetly and sufferring fully, obtain ” history on the age is the smallest goddess ” title. She age is small, be exploded year of income is broken 1 million, now she already 12 years old, grow Cheng Tingting jade to establish a girl, after recent situation exposure more make a lot of male netizens straight breathe out: ” love! “

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Liu Chutian is sealed the most beautiful Tong Xing. (graph / breaks up photograph from Liu Chutian small gain) Liu Chutian just spent birthday 5 days 12 years old, cause once more according to exposure nearly discuss, see she is a few less only babyish, facial features is stereoer and stereoer, hold out bridge of the nose and round billow high big, quite congenial, because be,also be seen as a child by the audience big, attestation is ” mother embryo belle ” , natural and fine-looking let a netizen in succession puissant requirement she ” prohibit rectifying model ” , do not hope her celestial being enrages temperament to be damaged by.

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Liu Hunan quiets 12 years old. (graph / breaks up photograph from small gain) in fact, liu Chutian explodes 5 years old red when, had filmed 5 8 advertisement, teleplay, ceng Gong abroad media, be praised to be ” the belle with world the youngest get on in years ” , fine-looking can saying is to obtain international attestation, many people think she is mongrel at the beginning, but she is person of city of trueborn Fujian spring actually, 2 years old win the championship of year star baby, more when coming out 2 years old year income already exceeded 1 million. Although age is small,explode red, many international brand advertisement are intended cooperate with Liu Chutian, but mom decides to let her be given priority to with lesson at that time, besides the plan that the school should catch up with, also have every week fixed attend English class, can inspect dispatch experienced conversation with foreign nationality personage, enrich well immanent.

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Liu Chutian is sealed the most beautiful Tong Xing. (graph / breaks up photograph from Liu Chutian small gain)

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