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Original title: ” first love that bagatelle ” sow Lai Guanlin of bud of news briefing contrast 70 years old teenager ground connection is angry

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Now nowadays, the green type teleplay of campus subject matter and film writing become a screen to go up gradually watch heat, the compose of its clue is built always is to be able to cause instantly popular resonance. The green growing teleplay that is about to sow at will leaving on October 23 ” first love that bagatelle ” , now (on October 21) the news briefing is held in Beijing. Limited company of entertainment of mango of vice-president of limited company of Hunan mango entertainment Mr Wu Xiongjie, Hunan is abroad general manager of central facilities center ” first love that bagatelle ” the leader such as total producer Ms. Zhang Yuehua attends this news briefing. The main actor such as Lai Guanlin also alls present, undertake with the audience face-to-face communication. It is reported, mango of wide report of limited company of culture of movie and TV of fruit of this You Mang, Hunan exceeds intermediary subordinate content of entire media recreation is made reach recreation of operation firm mango to manufacture, the youth that Beijing Feng He Huiwen spends medium to manufacture jointly grows drama, will formal inspect at will be being defended in Hunan on October 23 ” when youth undertakes ” broadcast. Zhou Yi comes Zhou Si every night 22:00, mango TV is complete net head is sowed, 24:00 members look first. News briefing spot, one numerous actor and advocate achieve group free to film a little fun, directing Qi Xiaohui is big favor more Lai Guanlin is the most appropriate ” Liang Younian ” .

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Transfer power of encourage annals youth, direct Qi Xiaohui: Lai Guanlin is the most appropriate Liang Younian

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Teleplay ” first love that bagatelle ” told about a flock of active up teenagers, below dreamy drawing, make effort and change step by step, final implementation becomes long encourage annals story. As the teleplay of green growing subject matter, ” first love that bagatelle ” pass hero of male and female grow and change a story, also refract the real reduction that gives instantly youth to struggle not to cease in campus, present a new era young person to pursue struggling practice course of the dream for the audience. In spot of this news briefing, vice-president of limited company of Hunan mango entertainment Mr Wu Xiongjie also divulged the choice is made ” first love that bagatelle ” the reason of subject matter of this type youth, “Youth is forever theme, and first love is the chasteness in youth, happiness is indicative. Direct a youth reductive very true. Youth of whole drama general is medium mutual drive, collective grow appear come out, it is one is had very much the drama of energy. ” take on to why choosing Lai Guanlin hero, he still expresses, lai Guanlin’s appearance and disposition can give an audience to appear certainly piece best ” Liang Younian. It is reported, ” first love that bagatelle ” it is Lai Guanlin takes on first times not only the work of hero, also be first time of Zhao Jin wheat from ” national daughter ” transition is female of transition make. ” first love that bagatelle ” this teleplay looks be like is the daily story that relates life of young group campus, it is actually with small see big, deliver an instantly youth to struggle up active energy. Producer Zhang Yuehua also expresses in the intention that makes to teleplay, prepare two years long ” first love that bagatelle ” the painstaking effort that condensed countless people, youth wants instinctive quality to go out act, this bold use 00 hind the main actor that regards this as department theatrical work, it is for echo youth wants instinctive quality to give the kernel that act. The hope is in on October 23 ” first love that bagatelle ” when broadcasting, the audience can see a true green period. ” first love that bagatelle ” the creation original intention that directed Qi Xiaohui to also share campus theatrical work. “Having a few kinds of theme can let a person produce resonance forever, and campus youth is among them a kind of the greenest acerbity happiness. Ceaseless somebody is being experienced, true have youthful spirit. ” and filming actually in the process, time brief assignment is the one big difficult problem that the group faces more again. For character of press close to, choose horn to also become crucial, the main actor bilks the integrated expression of coronal continuous heavy rain with Zhao Jin wheat, also achieved the result of masses ideal finally. In news briefing spot, director Qi Xiaohui also answers the setting when recall first time sees Lai Guanlin, at that time just Lai Guanlin of 17 years old, there are two professional books of the actor in the hand, the appearance of special effort lets a person be touched very. Director Qi Xiaohui still says: “Filming ” first love that bagatelle ” when, lai Guanlin gives a person the biggest experiencing is outstanding with the surprise, each our attendant person can experience his intention to this drama, expect he is behaved in this drama, he is best Liang Younian certainly. ” Lai Guanlin screen head is beautiful: With Liang Younian registration has 50% , zhao Jin wheat pats play to ask to touch a director strictly

