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Original title: Laugh mad! Because of ” culminating note ” gut is too sweet, lei of Xu of former writer of note of rob a tomb is spat by insanity groove Laugh mad! Because of ” culminating note ” gut is too sweet, lei of Xu of former writer of note of rob a tomb is spat by insanity groove recently, ” culminating note ” receive an official eventually, watched the story of a play or opera that wonderful confused presents and part show, a lot of drama are confused feel meaning still did not use up, at present this teleplay is 7.7 minutes in the grading on fabaceous valve, still be pretty is pretty good actually, although at present a lot of problems did not get settlement as before, but major doubt also harvested the answer in this one teleplay, and the road that the person skin mask that Wu Xie also began him pretends, make a person very curious what can produce after all next, on January 10, because ” culminating note ” gut is too sweet, ” rob a tomb takes notes ” original work Zhe Xulei is pulled by the netizen once more spit groove, looked following the content that spits groove, it is to should laugh really mad, reader of immortal of a few what, drama confusing is this?

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Netizen: “Xu Lei rancors the part of own the wording and purpose of what one writes loved, he is not south appoint 3 father’s younger brother, it is mercantile Xu Lei, ” culminating note ” ‘ the quantity that contain Lei ‘ for 0, gut is reductive, the actor respects property, bottle evil does business sweet dizzy. ” ” Xu Lei resembles the sort of dead broken bits male, moment of the serial more than 10 years ago fools a person to be able to one is cover, money key point is dropped after render outstanding service and be famous in, identify money only not affection of for old time’s sake, pull black ex-wife phone to spend type even ‘ hit the child ‘ , more terrible than ghosts and gods is Xu Lei. ” this netizen is described too well, beg go writing a book, regular meeting looks! “Read small note, I more hate Xu Lei, I hate him, cheated everybody so, so everything is to be able to be done so well, but he is born forcedly however unripe all do badly, he is not 3 father’s younger brother, he is mercantile Xu Lei. ” ” now is to seize the Xu Lei that abandon, either south appoint 3 father’s younger brother. ” ” Xu Lei, I do not know you really, with old 9 sell corrupt, this is why bother, does your brain have a problem? ” ” fast fast, let everybody know, the person with the worst whole world, besides the bank this Qi Shi still has Xu Lei. ” ” Xu Lei never heart, the author is the first demon changes is you. The author is the first demon changes is you..

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As we have learned, the rob a tomb that Xu Lei participates in personally kind drama of movie and TV was changed by demon, and ” culminating note ” this work Xu Lei was not participated in, what pat unusually however is wonderful, hope for this everybody Xu Lei is not participated in again film activity, hope he sold copyright at once in succession, it is good to waiting to lying to make money only, a netizen plaints: “I am teleplay pink, not be book pink, only culminating note is I looked and not how the drama of speed, letting what my heart straightens is Sha Hai still has restart, the actor is to be chosen very well really, have a feeling very much, but gut is sodden really, the actor is very good, see no less than the plot of a play that go with respect to drama pink, book pink cannot be accepted more for certain. Book pink cannot be accepted more for certain..

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” culminating note ” You Aiji art manufacture, the person such as the You Cengshun , bridge that resemble house, Hanikezi acts the leading role, the person specially invite such as Liu Yu Ning, Fan Ming, Wang Jinsong, Liu Xuehua goes out act, this drama was told about from the series story after incident of cloud top heavenly palace, the facts one wishes to hide that Wu Xie is informed Xi Shahai bottom from place of 3 father’s younger brother and book of silk of the Warring States and old after 9 kind and enmity, get the story of the video tape that two dishes of Zhang Qiling send, this theatrical work is little make up also looked, also look, gut rhythm is very fast, this bloodcurdling moment is very horrible, should do when laughing, have very much stalk, actor’s lines is humor, explode stalk is ceaseless, let a person think mad cut pursues only, what the actor that the most crucial is this drama chooses is very good, leading role is round besides the person that appearance beauty Jun Lang is outside fatso, female advocate also have distinguishing feature very much, actors no matter be young actor, medium still senile actor, acting is online, more actual strength sends assume personal command, the battle array is giant.

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Right ” culminating note ” impression is the deepest is a snake, close because of be being entered a few times this around move snake, these snakes are held charging tool, become vivid greatly person, exclaim making a person, in addition about immortal, this drama also made very good explanatory note on gut, about around move all ” it ” also made an explanation, namely a force, or it is influence of a kind of spirit, as the propulsion of gut we just are informed, old before before 9 are permeated, somebody uses what easy look art keeps to replacing the person of the other side, interfuse archaeology team, collection information, because whereaboutldirection of 3 father’s younger brother becomes a puzzle, for solid interest, continue to explore, final Wu Xie also must be entered bureau, wore floret to hand oneself mask, became 3 father’s younger brother, more somebody states Wu Xie has a lot of, a blind person just may be true Wu Xie, but I more like suspecting a blind person and Zhang Qiling, also be old the party before, after all body of a blind person conceives stunt, original origin very fan, between he and official of rain of beautiful beautiful male solution interactive be just as the friendly affection between Zhang Qiling and Wu Xie to interact, your person is sweet dizzy, to ” culminating note ” , to Xu Lei, what what wants to say do you have?

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