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Piece act ” first love that bagatelle ” male girder year, the screen head that is Lai Guanlin is beautiful. He is mixed by right of Jun Langqing’s new appearance sing jump the performance ability of all beautiful, accumulated freeboard person energy of life. Play the leading role first piece perform teleplay, at Lai Guanlin character is not small challenge. In news briefing spot, be judged to be by the director ” have 70 years old of old spirits ” the Lai Guanlin’s piquant also likeness that states the registration of oneself and Liang Younian has 50% actually, shared to the audience friends of the spot do first ” hero ” experience, “Have very nervous part for certain, but after encountering a director, discover performance of a lot of time does not depend on a project much how old, grander, every camera lens is best expressional opportunity, want to hold well. This drama gave me more it is pair of acting inspiration. ” Xin Jin 00 hind wheat of floret Zhao Jin is not unfamiliar to part of personate campus girl, this heroine shapes a program from unknown to public ” ugly small duckling ” one step by step the Xia Miao that decay designs a brilliant student into outstanding dress vasts, even if is to having rich performance experience, zhao Jin wheat raised more strict requirement to the major of oneself however. Although Zhao Jin wheat did not arrive news briefing spot, but the group that make discloses in news briefing spot, zhao Jin wheat is extremely expensive to him requirement, effect of a play did not reach oneself level, zhao Jin wheat undertakes ego thinks over and communicate with the group discuss, for many times burnish acting, it is only appear best ” Xia Miao vasts ” . Zhao Jin wheat also passes video, deliver a blessing for the spot, shared what personate Xia Miao vasts to experience: “Xia Miao vasts is a very brave girl, she can change herself ceaselessly to dream to go. The story that hopes everybody can like this to grow, like Xia Miao to vast. ” yuan of many youth is multivariate colour, young actor plays the leading role to all show individual character to grow

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News briefing spot, article of rich of moist of king of main actor of the other in drama, Chai Wei, king, Zhu Jintong also was shared the fun that films in drama and experience. Wang Runze is more explode in the spot makings of his personate forest develop the Liang Younian with Lai Guanlin personate to often be in drama each other rancors. In the spot, these two teenagers also open a fun each other to rancor on the stage rise, look brotherly affection is full. In game link, lai Guanlin, Wang Runze still parts in the spot head a group, test the tacit understanding between actor is spent and spend to the understanding of gut. Should face however ” the beacon that Liang Younian and Xia Miao vast to often go, what write on blackboard is a few beacon ” when, lai Guanlin also is to express ” this also too test head hole. ” and everybody is replying ” when Liang Younian receives the scrip that Xia Miao vasts, the pencil that there is what color on the hand ” when this problem, wang Runze actually gules green is not divided, cause other companion to spit groove, the spot still lets him identify the color of him red business suit. Be worth what carry is, king rich article returned the spot to sing ” first love that bagatelle ” trailer music ” the heart that you can feel me ” .

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” first love that bagatelle ” lifted a half candy before announcing to decide archives ” first love ” tornado, and the young cast such as wheat of Lai Guanlin, Zhao Jin, also earn for this drama sufficient feel mysteriously and expect to feel. This, ” first love that bagatelle ” can bring everybody different youth certainly ” new ” experience! On October 23 22:00 locks decide Hunan to defend when inspecting youth to undertake, mix mango TV, await in all ” first love that bagatelle ” green open! , THE END,

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